IC Solutions: They Keep The Pain Coming

IC Solutions has proven they will keep the pain coming for the customers all of the time. They don’t stop to let the pain heal or even settle in, as a matter of fact. They will keep it coming fast and it will be relentless. It’s truly sad a company like this exists out there and it is able to make a profit. Meanwhile, other people out there are suffering and these are people that do not deserve to suffer, at all. They are just people that know an inmate and love an inmate. They didn’t do anything wrong in this situation. They just want to talk to them, be there for them, and help them out in any way they can.


It is something that IC Solutions does not know anything about as a company. They don’t know anything about it because they don’t have any sympathy for other people. If they had sympathy, they would not behave in the fashion they are behaving. They would change up the plan and they would fix what is wrong with them. They would be fair to the customers and they would give them a good deal instead of ripping them off because they can.


They are the schoolyard bully that is the biggest and the meanest. Because they are the biggest and the meanest, they don’t have any fear inside of them. They feel liberated by this freedom. They know they control the fate of the phone call from inmate to customer, which is usually a family member. They have gone crazy with power, and no one has seemed to stop them just yet. I’m hoping there comes a time where someone lays the hammer down and gives them what is coming to them, which is jail in my eyes.