More individuals with ties to prison canteen provider Keefe Group face time in federal prison. On Wednesday, Joseph A. Deese, 35, a former Tallahassee businessman, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to pay kickbacks. Deese is one of four men who have been arrested in connection with bribery scheme involving Keefe and Florida prisons.


Edward L. Duggar, 64, former partner of Deese, pleaded guilty to similar charges in March. Both men face several years in prison.


According to prosecutors, Duggar and Deese were caught up a scheme to pay prison officials Allen W. Clark and James V. Crosby, the latter was appointed prison commissioner by former Gov. Jeb Bush.


Crosby and Duggar became acquainted shortly after his appointment. The men, who became fast friends, devised a illegal money-making scheme. Duggar, also an Allstate Insurance Company owner, was given access to sell insurance policies through the prison’s Police Benevolence Association. This group handles insurance matters for prison guards and other employees at the prison.


Deese and Duggar were then introduced to Keefe Group President Jack Donnelly, who signed off on a phony prison contract, which allowed them to operate prison canteens. As part of the agreement, the men were to pay Crosby and Clark $1,400 to $10,000 per month. Donnelly received a flat payout of $250,000. To this day, Donnelly has never been charged in association with this probe.


The illegal activities were unearthed after the FBI received a tip. The FBI launched and investigation complete with wiretaps. Several conversations were captured between the men regarding payments. All four men were arrested and charged with multiple counts of paying and accepting bribes.


Both Crosby and Clark have already served federal prison time. Deese and Duggar will be sentenced in June.


Keefe Group is still under investigation in other states for similar charges. To date, no individual employed by the company has faced charges.


Phone companies have for many years had control over the prison phone systems. How do they stay in charge of the contracts? The contract goes to whoever has the best bid in a bidding war to gain control over the monopolies that occur within prison systems. Each contract will cause a commission to go back to the prison system. It is the contracts that will cover a promise payment to contribute to the money that they will receive from the inmates and their families.


The company that places the highest bid on the project will receive the contract. The inmates and others will have no idea about the bidding process as it is not open to those outside of the business and the prison systems. The problem with this is that in turn, those on the inside of the prison walls will suffer from the lack of communication between the family and inmate.


The price that families and inmates pay for phone calls is not the only high price being paid. The other high price is that families who are not able to speak to their loved ones, they are more likely to commit another crime upon release from the prison system. Because the demand is there for inmates to speak to their loved ones is in high demand, they know this and use it to their advantage.


The use of companies like Telmate, the opportunity to stay in touch with those behind bars is more realistic. Telmate knows how important it is for families and inmates to be in constant communication with one another. For inmates who are in jail long term, they might be missing out on family and important times with their families. Telmate knows that this can cause it to be even more drastic for the inmate serving time. They understand the need to have a lower cost incentive to speak to those behind bars. It is the belief that they have in regards to the level of commitment needed to make inmates happy while in jail. A happier inmate makes for a happier jail.


At this point in time, I don’t think IC Solutions can change. I don’t think they want to change. If they had wanted to change, they would have changed a lot time ago. By their actions, it is clear they are not in the changing game. If you take the time to look around online on IC Solutions, you will find some really startling articles on the company. They are a prepaid inmate phone provider, and they are really putting the inmates behind bars in a bad way. They are not helping them at all, and they are not helping their family, friends, and loved ones that wish to speak to them.


The most sickening part of this whole ordeal is the fact that it is just a phone call. This is not rocket science here. All they have to do is put the phone call through and allow the inmate to speak to anyone that wants to be there for them. When someone is at their lowest, that is when someone really wants to step up to the plate and be there for them. They do not want to let them down and they do not want to see them in a bad way. They want to do all they can to lift them up, support them, guide them, and make sure they are ready for life outside of prison.


When IC Solutions is standing in their way, it makes their recovery path very bumpy and some would say impossible. It gets their hopes up and then it dashes them in a heartbeat. That is how IC Solutions plays their game, and I don’t see it changing unless they are put on trial, which is where they belong for all of the money they have stolen from people.


Many customers now doubt the credibility of Telmate Company. This is as a result of the many complaints that are currently being filed by competitors and customers. Telmate Company may need to consider taking the issue seriously. With this rate, the company may end up going to the point of no return.

Securus Company has filed a complaint against Telmate Company. Securus allegedly claims that the company circulated false negative information about their firm. This was a plan to steal their customers. Telmate Company needs to think of dignified ways to beat their competitors. This is unfair competition, and it is against the business ethics.

One client is very disappointed with the services of Telmate Company. She deposited money into his husband’s account, and he still can’t call her. It is unfortunate because he knows that she has deposited money into his account and can’t understand why he can’t call.

