Keefe Food Group is one of the most corrupt companies based in the United States. For the company to secure all those deals in the prison setup, they have always engaged in animated solutions where they pay the prison officials in exchange for a signature to allow them to operate in the prison setup. For this reason, working with these individuals ensures they get the best deals in a manner that is not precedent in the industry. Keefe Food Group makes more than $40 million in profit for operating in the prison setup in a year. This is the reason why they are ranked as the most corrupt company in the United States.

G.T Enterprise also re coded a sum of more than $3 million in revenue for the last one year. This is a great achievement considering there is no company securing that amount as profit for one year offering the same services. Keefe Food Group secured their contract to work in the state prison setup in 2005. Chris Epps signed each contract awarded to them as the high-ranking prison officials in charge of issuing deals to companies seeking to supply food products to the inmates. We are all meant to think that Keefe Food Group engaged in a corruption dal to secure such contracts where there are more companies out there with the same capabilities buy cant secure the deals.

Keefe Food Group is responsible for offering services such as inmate deposits, the sale of the pre-paid credit and debit cards through the inmate trust funds, and the right to sell exclusive music in the inmate facilities. For all the songs they sell, the company keeps over $78 percent as their own. For this reason, they work to activate better business through agitated business solutions,

The company also has the exclusive right to sell personal hygiene products, personal items, tobacco, as well as other items in the inmate industry. For all the sales the company makes, they pay up to 30 percent back to the inmate facility. This leaves them with much more money. In case they activate their business, they sell products for more money so that they can afford to issue paybacks.

Do you want to save money on inmates telephone or communications service? Looking for great features and excellent customer service? If you are looking for a low cost or reasonably priced phone plan for inmates, it’s imperative that you choose wisely.

Numerous inmates and their family choose Keefe Group for all their prison telephone calls and other communications service. Keefe Group provides a wide range of features for communication.

Calling from prison, jail or other corrections facility is expensive. Many companies contracted as prison communications providers charge outrageous rates for inmates calls, and often have many hidden charges and fees.

Good rates on telephone or communications service are available but you need to know where to look. With so many companies out there offering to meet your needs and help you save money, it can be a daunting task to know which one to believe.

Families across the United States are in need of ways to keep in touch with their loved one without spending a ton of money. Many are now spending a huge amount and want to cut costs while having access to desirable features.

Once you know how many features and the rates you will have to pay and how they will handle support issues, you’ll be able to compare companies or plans and choose one that meets your needs.

Different plans or packages offer different features and prices, so take the time to evaluate the offers and make the right choice. For a service that accommodates everyone, Keefe Group is your clear choice.

Keefe Group is a leader in inmates phone and communications service. This renowned company has been catering to the needs of numerous customers and is well known for its reasonable phone rates and fabulous customer support.

Keefe Group has a great team and ensures that customers are pleased with their their services. I have been using their services for several months now and they respond promptly to address my concerns or issues. The customer support agents are highly knowledgeable and are  fully committed  to your satisfaction.


There are many companies out there that are trying to make their mark in the booming inmate communication industry. One of the enterprises that started its operations in the year 1980 and since then has become one of the leading service providers in the correctional field is Global Tel-Link.

The company offered some of the breakthrough services when it first started its operations, and for many years held a strong position in the industry. However, the company has been facing a lot of heat in recent times as it fails to meet the expectations of the consumers, and the investors are feeling that the management is doing a terrible job of containing the damage.

Global Tel-Link offers a comprehensive range of correctional services to many prisons and law enforcement agencies across the United States. Recently, there was a class action lawsuit filed against Global Tel-Link due to the wrongful charging from the customers’ accounts in California. Many of the customers have complained that the company has been charging them very high amounts and without any legitimate reasons, and such complaints have been piling up in the last few years.

The biggest problem that the customers are facing that even after complaining to the company’s customer service, there is hardly any action taken. The customer service just listens and forgets, and it is this kind of complacent attitude of the company towards its customers that have brought a lot of bad reputation to the enterprise.

As a customer myself, I have filed my name to be in the lawsuit that has been filed against the company. I feel that the company needs to revamp its management as well as the business strategy if it wants to survive in this industry, and the first thing they need to do is to improve its customer service.

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Become a part of a successful inmate communication and packaging services provider with the Keefe Group. They have been a proud member of the American Correctional Association for over ten years and have been proudly serving their customers for 50+. You get services that stand next to none and they ensure that you would never have to commute to a correctional facility. Furthermore, eliminate the need for third party authorization that can costs customers more than what is specified on the service agreement. Get every minute that is allotted under your agreement with fewer dropped calls than their competitors. Learn more about Keefe Group on STL Today

They offer services that include remote visitation, inmate voicemail, household name products, and more. Inmates can also choose from electronics, shoes, and Mexican gourmet meals. You can find a list of their products detailed on their website and ave them packaged directly to the facility that your inmate is housed at. Choose from Maxwell house, Cactus Annie’s, and Hostess to name a few. Their tablet allows inmates to play games, download music, and send emails. However, all content must be approved by the correctional facility. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to talk to your loved ones over a secure line and order products that are hypoallergenic and safe for their skin.

