There are many companies out there that are trying to make their mark in the booming inmate communication industry. One of the enterprises that started its operations in the year 1980 and since then has become one of the leading service providers in the correctional field is Global Tel-Link.

The company offered some of the breakthrough services when it first started its operations, and for many years held a strong position in the industry. However, the company has been facing a lot of heat in recent times as it fails to meet the expectations of the consumers, and the investors are feeling that the management is doing a terrible job of containing the damage.

Global Tel-Link offers a comprehensive range of correctional services to many prisons and law enforcement agencies across the United States. Recently, there was a class action lawsuit filed against Global Tel-Link due to the wrongful charging from the customers’ accounts in California. Many of the customers have complained that the company has been charging them very high amounts and without any legitimate reasons, and such complaints have been piling up in the last few years.

The biggest problem that the customers are facing that even after complaining to the company’s customer service, there is hardly any action taken. The customer service just listens and forgets, and it is this kind of complacent attitude of the company towards its customers that have brought a lot of bad reputation to the enterprise.

As a customer myself, I have filed my name to be in the lawsuit that has been filed against the company. I feel that the company needs to revamp its management as well as the business strategy if it wants to survive in this industry, and the first thing they need to do is to improve its customer service.

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There are many things that get under my skin in regards to IC Solutions, so it can be hard to narrow it down to just one thing. However, the thing that bothers me the most is when I read links like this by This is not the only link I have read while researching IC Solutions. I have read a number of articles on them, and I’ll be the first to tell you they are not at all flattering. In fact, I could not find one flattering article about IC Solutions. They are an inmate communications phone service where the loved ones of an inmate pay a price and they are supposed to be allowed to speak to the inmate.

It sounds pretty normal and fairly easy if you are dealing with normal and straight forward people. Instead, IC Solutions has taken this chance to run with it and get more money in their pockets. They know they have people in a vulnerable state and they love every second of it. They know that when people are in this state, they can literally get away with whatever they want. In some ways, they are like the people that hold others for ransom.

They are holding prison over the head of their loved ones. They know how much they miss them and how badly they wish to speak to them. Because of this, their prices are out of this world and they do not care. That is like someone holding someone for ransom. The only difference is they are getting away with this where most people that do ransoms are put in prison. IC Solutions is the company that should be put behind bars and I feel very strongly about this, as do a number of other people out there in the World Wide Web.


The men associated with the Keefe Group have made the admonition that they paid bribes to officials within the state prison system in Florida. Keefe Group is a company based out of St. Louis that is a contractor for prisons around the nation. The first man to confess was Joseph Arthur Deese. He had an appearance in a federal courtroom in Jacksonville, Fl. He made a plea of guilty to the charges of conspiracy to pay bribes to the secretary of the state corrections department James Crosby. He also paid bribes to Allen Wayne Clark who was a high ranking man in the prison system. The other man to make a confession is Edward Lee Dugger, a 64-year-old. The two men will face sentencing together. He was the owner of an insurance franchise under the Allstate brand in Gainesville, Florida and a personal friend of Crosby.

Dugger was introduced to the Police Benevolent Association by Crosby. It is a union that represents prison guards. He sold insurance to employees of the prison. It was around this time that Keefe was enlisted as the contractor who would provide vending machines to the prison. This made an opportunity for the two men to meet. They became friends and began to collude with each other.

In 2004, the two men created a company to provide new services to visitors at Florida prison facilities. They offered a kickback to Crosby and Clark for accepting them as contractors in this capacity. The amounts paid to Crosby and Clark were up to $14,000 a month. Jack Donnelly, the former Keefe Commissary president was another beneficiary of the corrupt scheme. He was supposed to receive more than $250,000 yearly from the it. The Dispatch reveals the total annual profits the men expected to make together each year exceeded $1.5 million. Dugger and Deese did not know they were being recorded by authorities when they planned illegal activities together.

Federal prosecutors alerted the men that they had recorded evidence against them. This prompted them to confess their crimes. It took a very long time for the men to get caught and go to trial, but thankfully justice is finally being served to the masterminds behind this scheme.


