Having offered reliable services to correctional markets nationwide since it was founded in the year 1975, Keefe Group has been growing and expanding every day. They have been in a position to gain the trust of many clients due to their quality services. Keefe has been providing correctional markets with food products, software, technology, communication, hygiene products and many more since it was founded. Through it, facilities are in a position to feed inmates and you can also communicate with a loved one any day.

Keefe has been serving correctional markets exclusively by ensuring they get all their different needs, reveals prisoncensorship.info. It has partnered with other affiliates namely IC Solutions, Advance Technologies, Access Corrections, Access Securepak and Keefe Supply Company to ensure they provide cutting edge services to these facilities. Their main aim is to ensure they provide facilities with all their requirements and ensure inmates are taken care of.

Their Responsibilities

Keefe is a very successful company since it has the best experience of around 30 years in this field. It therefore understands what correctional markets and inmates all over the world need to make their lives better in the facility. They do not only meet the expectations of their clients, but exceed them as well. Their main aim is to ensure facilities have the best technological services to serve the inmates and also improve the living standards of the inmates while in the facility. You will be in a position to get help from their customer care desk regarding any issues you may have related with their services.

Keefe Group is responsible for selling any music players as well as song downloads to inmates while still in the facility. In this way, inmates will be in a position to live a better a life even if they are locked up. Keefe also ensures that their deposits and trust funds are processed all the time to keep them safe. Inmates are also able to purchase commissary items from Keefe such as hygiene products, clothed and many more. Keefe also provides inmates with debit cards to help them withdraw cash which they can use to purchase items in the facility.

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The United States Justice System is a mess. Millions of people are behind bars in states across the country, and the system isn’t equipped to handle those numbers. There is a bed shortage, and there are human rights violations when it comes to using inmates to produce merchandise for sale. But there are other issues as well. People are incarcerated for violations that don’t deserve prison time. Many inmates should be in counseling programs or addiction facilities, not state and federal prison. There are companies that try to make life behind bars bearable for inmates. One of those companies is the Keefe Group. The Keefe Group provides several services and products that give inmates a chance to feel connected with normal life while they serve time behind bars.

The Keefe Group according to their Corrections.com vendor profile is actually six companies that focus on specific inmate needs. IC Solutions is one of those companies. IC Solutions provides communication services that are up-to-date and easy to use. One of those services is called video visitation and another is local calling. IC Solutions provides a local number, and an inmate can call that number and be connected to a work, home or the cell phone of a loved one. Video visitation gives families a chance to visit using a FaceTime type experience. Families like it because they can visit often, and they don’t have to wait in long lines at the prison. Video Visitation also reduces the travel time that many families are burdened with. Other Keefe Group companies have contracts with prisons to sell prepaid debit cards and MP3 players.

There are Keefe Group companies that have contracts to sell food items and personal hygiene products as well as tobacco and other items that don’t conflict with prison rules. Overall the Keefe Group does an excellent job keeping inmates in touch with their families. The products offered to inmates give them a taste of what they are missing on the outside.

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According to a recent study provided by the US based, non profit research institution National Research Council, the United States of America still remains the number one country in the world for the most individuals imprisoned. This is not particularly surprising to those that follow the news, what is quite surprising, and to some degree quite depressing, is that the United States of America now accounts for five percent of the world’s total incarcerated population.

Why this is should be very worrying, even beyond the concern for those housed in the prisons themselves, is the burden that prisons place upon the United States taxpayers. In fact prison taxes are only slightly less expensive than the taxes for medicade and education. What makes all of this even more worrying is that, according to the National Research Council, term of imprisonment is also rising, seemingly in some kind of tandem to the rates of incarceration.

Due to laws on both the state and federal level, such as the 3 strike laws imposed against repeat offenders ensures that they will stay far long behind bars and has subsequently increased the burden on America’s taxpayers. A little fact which will bring all of this more starkly into the light is that though rates of criminality have gone sharply both up and down since the 1970s, however, rate of imprisonment has only increased linearly.