The Keefe Group – Taking a Bull by its Horns

During the Keefe Group’s beginning stages of business it took an extremely wild bull by the horns and revolutionized the market forever.


There was a time in the correctional market history when items were packaged using glass and metal material. This was a very, very dark time in prison systems as injury and death rates were an extreme issue, inmates were having a party making weapons out of such materials and using them to their advantage. Something had to be done and something had to be done fast or many other inmates weren’t gonna make it back home to see their families ever again.


The Keefe Group knew something had to be done about the injury and death rate of prisons at the time and as the phenomenal company that they were and have exhibited in previous years, they found a solution, very simple, but extremely effective. Seafood was very popular in prison systems amongst inmates at the time, so, instead of glass and metal packaged seafood, the Keefe Group packaged their seafood in plastic. When inmates got a hold of these new packages it was a relief for not only the prison professionals, but many of the inmates as well, because now there’s one less method of injuring or killing a fellow inmate. The injury and death rate would decrease substantially and so other players would follow suit and as a result more plastic packaging cases were in effect across the world.


Today, the Keefe Group is a leader in the correctional market, taking its “bulls by the horn” experience and building from it to eventually corner the market. The Keefe Group is now a $1 billion a year in sales type of company and is in contract with over 800 privately and publicly owned prisons. Their successes today are so plentiful that when you witness the Keefe Group, whether through reading about them or physically visiting a prison system and getting a glimpse of the number of solutions within facilities, it’s like witnessing their work after slipping on a pair of rose-colored glasses. Such a well received company.


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