Money has a way of bringing out the truth in other people. Some will go to surprising lengths to get their hands on what seems like a small fortune. With a little extra cash comes a little extra power. The perception of being in control one’s own destiny is an intoxicating emotion. Individuals relish the idea of being in command. Sometimes a simple payoff is all it takes two corrupt an entire system that is sworn to follow an honorable code. Leaders at the Keefe Group worked this formula to perfection. In a report by, they were able to manipulate high-ranking officials of the prison system on the local, state and federal levels. These executives spent large amounts of money in order to secure contracts that would make them millions.

Keefe Group is an organization that provides food to various prison systems. They offer snacks for visitors as well as commissary for inmates. The company saw a tremendous opportunity when dealing with prison officials. They understood immediately that their competition was not willing to go to the levels they were to secure contracts with these prisons. Keefe Group executives were able to bride prison officials. This gave them sole access to the consumer base of which they were looking to obtain. Competition became non-existent. Keefe Group was able to set their price for the merchandise that they were making available. Consumers had no choice but to accept.

According to STL Today News, the corruption spanned from the levels of the prison guard all the way to the top authorities in the correctional system. Company executives paid as much as a quarter of a million dollars annually to certain individuals. This gave them the power to work exclusively with their consumer base. In the long run the expensive payoffs were worth it. Keefe Group executives were able to guarantee a dollar amount do to the certainty of projected sales.



When dealing with a company like IC Solutions, it is important for the customer to keep their eyes and ears open at all times. They never know when the company will strike and when they will do something that can really do some serious damage to their bank accounts in addition to the mental health of the inmates. They are a jail phone services provider and they work as a way for inmates to chat with those closest to them while they are in prison. The goal is for them to come out of prison and be a better person after all is said and done. However, IC Solutions is putting up roadblock after roadblock when it comes to that process.

People are very unhappy with the way they conduct themselves and the way they do business. As the old expression goes, they might have been born at night, but they were not born last night. IC Solutions loves to pull the wool over the eyes of its customers and the inmates. They are notorious for poor customer service,, and this is just one of many things that customers are unhappy with when it comes to IC Solutions. The laundry list is long.

That is why when dealing with them, it is important to have a lawyer handy and be ready for anything that IC might throw at you if you are the person that has to pay for the phone call to the inmate. They have been known to double charge people, have dropped calls, and not exactly act in a way that is becoming of a major company. They make no apologies for what it, either. In fact, their method seems to be silence. That seems to be their way of dealing with the unhappiness of customers all together.


A strange case of corruption has been uncovered in the Florida prison system. It appears that two Gainesville canteen suppliers have used bribes to secure exclusive rights to distribute food within Florida prisons. The case is a complex network involving everything from government officials to the controversial corporation Keefe Group. The two men in question, Joseph Arthur Deese and Edward Lee Duggar, were originally involved in selling insurance within the prison system. Through these insurance deals the two became closely associated with Corrections Secretary James V. Crosby and Allen Wayne Clark, another powerful prison official. It was around this time that Florida Governor Jeb Bush had appointed Crosby into the Corrections Secretary position. From this point on things began to become much more scandalous.

As the appointed Corrections Secretary James Crosby signed an agreement with Keefe Group to allow the company exclusive food distribution rights for the Florida prison system. Shortly after Duggar and Deese founded their own canteen services company and began distributing food within Florida prison canteens. Crosby and the two men struck a deal involving access to distribution within the prison system. The canteen company the two men set up would distribute food, but Keefe Group would supply the food to be distributed. In exchange for arranging this deal Crosby would be paid anywhere from $1000 to $14000 a month as a bribe ( The president of Keefe Commissary, Jack Donnelly, would receive millions as his cut of the deal. The corruption case resulted in charges for the Duggar and Deese, but it appears that no charges will be filled against any Keefe executives nor the prison officials involved.  Visit to learn more.


I am upset with Global Tel-Link, which is an inmates communications company, and I am going to tell you why. Let me start off by saying that my children, like other kids, do not like to get up early, but you should see them on the days they are going to see their father. I am sure that most people see my husband as a bad guy. I do not condone what he has done, which was armed robbery, but what I can tell you is that he is a great father.

