Incarceration is not necessarily a form of punishment, rather, it is a progressive measure supervised by government law enforcing bodies such as law courts and correctional facility officers to provide better lives for inmates after they are released. The truth is that most of the inmates will eventually leave prison after serving their sentences. It is, therefore, important to pass on the relevant knowledge to them through education while they are still in jail so as to prepare them for a real life within the society in the future.
As more knowledge is passed to the inmates, they become less likely to involve themselves in criminal activities which may lead them back to incarceration. Securus Ltd is fully participating in the correctional process by offering and investing in advanced communication tools that are aimed at improving the communication status witnessed in the correctional facilities.
The company has its headquarter situated in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 3,500 correction, law safety, and public safety agencies. It provides communication services to over 1,200, 000 inmates across North America. The company’s primary commitment is to see a transformed prison status through the power of connectivity. The achievement of this goal entails providing emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, data management, incident management, investigations, inmate self-service, communication, and monitoring goods and services in a quest of creating a better place to live. The company’s primary focus is “connecting what matters.”
The company consistently ensures that it works at the highest level of integrity so as to have a competitive advantage over its many competitors. Integrity as a virtue has been incorporated into the organization’s Customer Integrity Pledge that was published in 2012. The written pledge directs the company’s efforts were making life easy for inmates, their families, friends and the entire correctional community. The virtue also describes the company’s customer services, standards for contracting out services, policies against corruption, truthfulness, providing security features, honesty in response to requests for proposal, and much more.

Breaking a record is a great achievement for individuals and even companies. When Securus Technology announced the 30 million calls made in March 2016, there was no doubt about them being in the lead in the inmate communication industry. It has made a great leap in the inmate communication industry by recording video plus audio calls amounting to 30 million calls. All the calls were processed through the inmate platform Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). While releasing the news, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies said the state-of-art service offered by the company cannot be emphasized enough with the new records cutting out the reputation of the company in clear edges.



The Strengths of Securus Technologies



Every company in the world today is making huge strides due to the extra effort made in providing creative solutions. Securus Technologies is one of them, with a mission of creatively using the available technological infrastructure to make their clients satisfied. Reliable computer languages, internet telephony and troubleshooting operations remotely when they occur have been crucial in their success. This means inmates or family members have an easy time when they are looking for an appropriate moment to talk over the phone.



Benefit of Securus



Secures Technologies has announced the great benefits it can offer clients through their video and audio calls. First, it is easy to install and configure. This means you start using immediately without any need for training. Safety is also guaranteed with the professional approach the experts have made. In the process, all the data shared plus the contact information is kept confidential. The upgrades carried out by the company have helped customize the quality of the service to what people want. Troubleshooting is also done instantly. All the above services are offered at a low cost yet the quality remains high.

There is no doubt that the new president of the United States has been shaking things up. It has not been long since Donald J. Trump was sworn into office, and he has already caused some to worry. Some people believe that his presidency is going to affect the lives of many Americans. One of Trump’s appointees is Ajit Pai who is now the head of the FCC. Pai is already a controversial figure since he seems to oppose net neutrality.


Companies that provide inmate communication services like Securus and Global Tel-Link are looking at Trump’s appointee with suspicion because the giants are not sure what he intends to do. The people directly affected by whatever Pai enacts are those who have family members in prison. It should be noted that there are about 2.2 million people in prison today, meaning that there is definitely a large number of the population that could be affected by Pai’s policies.


Pai could be good for the inmate communication industry that has been criticized for years. Many critics have noted that the companies are running monopolies within the industry. It is not uncommon for a family to pay a few dollars per minute when they talk to incarcerated loved ones. This is one of the things that the FCC has been fighting for some time.


The FCC tried to place a cap on these companies, and the one person who opposed these caps was Pai. This means Pai may continue to defend companies like Global Tel-Link and Securus against the people of the United States who are no longer okay with these high rates.


No one knows for sure, but it seems like this person is fine with this new form for monopoly that is taking over industries like the inmate communication industry.


Securus Technologies is a leading company when it comes to technology in corrections facilities. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas Texas, and they work with more than 3,450 corrections agencies and more than 1 million inmates in America. Securus Technologies is a company that is dedicated to providing these facilities with all the technology that they need to maintain a safe and orderly establishment.


PRNewswire recently published an article about Securus Technologies, because between August and October of 2016, the US states patent office has given Securus Technologies five new patents, and they have been granted 36 patents in the last three years. The total patent portfolio for Securus Technologies is almost 250, and they have the largest amount of patents in the all of the inmate communication industry.


Securus Technologies has been able to get their patents in the following areas: inbound calls in to controlled environments, advertisement in controlled environments, tablet computing devices, location-based services, infrared monitoring and recording of images, and exclusion engines for communications.


