IC Solutions: Who Are These People?

IC Solutions is the company that is leaving customers with a lot more questions than answers. It is a very shady and underhanded way to run a company and I’m frankly amazed they have been able to get away with it for so long. If you ask me and other people out there, they would like to see the company be put behind bars and they would like to see a better company out there. It is really not that hard to be a better company than IC Solutions. It just takes someone with a good business sense and a sense of knowing how to treat people.


From my perspective, I’ve never needed IC Solutions and I don’t see a situation in the future where I will need IC Solutions, quite frankly. This is not to judge anyone that is using IC Solutions or has used them. I don’t judge prisoners unless they are totally and completely out of line and have done something that is unthinkable and cruel. Again, there is really no excuse for anyone to be in prison, but there are different degrees and different layers to prison, which I think gets lost in the shuffle a lot of times with people. They just like to paint them with a simple brush.


This is a story that is worth your time. It involves a parent and their son they wish to speak to that is in jail. The son is quite young and it is clear he needs help in the form of a phone call. This phone call could really help him and really put him on the straight and narrow after his mistake. However, IC Solutions needs to step up and make the phone call happen in order for any change to happen at all.