We are a modest family, and we do not have much, which makes it hard to see him often. This is the reason we usually end up calling more often than visiting, but even that got expensive. I remember paying $20 or so. That is a very steep number, especially if you know how much food you can get with $20 at the local farm. You can probably understand why I was upset with Global Tel-Link after I read on Bloomberg that they have been running a scam on people.

I know that Global Tel-Link is spinning this as nothing more than a clerical error, but that is not what I am hearing. I am hearing that this company deliberately decided to charge people more than they needed to. You guys understand that? They were charging ghost fees and minutes that I never used. That is like taking food out of my children’s mouth. I felt violated. I am just appalled at what companies like Global Tel-Link are getting away with. We were already getting charged 89 cents per minute. I guess that was not enough. That is why this world is in shambles; there are too many folks who simply cannot get enough. I do hope that this company pays for what they did to people like me.


Global Tel Link’s advanced payment program allows prisoners to make calls to their family and friends on the outside. An account can be created where funds are deposited to pay for these calls. They accept payments by credit card, checks, cash, or even Western Union. While it would appear that they are doing a great service for the prisoners, they run a deceptive practice.
If you were to go to the local discount store, you could buy a pre-paid cell phone that would give you the ability to make a call for around $.04 per minute. At those rates, you could call anyone and talk for as long as you like. However, if you needed to call a friend or family member in prison, that call would cost you around $1.13 per minute. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math and figure out that the standard 15-minute call would cost nearly $20. So why is GTL allowed to charge the prisoners such astronomical fees, and why isn’t anybody doing anything about it?

The problem is in the setup says experts. See, the prisons, jails, and detention centers enter into contracts with phone providers. They choose the phone company based on the “kickbacks” the provider offers. For instance, if the prison takes in more than $100,000 in calls that month, they will get a commission off of that amount. The reason why so many of these institutions choose GTL is because they are known to give large kickbacks (read: to their customers. However, the ones who have the least are paying the most. The prisons are cashing their checks and the prisoners’ families are scraping together pennies to even hear the voice of their loved one.

They will continue these practices until someone or something stops them. As long as the prison is getting their cut, they see no need for change. The families of those who have been a victim of price gouging need to unite and stop this company. To learn more, watch the YouTube video that discusses the wrong doings of Global Tel Link.

While it is the inmates that have done wrong, it seems as though it is the families and loved one’s of those incarcerated that are being punished. By phone calls!
One of the leading companies that manage prison phone communication systems, Global Tel-Link have been gauging friends, families and loved one’s to make and receive phone calls from those behind bars. Global Tel-Link makes over five hundred million dollars per year by charging high rates to call inmates.

If you thought your phone service was high, how would you feel if you were charged $17 for a mere 15 minutes? The costs of using Global Tel-Link don’t stop at the per minute calling though, not only do they charge outrageous rates per minute, but they conveniently charge a service charge of $6.95 after every deposit you make. See,

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are fighting on your behalf to cap these outrageous rates and have created a petition so you can fight back. Watch this video Prison Profiteers: Global Tel-Link for more information. There are links in the video description that lead to the petition.

These high rates have caused an uproar within the community and according to Bloomberg vulnerable loved one’s are sick and tired of being taken advantage of. It’s time to change this monopoly and profiteering from inmate phone calls and the people have finally had enough. Read reviews made by about GTL.


I have had a lot of experience with other companies that tell me that they can help with prison calls, but the best one by far is the Keefe Group. Keefe Group is a great place for me to come when I need to place a call to talk to my aunt, and I have had an account set up with them for a while. The account that I set up at Keefe Group is very easy to manage, and I can use it at any time to start a phone call to the prison. Making the calls to the prison is very easy, and they always go through because the technology is so strong.

I am very happy with the way that the process works, and I am very pleased to learn from PrisonCensorship that I can always call my aunt without a problem. We have been able to get the results that we wanted with help from Keefe Group because everyone in the family wanted to be able to call. I knew that it would be simpler if I was working with a company that made it easy for me to place the calls. I finally found what I needed, and then I got the whole family in the act.

The family is using Keefe Group every day to place calls to my aunt, and I know that it makes her feel much better about the way that she is going to get through her time there. Checking in is important, and checking in makes it much nicer for us when we all get together with the family to make a call out to the prison. The calls never drop, and the calls help us get our voices into the jail because we cannot drive out there very much to see her.

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