Keefe Group Commits To Providing Excellent Products and Services to Inmates

Naturally, inmate’s rights are curtailed when they are locked up. That does not mean prisoners should not enjoy human rights. Even the harshest convicts have fundamental rights. This is by virtue of being human. According to the American constitution, basic human rights for inmates involve freedom of communication and the right to access educative learning platforms. To foster that, organizations have come forward with the objective of supporting inmates in many capacities. For example, Keefe Group has been working with inmates and their administrators to ensure that food, personal items, and entertainment are supplied to correctional facilities.


The Foundation

Keefe Group was established in 1975. The organization penetrated the industry by supplying coffee in plastic bags. Inmates were impressed by the first supply. Consequently, Keefe Group received enormous local purchasing orders. That marked the onset of booming business for correctional facilities and Keefe Group. Until now, the group has served millions of clients in America.


The Affiliates


One aspect that Keefe Group capitalized on is its affiliates. The company uses these branches to serve clients. The six affiliates are involved in reaching out to different inmates from different geographical locations. One of the affiliates is ICSolutions. As the name suggests, ICSolutions provides communication gadgets and affordable call rates to inmates. It also offers them a chance to enjoy video visitation from family and friends. These are additional advantages that Keefe Group has over other companies that provide corrections services.


Keefe’s mission


Keefe Group is a pioneer in the generation of modern products and services. The company also specializes in packaging and transportation. For Keefe Group, a lot is at stake hence its commitment to provide inmates with unique, safe and secure requirements.


Customer Service

Keefe Group values customer care. That explains why it has a strong team to design competent customer care portfolios. Additionally, the company uses advanced technology to invent communication gadgets. Keefe prides itself on being a leading supplier of communication portfolios as well. In the event of substandard supplies made to inmates, Keefe Group will replace the products immediately. The company continues to garner stellar reputation through its commitment to deliver high-quality products and services.