Phone Calls Behind Bars Will Cost You Dearly

While it is the inmates that have done wrong, it seems as though it is the families and loved one’s of those incarcerated that are being punished. By phone calls!
One of the leading companies that manage prison phone communication systems, Global Tel-Link have been gauging friends, families and loved one’s to make and receive phone calls from those behind bars. Global Tel-Link makes over five hundred million dollars per year by charging high rates to call inmates.

If you thought your phone service was high, how would you feel if you were charged $17 for a mere 15 minutes? The costs of using Global Tel-Link don’t stop at the per minute calling though, not only do they charge outrageous rates per minute, but they conveniently charge a service charge of $6.95 after every deposit you make. See,

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are fighting on your behalf to cap these outrageous rates and have created a petition so you can fight back. Watch this video Prison Profiteers: Global Tel-Link for more information. There are links in the video description that lead to the petition.

These high rates have caused an uproar within the community and according to Bloomberg vulnerable loved one’s are sick and tired of being taken advantage of. It’s time to change this monopoly and profiteering from inmate phone calls and the people have finally had enough. Read reviews made by about GTL.