Introduction: What makes IC Solutions’ product The Investigator Pro™ so special?

The Investigator Pro™ is totally unique. It is nearly unrivaled or perhaps, truly unrivaled, in way of a voice verification product within the marketplace. And what is more, it is offered, by way of IC Solutions, to the Correctional Institution’s marketplace. The article which follows provides information with regard to the high-tech product referred to as The Investigator Pro™ and offered by way of IC Solutions:

The Investigator Pro™ is an exceptional voice verification solution. It is being offered to the correctional institution marketplace, since it provides its user with technology associated with the U.S. Department of Defense, in way of its own voice security and voice detection applications.

The Investigator Pro™, comes with a suite of modules, relative to voice analytic software. It is created in order to assist the correctional facility administrator, in properly managing the phone system of the correctional institution’s population; and in a manner that is highly secure.

The product is the only voice verification system which continually provides an analysis of the call recording. It allows its user to seek out and identify the voices of various members of the correctional institution’s population; at any point, within the relative recording of the phone call.

The correctional institution administrator may ask: So what is different about this call recording investigative solution?

The question is relative and the answer is: other correctional facility phone businesses have noted IC Solutions’ success in making use of The Investigator Pro™ together with that of its centralized reporting system referred to as the ENFORCER®. There is one essential difference, between IC Solutions and the competition, and that is: Expertise. IC Solutions ( has experience with regard to its trademarked products. IC Solutions has integrated, successfully, The Investigator Pro™, with its proprietary centralized reporting system, referred to as the ENFORCER®.

The voice bio-metrics product, referred to as Investigator Pro™, coupled with the centralized reporting system, known industry-wide, as the ENFORCER®, provides a call platform to thirty-nine correctional facilities, which IC Solutions, serves. There are twenty-six unique clients associated with the thirty-nine correctional institutions. IC Solutions is the primary contractor for each of the twenty-six clients.

IC Solutions, additionally, has been helpful, to its client base, in way of enrolling, literally, thousands of voices, of its clients’ correctional facility populace. IC Solutions, too, has provided training to jailhouse investigators.

The clientele of IC Solutions is pleased with the voice bio-metric solution, provided to it in the form of The Investigator Pro™ and seamlessly integrated with the centralized reporting system of the ENFORCER®. The customer base of IC Solutions has been happy with the calling platform for eight years—running.

IC Solutions has proven, historically, that its Investigator Pro™ phone bio-metrics system works well with its centralized, reporting system termed the ENFORCER®. The calling platform is industrial strength in that it provides the client, of IC Solutions, with a favorable range of investigative and security tools, which are highly sophisticated. The integration, in way of call records and recordings, results in a system, unrivaled, within the correctional institution marketplace.

The reader interested in finding out more about IC Solutions and its practical highly-refined correctional facility products is encouraged to access the company’s site which follows: Read more about the company on the State Journal Register.