Whenever she calls Telmate Company, they always have a reason as to why her husband can’t make a call. They say that he isn’t pressing the right buttons. Sometimes they say that her card is invalid. She confirmed with her customer provider that her card is valid. She can even successfully make other transactions with the card.

Telmate Company continues to cut charges from her account while she can’t even get to use the deposited funds in the account. It has been so long since she got a chance to talk to her husband because of Telmate Company. She can only hope that the company will do something about the issue.

Another client is equally agitated and disappointed with Telmate. The customer deposited funds in Kootenai County Jail commissary account via Telmate Company. Apparently, the money was never deposited in the inmate’s account. Telmate, however, took the money from the client’s account. The number the client was given to call for the refund is never received. The customer says that his deposit and service fee was stolen. It is only through legal representation that he will be able to get his money refunded.

If Telmate Company wants to remain in business, they need to take a step to resolve this matters. A good reputation is very vital to a firm.


IC Solutions has made quite a living at frustrating the living hell out of customers, which is why they are on websites like Rip Off Report and Pissed Consumer.Customers do feel ripped off and they are very, very pissed. This is a bad company that no one should have to be subject to, and they have stolen so much money from so many customers. There are even photos online where people show how IC Solutions has double charged them on certain occasions. Even after getting money twice from a customer, that is still not enough for IC Solutions. They want a little more piece of the pie.This needs be a class-action lawsuit, and it is as simple as that. There are a number of websites out there that are posting about IC Solutions and for good reason: this company has hosed them.

When it happens enough times, people begin to start to think of what they can do about it and they decide to go online and post about it for others to read. They want to let others know what to expect if they decide to use this prepaid inmate communications company. However, sometimes it is too late and people have already given out their information to IC Solutions, which is a grave mistake to say the least.Once they have done that, there is no escaping the pain and misery they will go through. It is hard enough to lose money, but when you lose money and you still do not get what you have paid for, it is a major concern. It is one that IC Solutions refuses to address and they refuse to fix. They have gone radio silence on the matter. Does anyone even know who runs this company? Don’t even bother contacting their customer service team.

It really stinks to be limited in life. People want to be as free and have as many options as possible. We all want to chit chat with our friends and family—that is what brightens our lives. Humans are social animals, and social ties are very important. It is built into our very nature. When we are taken away from our social networks, it screws with our heads, strains relationships and puts us in depressions.


If there is anyone who is guilty of putting people into depressions, screwing with people’s heads and straining people’s relationships, it is Global Tel-Link. Global Tel-Link is not a single person. It is a company of employees who make decisions to exorbitantly charge inmates and their kin for phone calls.


The people who run Global Tel-Link are fully aware that many of the people who fall into situations where they have incarcerated loved ones are usually people who are not rich. Despite this fact, Global Tel-Link seems to have no problem charging as much as they can for phone calls. To be honest, though, Global Tel-Link is not the only crumb. Facilities that hold inmates share the fault because they pressure phone companies into charging high prices by only choosing companies that will hand them the nicest kickbacks. So, facilities are also on the list of entities that do not care about the needs of the people who they serve.



Citizens carry some fault, too, because most citizens generally do not care. Most people think about other things, like what is going on in their own lives and other issues in the world. Some people have a burning desire to go crazy at the drop of a hat whenever a politician who they hate is rightfully and democratically elected, but they don’t pay any mind to the inmate phone call problem.


Global tel link is a provider of telecommunication services in the correctional industry. The company provides superior services to families whose members have been incarcerated. The company ensures that prisoners who are far away from their families stay in touch and are part of the family they left behind.


Global tel link which has offices in Virginia was founded in 1980 and has branches in Pennyslavia,Texas,Florida and Indiana.The company provides inmate communication services which include messaging,inmate telephone services,voicemail services and video visitation. The company through its CEO says they ensure that they provide fair and cost-effective communication solutions. The Company also provides money deposit services.The company has a license money transmitter with attained the required standard for card payments.


GTL also provides education solutions to ensure that inmates are rehabilitated. The company also offers correctional facilities with an accounting system that has the specific modules that the institutions need. GTL also have a virtual receptionist for members of the family and friends to be able to access all the information they may need. GTL which has been in operation for over 27 years provides services that are easy to use and secure. The company serves more than 2300 facilities that hold more than 1.8 million inmates in 50 states. They also provide an investigative solution which involves data,voice and video analysis.


GTL ensures that they continuously review their products to ensure they keep up with the trends. They pioneered the first web-based inmate telephone,a wireless tablet that can make calls and a web-based management system to assist in jail management. The company in abid to remain top of the class has a 24/7 technical support, and very responsive customer service remains one of the best service providers in the correctional services industry.