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keefe Group Services

Remote Visitation

Visit the ones you love discreetly and securely over the internet with complete control over the video and the sound with a few onscreen modules. Out-of-state residents and disabled customers love this feature because they never have to leave home to visit the ones they love.

Prepaid Services

Prepaid services are available so you get the telephone calling credits that you need before hand to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional institute. Customers have the option of purchasing services and features through their 800 number or their official website. You’re invited to become a trusted part of the Keefe Group and save more while staying in touch with your loved ones. Stay connected for a fraction of the cost of their competitors and take part in their promotional offers to save even more today. Visit:

Keefe Group is at the forefront of inmate supplies. They have taken control of a market that very few are paying attention to. The company has contracts with dozens of prisons and jails in states across America. They hold the exclusive right to supply prisoners with basic necessities. Food, music, money and the ability to communicate are cherished items on the inside. Keefe Group placed themselves into a power position within this business industry. Read more about Keefe Group on Blogspot.

Many have begun to complain about the leverage that Keefe Group has in this business arrangement. They are able to set prices in their favor because there is no competition in the facilities that they operate in. Prisoners and their loved ones on the outside have spoken about the astronomical rates for phone service. The company also provides commissary for the inmates, as well as MP3 downloads and clothing.

The phone service is a sophisticated system that allows people on the outside to connect with prisoners. There are several options that consumers can use. The plans are set up on a monthly payment basis. It is also possible for the inmate to pay into the phone service from the inside. A debit banking system is in place where inmates can get deposits from their contacts. This allows them to afford the various services that are available to them while serving time.

Keefe Group has developed kiosk where individuals on the outside can go and make deposits directly into an inmate’s account. There are debit cards available as well. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group

Keefe Group also operates an email system designed specifically to work within an incarceration facility. It allows for communication between inmates and visitors, as well as monitoring by the prison authorities. Data is collected and stored in a manner that gives prison officials the ability to manage the activities of everyone involved in the conversations. This process is valuable if communication activity leads to an investigation in the future.

Photo Mail is another feature that helps prison facilities prevent the potential of contraband entering. Keefe Group provides all of the hardware that goes with the system at no cost to the facility.

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In the state of Oregon, the Department of Corrections gets around $3.6 million annually from prison phone contracts. These contracts are said to be so exploitative on inmates and their families that a number of federal officials advocated for the state to scrap them. A number of officials from the state correction department conceded that these huge monies would soon dry up due to the huge pressure exerted by the federal regulators.


Stumbling Blocks


However, scrapping these contracts would leave the state with a huge budget deficit. Further, President Trump has shown a slightly lighter federal authoritarian approach that has led to the leaders of the state having a change of heart. This led to the shelving of the planned reform of scrapping off prison phone contracts. This is good news on the part of the state corrections department’s budget but bad on the families whose members are incarcerated. This means they will continue footing huge phone call rates that are artificially inflated.


Inmate Communications in Oregon


Inmate communications to their families via phone calls are at issue in this case. Inmates in Oregon State, just like in other states, can communicate with their loved ones at home via phone calls. These calls, which are made under strict supervision and are monitored electronically by private contractors, are very expensive. For instance, in Oregon, these services are provided by Telmate, which charges inmates an average of 16 cents per minute. Telmate, a privately-owned company in San Francisco, provides phone services to 300 jails and prisons spread across the North America area.


In return, Telmate pays a $3 million flat fee for the contract it signed in 2012, plus an additional percentage if and when it collects more proceeds from the calls than the projections in place. In 2018, this contract is expected to bring in about $3.6 million for the state. A high number of critics to these contracts liken them to kickbacks in return for a monopoly. According to Aleks Kajstura, the legal director of Prison Policy Initiative in Massachusetts, these companies are making insane profits. The current rate that Telmate charges of 16 cents per minute appears to be at the middle but it is still 3 cents or 23% higher than the amount suggested by the Federal Communications Commission in 2016.




Liz Craig, a spokeswoman in the Department of Corrections, stated that there was no issue with this contract. According to her, the Telmate contract offered inmates and their families with a cost-effective method of communicating often while also allowing the prison officials to monitor their communication effectively. Craig further says that the amount realized from the telephone call commissions are put into a welfare fund for the inmates. This fund caters for drug treatment, alcohol, education as well as amenities like television and exercise equipment. Craig sums up the deal as a normal payment for services rendered at an affordable rate. She added that the commission funded important programs that benefit the taxpayers. However, critics maintain that these families already [pay taxes and this exorbitant phone call rates are just another form of taxation for services that the state ought to provide. [Read More]