IC Solutions: Only Out For Number One

It can be quite troubling and disturbing when a company is only looking out for number one. That is what is going on over at IC Solutions, an inmate phone provider, which has the job of connecting inmates with their family, friends, and loved ones over the telephone. They have drawn a hard line in the sand, and they are not helping them and instead, they are ripping them off. It is why so many people are posting about them on the Internet and why so many people are downright furious with them for their actions.


They truly only care about themselves and what is in their own best interests. They love to make money and a whole lot of it. It is what drives them, and it is why they have started up the business in the first place. They have not started the business to help anyone or make their lives any easier. For the inmates, they are depending on this phone call, and they truly need it more than anyone could ever know. It doesn’t take someone with a prison background, as I’ve never been in prison, to figure it out. It just takes looking at things from the point of view of someone else to put two and two together.


When someone is all alone in a scary place, they want people to love them, support them, and be there for them on the phone when times get dark, scary, and very, very lonely. It is a boost, and they need this boost in order to not become suicidal and not fall down a dangerous path in their lives. They are already in a bad place, as they are in prison, and they don’t need for it to get any worse. They need help, which IC Solutions is not providing, at all.