Corruption on All Levels

Money has a way of bringing out the truth in other people. Some will go to surprising lengths to get their hands on what seems like a small fortune. With a little extra cash comes a little extra power. The perception of being in control one’s own destiny is an intoxicating emotion. Individuals relish the idea of being in command. Sometimes a simple payoff is all it takes two corrupt an entire system that is sworn to follow an honorable code. Leaders at the Keefe Group worked this formula to perfection. In a report by, they were able to manipulate high-ranking officials of the prison system on the local, state and federal levels. These executives spent large amounts of money in order to secure contracts that would make them millions.

Keefe Group is an organization that provides food to various prison systems. They offer snacks for visitors as well as commissary for inmates. The company saw a tremendous opportunity when dealing with prison officials. They understood immediately that their competition was not willing to go to the levels they were to secure contracts with these prisons. Keefe Group executives were able to bride prison officials. This gave them sole access to the consumer base of which they were looking to obtain. Competition became non-existent. Keefe Group was able to set their price for the merchandise that they were making available. Consumers had no choice but to accept.

According to STL Today News, the corruption spanned from the levels of the prison guard all the way to the top authorities in the correctional system. Company executives paid as much as a quarter of a million dollars annually to certain individuals. This gave them the power to work exclusively with their consumer base. In the long run the expensive payoffs were worth it. Keefe Group executives were able to guarantee a dollar amount do to the certainty of projected sales.