Telmate is a leading inmate communication provider that was founded in 1998 under the name Pinnacle Public Services. The company was founded with a mission of connecting loved ones to inmates, improving mental health, encouraging personal responsibility and serving and protecting the community. Headquartered in San Francisco, California Telmate has worked to help many inmates receive encouragement from their friends and family members as they can communicate with services that reduce recidivism.


Bringing ideas is a core value of Telmate where employees are encouraged to come up with ideas that will help improve inmate communication services. Telmate works towards transforming the correction sector in providing communication services. Telmate has currently been deployed in more than 300 correctional facilities in North America throughout the United States and in Canadian provinces. Telmate is used in different institutions ranging from federal detention centers and state DOCs to holding cells, city jails and county corrections institutions.


Inmates have Telmate accounts whereby family and friends deposit money for their usage and communication with the most extensive account housing more than 18,000 inmates. Telmate provides video, tablet and phone offender tracking solutions in the institution. Telmate operates around 15,000 data requests received from its clients.


With all this data to work on, Telmate has a 24-hour customer service with its main offices in Ontario. The customer service agents help clients with problems such as billing problems withdrawal issues, account setup, communication hitches among others. The commitment of the staff members led Telmate to be ranked the leading inmate communication provider in North America.


Moreover, Telmate offers educational programs which include Telmate Heroes, Telmate Cares and Telmate Fallen Heroes. These educational programs work to improve the mental health, spiritual and social relationship of inmates. Also, the online educational programs train inmates to gain financial and personal responsibility by providing tools that help them to be self-reliant.


Other than helping inmates, Telmate has gone miles ahead to use the programs to educate the society on the importance of public safety and negative consequences of crimes. Telmate is confident to work towards providing a crime free society that will guarantee the community safety. Also, Telmate is passionate about improving the bond between inmates and the outside world.


The Global Tel-Link company has been providing quality communication services to jail facilities in the USA and its service have made the correctional facilities achieve a huge milestone in delivering services to the inmates. Communication is an important factor in the facilities and provides the inmates an opportunity to communicate with their services so that they can feel engaged and not neglected. They reduce the rates of stress and depression which might steer them to commit other crimes while in jail. This is the the reason why the founders established the company with the motive of ensuring the facilities officials engage the inmates in maintaining order and safety within the facilities and the society in general.

The Global Tel-Link Corp reported that they control about 50% of the jail calls in the country where their services are affordable to ensure that every individual gets access to make calls. The firm reached a massive record of prison calls estimated to be around 215 million in the year 2014. This depicts that the services are always in high demand and the officials said that their aim is to make it even better. The company offers the technology to record phone calls for safety precautions to enable the facilities detect and prevent crimes from happening within the institutions.

The Global Tel-Link Corp intends to introduce some commission to enable the jail facilities host the cost of making calls where they will able to provide the services to the inmates. There has been some challenges which had been addressed to ensure that no problems come to hinder the delivery of services. This will enable them achieve a lot in making the efforts to provide affordable calls for the inmates and will make them to become the best company while at the same time make some profits. The authorities will need to reduce some of the regulations in order to assist the Global Tel-Link Corp deliver its promises to the institutions.


Keefe Group comprises Access Securepak, ICSolutions, Keefe Commissary Network, Advanced Technologies Group, and Keefe Supply Company. It is one of the US leading suppliers of telecommunications and software solutions, food products, clothing, and personal care products to the correctional facilities throughout the United States. Since its inception in 1975, Keefe Group has been an exclusive supplier of food products to correctional market. Over time, Keefe Group has pioneered the evolution of products, technology, and packaging services to meet the needs of correctional facilities across the nation.


Meanwhile, the Mississippi Department of Corrections has proposed the elimination of its no-bid contracts to start a competitive process that will allow it to get better deals. Bryant was appointed Keefe Group’s commissioner following the indictment of businessman Cecil McCrory and Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps on federal corruption charges related to prison contracts. The duo has pleaded guilty and awaits trial in April. According to Andy Taggart, a co-chair of the task force, implementation of a competitive process will promote transparency in government. Even the tightest regulations would not prevent government officials from engaging in bribery acts. Nonetheless, the role of the task force is to make it as hard as possible to engage in bribery acts. The Department of Corrections will need to replace its six no-bid contracts if officials accept recommendations of the task force. One of the no-bid contracts is for the Keefe Group; two are with Jackson-based Healthcare Insurance while three are with Utah-based Management and Training Corporation.


The task force recommends all contracts of Department of Corrections to undergo a bid process irrespective of their value. It has suggested an analysis to determine whether the state should privatize some of the prisons or not. Privatization began in the mid-1990s. The task force also wants a legislative committee to analyze the handling of commissary services in state prisons. The Keefe Group obtained the contract on November 5, 2008, and has been renewing it annually. The Keefe Group has earned over $40 million in gross revenue through inmate services. Keefe is responsible for services such as processing inmate deposits and processing of inmate trust funds.