IC Solutions: You Have To Do It

There are a lot of things in life that people do not enjoy doing, but they need to do them. If they don’t do them, they will find themselves in the same spot they were in prior to it. IC Solutions is a company that I would imagine is not a lot of fun to deal with if you are a customer or an inmate. I have never used them, so I can only go off what I’ve read online about them. After all, people would not be going through all of this trouble if they were happy and they were the kind of company that made things run smoothly for the customers. They would be having the phone call with the inmate, and they would be satisfied they received what they paid for in the first place.


As the customers have pointed out, they are losing money and they are not receiving the phone call. That is why a website like Pissed Consumer is great for people out there. It allows them to have a voice. They don’t need to be silent anymore, and they don’t need to feel like no one is listening. Someone is listening, and chances are they have gone through the same thing you are going through at the moment. It can be a great support system, and it can also force IC Solutions to act and do something right away.


Even though IC Solutions is not doing that right now, it is important to keep speaking your mind, even if it’s exhausting, uncomfortable, and stressful. A lot of people don’t like to do things like this. They prefer to avoid conflict and having to deal with uncomfortable situations. In this case, they have no choice but to say their piece.