Keefe Group is at the forefront of inmate supplies. They have taken control of a market that very few are paying attention to. The company has contracts with dozens of prisons and jails in states across America. They hold the exclusive right to supply prisoners with basic necessities. Food, music, money and the ability to communicate are cherished items on the inside. Keefe Group placed themselves into a power position within this business industry. Read more about Keefe Group on Blogspot.

Many have begun to complain about the leverage that Keefe Group has in this business arrangement. They are able to set prices in their favor because there is no competition in the facilities that they operate in. Prisoners and their loved ones on the outside have spoken about the astronomical rates for phone service. The company also provides commissary for the inmates, as well as MP3 downloads and clothing.

The phone service is a sophisticated system that allows people on the outside to connect with prisoners. There are several options that consumers can use. The plans are set up on a monthly payment basis. It is also possible for the inmate to pay into the phone service from the inside. A debit banking system is in place where inmates can get deposits from their contacts. This allows them to afford the various services that are available to them while serving time.

Keefe Group has developed kiosk where individuals on the outside can go and make deposits directly into an inmate’s account. There are debit cards available as well. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group

Keefe Group also operates an email system designed specifically to work within an incarceration facility. It allows for communication between inmates and visitors, as well as monitoring by the prison authorities. Data is collected and stored in a manner that gives prison officials the ability to manage the activities of everyone involved in the conversations. This process is valuable if communication activity leads to an investigation in the future.

Photo Mail is another feature that helps prison facilities prevent the potential of contraband entering. Keefe Group provides all of the hardware that goes with the system at no cost to the facility.

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Prison escapes are the stuff of legend, and Hollywood is chock full of tales of remarkable escapes that ended well for the escapes, such as the Shawshank Redemption. But real life is rarely like the movies, and the tale of the escape of two killers from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facilty in Dannemora prison, which ended with one of the inmates dead and the other shot captured and spending the rest of his life in solitary confinement, has revealed some interesting details about the prison.


A report, as outlined in the New York Daily Mag, released a year after the escape and recapture of the prisoners details exactly how the two inmates were able to escape the prison. The biggest key to Richeard Matt and David Sweat’s success seems to be the admiration and help of two of the prison’s guards, Joyce Mitchell, who was entranced by their charms, and Gene Palmer. Both guards were able to bring the men the tools they need to escape with the help of numerous inept and lazy guards.


Interestingly enough, one of the most unique aspects of the escape is that it was made possible because of the hobby of painting that the two men had taken up while in prison. Both men became exceptional artists due to the admiration for the art they had as well as the amount of free time they were able to devote to the hobby, and they developed fans. In particular, many of the guards and inmates admired Sweat’s incredibly detailed style of painted. Eventually this led to both Palmer and Mitchell smuggling tools into the prison so that they could hatch an escape plan.


The basic details of the plan are pretty straightforward, and involved using tools and makeshift dummies to escape through a series of intricate tunnels, but it is how they convinced the guards to help them that makes this story interesting.