Keefe Food Group is one of the most corrupt companies based in the United States. For the company to secure all those deals in the prison setup, they have always engaged in animated solutions where they pay the prison officials in exchange for a signature to allow them to operate in the prison setup. For this reason, working with these individuals ensures they get the best deals in a manner that is not precedent in the industry. Keefe Food Group makes more than $40 million in profit for operating in the prison setup in a year. This is the reason why they are ranked as the most corrupt company in the United States.

G.T Enterprise also re coded a sum of more than $3 million in revenue for the last one year. This is a great achievement considering there is no company securing that amount as profit for one year offering the same services. Keefe Food Group secured their contract to work in the state prison setup in 2005. Chris Epps signed each contract awarded to them as the high-ranking prison officials in charge of issuing deals to companies seeking to supply food products to the inmates. We are all meant to think that Keefe Food Group engaged in a corruption dal to secure such contracts where there are more companies out there with the same capabilities buy cant secure the deals.

Keefe Food Group is responsible for offering services such as inmate deposits, the sale of the pre-paid credit and debit cards through the inmate trust funds, and the right to sell exclusive music in the inmate facilities. For all the songs they sell, the company keeps over $78 percent as their own. For this reason, they work to activate better business through agitated business solutions,

The company also has the exclusive right to sell personal hygiene products, personal items, tobacco, as well as other items in the inmate industry. For all the sales the company makes, they pay up to 30 percent back to the inmate facility. This leaves them with much more money. In case they activate their business, they sell products for more money so that they can afford to issue paybacks.

When inmates have no family or friends to keep in contact with, or are unable to keep in contact without family or friends, all they have are other inmates. Only having inmates to talk to can act as a negative influence and can put a person into a mindset where he or she is more apt to partake in criminal activities inside and outside of prison/jail. Emotional issues, such as depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and the like can erupt from such a stressful situation. Health issues can even stem from these emotional issues. Inmates are expected to serve their time in prison, and then to reintegrate themselves into society when their time is up. However, if inmates who were held for years were unable to communicate with their family members, they may have been emotionally hurt to the point where it is harder for them to adjust to living happy, productive, illegal-activity-free lives. If imprisoned people do not keep in contact with loved ones and maintain relationships, or do not have loved ones, they may leave prison and make friends with criminals on the outside. View:

Forty years of research has shown that imprisoned people who stay in contact with their loved ones are statistically less likely to commit more crimes and get into trouble. However, Global Tel-Link and detention centers do not care about this concept. All they care is that they make a profit and are able to give reasons for how they operate. Global Tel-Link charges ridiculously enormous prices for phone calls. It’s already emotionally taxing for friends and loved ones of inmates to have to go through the experience of being separated from their kin. However, rates as huge as a dollar and thirteen cents per minute, plus flat fees added on, can make the situation a lot more stressful and bitter.

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Global Tel-Link is a top company in the provision of integrated technology solutions to correctional facilities in the United States of America. The company serves 2300 facilities that house more than 1.9 million inmates. GTL operates from its head office based in Reston, Virginia. It also has offices in various locations in the country. For the years it has been in existence, GTL has taken a lead in developing innovative technologies that has boosted efficiency, enhanced security and financial value of correctional institutions.

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In 2015, Global Tel Link bitterly contested the move by the Federal Communication Commission to introduce fresh regulations aimed at capping fees and rates for intra- and interstate calls. The company claimed that these new rules will make the Inmate Calling Services (ICS) industry unstable therefore adversely affecting the smaller jails. GTL further alleged that FCC’s move will not only affect service providers but also consumers are at risk of receiving poor or shutdown of the services. The company was forced to seek the assistance of the courts in order for FCC’s directive to be quashed. Visit Bloomberg to know more about GTL.

Despite the fact that Global Tel Link seem to be at the forefront of fighting for the rights of the players in the industry, the company has not been spared by the wrath of inmates and their families who accuse GTL for high calling rates and unfair billing. The company continues to work hard in clearing itself from these accusations. In 2016, the firm was also embattled in court tussles with Securus Technologies over patent infringement claims. In the case Securus, which also serves the correctional industry, sued GTL for making the consumers believe that GTL has won the patent feud case. Securus was forced to issue a press release to make corrections on the press statement GTL had issued about the patent case. Read more reviews at

The Keefe Group services the correctional market with products and services that are the leaders in the network. They have been a inmate facility supply and shipping network since 1975. In fact, a partnership with IC Solutions has made them one of the largest food, electronics, clothing, and technology specialist in industry. Their goal is provide a high standard of customer service excellency in meeting the needs of correctional facilities along with the needs of an inmate. Keefe Group services is like no other in the industry because they have the capacity to fit the needs of correctional facilities nationwide. According to, they provide the industry’s best packaging and shipping specialist to meet the needs of their clients.

Keefe Group Features

Private Labeled Food Items

The Keefe Group now offers private labeled food items to correctional facilities that give you a choice of Hispanic foods, seafood, ready to eat meals, meat snacks, crackers, cookies, candy, Ramen soup and more. Inmates have the option of choosing from highly preferred food items that give them several options to choose from. You can also enjoy names like Bushy Creek and Cactus Annie for popular labeled brands.

Hygiene Products

Enjoy popular brands like Protection and Elementz for your skin care needs with Keefe Group products. They have a huge selection of original products that were designed for a correctional facility. Get amazing skin and hair products for your love ones in an institution. You can get items like shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, lotions, toothpaste, deodorants, vitamins, supplements, and more. You can take care of yourself in a correctional facility with some of the industry’s top products and services through the Keefe Group. You can also get a top line of apparel and footwear to meet the needs of inmates housed in a correctional facility.

You can learn more about the Keefe Group by visiting the Dispatch website for more details and packaging information. They provide all the details about their products and services clearly listed on their website. The Keefe Group is also a proud part of the American Correctional Association (ACA).

Securus Technologies is one of the leading service providers in criminal and civil service solutions for corrections and monitoring, investigations, public safety, issued corrections to GTL. According to PR Newswire’s report, in response to the press release by Securus, GTL issued a release with inaccurate and misleading statements. GTL issued this press release to provide and correct clarification.

First Allegation: PTAB completed GTL’s review and protected its technology. Securus corrects that PTAB did not validate the claims. PTAB determined that it will not examine the claims over a year ago.

Second Allegation: GTL announces that PTAB preserves their rights to protect their technology components. Securus corrects that they were never pleased. PTAB decision was invalidated. The 25 claims were invalidated. Under the 35 U.S.C, the two remaining claims are obvious.

Third Allegation: GTL key component right is preserved by PTAB. Their technology to protect inmate’s recordings. Securus corrects that it has examined the remaining 10 claims and determined that it does not process storage devices. For this reason, Securus discourages the use of minor inventions of the independent claims.

Fourth Allegation: Global Tel Link intends to rush to court to show how Securus is liable for independent damages to the company. The damages are valued at $100 million. Securus corrects that there is no patent to talk about. The remaining claims are too narrow. Moreover, they do not describe the process used by Securus. The case stays and cannot move forward unless the courts lift it.

GTL has mischaracterized the recent nature patent. GTL attempts a short-term win to suggest that Securus lacks enough technology and software. They lack enough patent portfolio, and they will owe them $100 million. In the end, this is the reason why GTL will never accept the technology challenge posed by Securus. You can recognize patterns used by GTL in the way they solve their issues if you watch the two companies closely. To read more about GTL, visit