I would say I’m shocked by what IC Solutions is doing, but I can’t say I am after doing my homework on them. This seems to be standard business and practice for them. Nothing they are doing right now isn’t anything they haven’t done in the past. The only difference is this time, they are looking for people that do not even use the service and people that have no clue what IC Solutions is in the first place:http://jailphoneservices.com/ic-solutions/. If this does not prove they deserve to be on Rip Off Report, nothing does. Here is the thing, though: IC Solutions is simply impossible. There is no reasoning with them and there is no talking with them.

This person clearly tried and they came up empty.That is why they have talked about lawsuits and seeing what they can do as they keep changing their credit card, trying to get in touch with someone at IC Solutions, and they keep getting ripped off and losing money. Any human being can only take so much before they have a breaking point. IC Solutions is known for having that breaking point with their customers that actually use them in an attempt to speak to inmates through their inmate phone service. They are also on the website Pissed Consumer, which is a website that not company wishes to find themselves on. Knowing IC Solutions, they probably enjoy all of this and get a kick out of it.It is one big game to them, but for others, there is nothing funny about it and there is nothing to enjoy about it. It is nothing but a big, fat pile of misery with no end or no resolution in sight. There are clearly no solutions with them, and IC Solutions needs to change their name to IC Problems.