IC Solutions: There Are No Good Parts

With almost any person or any company, they have something positive and something worthwhile about them. That is not, at all, the case with IC Solutions, the inmate phone provider. There are no good parts with this company. Everything that has been written and said about them on the Internet is true, and I know that might seem like a reach, but when it comes in at this alarming of a rate, it is pretty evident what is going on with this company and why they need to be stopped. Anyone can see it, except maybe the people at IC Solutions. They might have their head so far in the clouds; they are unable to see the issues with the company.


However, as much as I hate to admit it, they know exactly what they are doing and how to get away with it. It is why they have done it for so long. They pick on certain people and certain targets. There is a certain method to their madness. You don’t do something like this without knowing what you are doing and how to find the right people to pluck out and take their money. They look for mothers that are trying to reach their children in prison.


They are looking for victims, although these people must not think of themselves as victims. They need to think of themselves as strong. If they really stop and think about it, they would be amazed at how powerful and strong they really, truly are in life. Sometimes when their backs are against the wall, they find strength they never knew they had in the first place. They need to harness that and really use it to go after IC Solutions. If they don’t, it will be more of the same.