Keefe Group Involved In Food Corruption

A strange case of corruption has been uncovered in the Florida prison system. It appears that two Gainesville canteen suppliers have used bribes to secure exclusive rights to distribute food within Florida prisons. The case is a complex network involving everything from government officials to the controversial corporation Keefe Group. The two men in question, Joseph Arthur Deese and Edward Lee Duggar, were originally involved in selling insurance within the prison system. Through these insurance deals the two became closely associated with Corrections Secretary James V. Crosby and Allen Wayne Clark, another powerful prison official. It was around this time that Florida Governor Jeb Bush had appointed Crosby into the Corrections Secretary position. From this point on things began to become much more scandalous.

As the appointed Corrections Secretary James Crosby signed an agreement with Keefe Group to allow the company exclusive food distribution rights for the Florida prison system. Shortly after Duggar and Deese founded their own canteen services company and began distributing food within Florida prison canteens. Crosby and the two men struck a deal involving access to distribution within the prison system. The canteen company the two men set up would distribute food, but Keefe Group would supply the food to be distributed. In exchange for arranging this deal Crosby would be paid anywhere from $1000 to $14000 a month as a bribe ( The president of Keefe Commissary, Jack Donnelly, would receive millions as his cut of the deal. The corruption case resulted in charges for the Duggar and Deese, but it appears that no charges will be filled against any Keefe executives nor the prison officials involved.  Visit to learn more.