Securus Technologies is dedicated to giving their customers the most state-of-the-art innovative technology possible. For that reason, they have over 200 software developers and more than 100 service technicians that are constantly looking for new ideas. These ideas are quickly changed into patents, and these ideas are soon used in the correctional facilities that they serve. Securus Technologies has a large patent portfolio because they deal with telecommunications, video calling, fire detection, and call platform architecture. They work with billing inmate Monitoring, voice biometrics, and much more. Securus Technologies is a truly a diverse company that is able to give their clients the technology that they need and want.


Securus Technologies has launched the sPhone. This is in response to the need by most correctional facilities to upgrade their telecommunication systems. It was launched last made last month and reported on PRNewswire.
The launch of the newest inmate hardware came as a surprise to many people. Securus Technologies is known for providing software solutions. This new area of business will see the company expand its sources of revenue and its client base. With the aging inmate phones, many correctional facilities are expected to purchase the sPhone.
Securus Technologies has praised the new hardware as the product needed by correctional facilities. This is because it is easy to install and can use telephone terminals available in prisons. Consequently, the upgrades will be made with minimal interruptions to prisons activities across the United States.
Over the years, many correctional facilities have been satisfied by the services offered by Securus Technologies. These services have resulted in the transformation of the correctional facilities through provision of new methods of communication, new investigative solutions and modern jail operational processes. Securus’s services have guaranteed the security of prison staff, inmates, and the public.
Unlike other working environments, security guards must escort technicians working inside a prison. With thousands of feet of telephone power cables in some correctional facilities, it will take months to replace the old copper terminals with new AC powered terminals. This will leave the correctional facilities with inadequate staff to cater for their inmates. However, the sPhone has solved this problem. The phone is designed to use the existing copper lines, meaning that the installations will made extremely fast.
During its launch, Russell Roberts, Securus’ Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, said that the phone runs on ConnectUs. The software, developed by Securus, will enable the phone to offer all the current telecommunication services and add more when the need arises. The software will also enable inmates to enjoy self-help and educational applications. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as provided in the following link

The ongoing debate between telecommunication companies, inmates, and an inmate’s family has been getting intense. For example, many prison directors are exposing the fact that video visitations are much safer for them. Prison directors point out that contraband is dramatically reduced using this system.

The telecommunication’s industry insist that connecting families and inmates through video is cheaper. This is true, as the average cost is 10 dollars for 20 minutes. The problem is that there is almost no oversight or hardly any competition towards the telecommunication’s industries that provide these services to correctional facilities. Many families feel like the prices can be challenged with more competition, and the quality can be improved.

One inmate–who was attempting to have a conference with his lawyer–logged into one of the communication’s providers called Securus Technologies. The website provides a Skype-like tool for video conferencing. The inmate found that his laptop did not have the necessary updates. He updated the system, and it still did not change the situation. The inmate changed computers only to find another snag. He was finally able to communicate with the lawyer, but both had a hard time seeing and hearing each other. It was hard for them to discuss the case while dealing with some of these glitches.

These types of issues have also been affecting families as well.

Telecommunication’s industries are also coming under fire because they have helped lobby certain laws that have benefited them. What some families feel is that they hold a monopoly over communication between inmates and the outside world. Some experts believe that this lack of optimal communication would ultimately cause frustration among inmates and could be the catalyst for even more issues within the prisons.

Another issue that is being brought up is the fact that many telecommunication systems can be monitored. Monitoring is a good thing as an inmate could be passing along incriminating information between them and friends or family. This level of precaution is acceptable, but what is not acceptable is the fact that communication between lawyers and their clients are also being monitored. This was exposed through a hacker who revealed that the rights of several inmates were being violated in a such away.

The debate will continue on and hopefully it reaches an agreement.

Securus Technologies is a provider of correctional facility solutions meant to ensure public safety, assist investigations, and aid in the monitoring of inmates. On May 11th, they announced multiple successful deployments of their Managed Access Services (MAS) with more implementation planned for 2016. In this press release the current Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith elaborated on why Securus Technologies has been so successful over the last few years. In Richard’s opinion Securus Technologies has a key amount of experience with the landscape of technology monitoring and building relationships with carriers like Verizon and AT&T for monitoring of contraband cell phone signals and integrating their technology with Securus’ proprietary systems.

One of the biggest reasons that correctional facilities throughout the United States use technology to monitor contraband cell phones and allow prisoners to communicate with the outside world is because of numerous documented murder attempts which have been linked to contraband cell phones in prisons. These murder attempts have been for attorney’s, civilians, and even correctional officers who have upset inmates that have criminal connections to the outside and access to a contraband cell phone.

Despite the public safety and track record of Securus Technologies in managing its products in many correctional facilities, there are some who fight the companies newest technological addition to actually monitor and jam contraband cell phones from being able to call out of the prison facilities. One such opponent to this new technology is Paul Wright, the Executive Director of Human Rights Defense Center. His opposition is born of the “price gouging” which occurs when prisoners use telecommunication services through Securus Technologies and its competitors. Something that the FCC has recently voted on and the final verdict on how pricing will work is now up to the courts.