Telmate: Leading Prison Telecommunications Company

Telmate is one of the leading prison telecommunications company in the United States. They are known for providing prisoners with devices that can be used to communicate with the people outside the correctional facility. The prisoners are using the devices from Telmate to call their loved ones either through traditional voice phone calls or video conference. They can also speak with them through chat, which is usually encrypted. However, the services provided by Telmate are criticized because of their expensive pricing. Telmate replied to their critics that maintaining a prison telecommunications company is expensive, and people have to understand their situation. Telmate then thanked those who are still using their products and services, and promised that they will look into ways on how they can improve their services while at the same time, lowering the price of their services. Prisoners need to have their own account with Telmate before they can use their services. These accounts must be filled with credits to use the features like voice calls, video calls, or chat.


Telmate is a company that does not only care about their profits. They also care for their clients, which are the prisoners. Recently, Telmate went to Sanilac County correctional facility and gave the inmates their own piece of tablet computer that they can use for communication or entertainment purposes. This program is sponsored by the government, and its objective is to promote good behavior among the prisoners, and at the same time, give them the opportunity to search for a job and to read books from an online library. Telmate is known to work with other prison communications services, like Securus Technologies, to spearhead programs similar to the one they did involving the prisoners at Sanilac County correctional facility.


Telmate has become one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies which provides products and services to prisoners to enable them to communicate with the outside world. Telmate is optimistic that the company will still experience tremendous growth for years to come. The company has been awarded multiple times because of the products and services that they provide, and because of their contribution to the innovation of the industry.