Global Tel-Link is Stealing From Families in Need & More

I am upset with Global Tel-Link, which is an inmates communications company, and I am going to tell you why. Let me start off by saying that my children, like other kids, do not like to get up early, but you should see them on the days they are going to see their father. I am sure that most people see my husband as a bad guy. I do not condone what he has done, which was armed robbery, but what I can tell you is that he is a great father.

We are a modest family, and we do not have much, which makes it hard to see him often. This is the reason we usually end up calling more often than visiting, but even that got expensive. I remember paying $20 or so. That is a very steep number, especially if you know how much food you can get with $20 at the local farm. You can probably understand why I was upset with Global Tel-Link after I read on Bloomberg that they have been running a scam on people.

I know that Global Tel-Link is spinning this as nothing more than a clerical error, but that is not what I am hearing. I am hearing that this company deliberately decided to charge people more than they needed to. You guys understand that? They were charging ghost fees and minutes that I never used. That is like taking food out of my children’s mouth. I felt violated. I am just appalled at what companies like Global Tel-Link are getting away with. We were already getting charged 89 cents per minute. I guess that was not enough. That is why this world is in shambles; there are too many folks who simply cannot get enough. I do hope that this company pays for what they did to people like me.