IC Solution Under Fire For Shady Practices

Being in prison is hard enough for inmates and their families, but one company has been caught taking advantage of those already in a tough position. IC Solutions, a leading provider of inmate telecommunications company that connects inmates to their loved ones. There have been numerous reports posted to websites like pissedconsumer.com and ripoffreport.com that allege the company is taking advantage of its position by charged ridiculously high fees for calls from corrections facilities. For example, based on your area code, you may be charged $8.95 for each call that is connected and upwards of $3.95/minute for the duration of the call. To make matters worse, the company has a policy that if you are using a cell phone then you are using it at your own risk. If the call is dropped for any reason you must pay the connection fee again to reconnect the call.


IC (Inmate Call) Solutions is an telecommunications company that specializes in inmate calling transactions and has contracts with corrections facilities across the United States. They also provide video visitation services, voicemail messaging, and email services for inmates to connect with their family and friends. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in San Antonio, with offices across the country.