Recently, Sangamon County was in the middle of a heated debate on prison reform. The Sangamon County jail system have recently switched how in house visits are performed. Instead of loved ones visiting face to face through a glass partition, inmates will receive visits from loved ones through video screens while we heir loved one is one floor down in the visiting center.This video system is costing approximately $320,000.00 which is coming out of the inmate fund. Supporters of this change point out details such as: Inmates can receive visitors up to five times a week instead of two, and times are being extended from 20 minutes to 25 minutes per visit.

Detractors of this new system also have valid points. Inmates can’t see loved ones face to face. Even though they visited through glass, they were in the same room and more able to connect. With a video screen there is a detachment that can happen when visits are conducted weekly in this manner.The jail can make video visitation for those that can not make it to the jail system, but are not offering this service until they feel comfortable with the service. When outside video visitation is offered, it will be at a cheaper rate than the traditional calling. To read more about this controversy, please click here.

There are many companies out there that are trying to make their mark in the booming inmate communication industry. One of the enterprises that started its operations in the year 1980 and since then has become one of the leading service providers in the correctional field is Global Tel-Link.

The company offered some of the breakthrough services when it first started its operations, and for many years held a strong position in the industry. However, the company has been facing a lot of heat in recent times as it fails to meet the expectations of the consumers, and the investors are feeling that the management is doing a terrible job of containing the damage.

Global Tel-Link offers a comprehensive range of correctional services to many prisons and law enforcement agencies across the United States. Recently, there was a class action lawsuit filed against Global Tel-Link due to the wrongful charging from the customers’ accounts in California. Many of the customers have complained that the company has been charging them very high amounts and without any legitimate reasons, and such complaints have been piling up in the last few years.

The biggest problem that the customers are facing that even after complaining to the company’s customer service, there is hardly any action taken. The customer service just listens and forgets, and it is this kind of complacent attitude of the company towards its customers that have brought a lot of bad reputation to the enterprise.

As a customer myself, I have filed my name to be in the lawsuit that has been filed against the company. I feel that the company needs to revamp its management as well as the business strategy if it wants to survive in this industry, and the first thing they need to do is to improve its customer service.

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Become a part of a successful inmate communication and packaging services provider with the Keefe Group. They have been a proud member of the American Correctional Association for over ten years and have been proudly serving their customers for 50+. You get services that stand next to none and they ensure that you would never have to commute to a correctional facility. Furthermore, eliminate the need for third party authorization that can costs customers more than what is specified on the service agreement. Get every minute that is allotted under your agreement with fewer dropped calls than their competitors. Learn more about Keefe Group on STL Today

They offer services that include remote visitation, inmate voicemail, household name products, and more. Inmates can also choose from electronics, shoes, and Mexican gourmet meals. You can find a list of their products detailed on their website and ave them packaged directly to the facility that your inmate is housed at. Choose from Maxwell house, Cactus Annie’s, and Hostess to name a few. Their tablet allows inmates to play games, download music, and send emails. However, all content must be approved by the correctional facility. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to talk to your loved ones over a secure line and order products that are hypoallergenic and safe for their skin.

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keefe Group Services

Remote Visitation

Visit the ones you love discreetly and securely over the internet with complete control over the video and the sound with a few onscreen modules. Out-of-state residents and disabled customers love this feature because they never have to leave home to visit the ones they love.

Prepaid Services

Prepaid services are available so you get the telephone calling credits that you need before hand to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional institute. Customers have the option of purchasing services and features through their 800 number or their official website. You’re invited to become a trusted part of the Keefe Group and save more while staying in touch with your loved ones. Stay connected for a fraction of the cost of their competitors and take part in their promotional offers to save even more today. Visit:

One of the leading companies in the telecommunications industry is the Keefe Group. Over the years, the Keefe Group has established itself as one of the more innovative companies in the telecommunications industry. What makes the Keefe Group among the top companies in its respective industry is its very reliable information technology solutions. The company serves a number of correctional facilities throughout North America. Among the services offered by the Keefe Group include tracking financial transactions, managing communications and also tracking the personal property of inmates. With all of these solutions, a number of correctional facilities have been able to manage themselves more efficiently thanks to the assistance provided by the Keefe Group. Read more on Prison Censorship about Keefe Group.

The first option that the Keefe Group offers to jails and prisons is the KeepTrak software. With this software package, correctional facilities are in position to more easily monitor all of the financial transactions of the facility. Using this software tracks the accounting, cash management and overall transfer of funds in the prison facility. Since correctional facilities need to track funds for operations as well as knowing where money comes from when being distributed into the prison, this software makes this task easier for the facility.

Another option that makes the Keefe Group among the best companies in its industry is the ability to track the personal property of all of the inmates. Since inmates receive items from family and friends, the correctional facility will be in better position to monitor this activity. As well as tracking the personal property of inmates, a correctional facility can also find and eliminate illegal items. Therefore the use of this feature allows correctional facilities to ensure that dangerous and illegal items never get into the prison. Visit to know more.

Like a number of other companies in the industry, the Keefe Group also provides correctional facilities with a number of communication solutions. One of these solutions is offering chat services online. This allows prisons to allow inmates to talk to family members and friends on the internet on a regular basis. As well as offering online chat, the Keefe Group also offers inmates with the option of taking pictures of themselves. With a combination of both online chat and photos, inmates will be in position to give their loves ones a better idea of how they are adjusting to prison life.

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Incarcerated people need to be treated with dignity as this can positively impact their lives. Studies are showing that when inmates connect to the outside world, chances of re-offending are low. Telmate is a superior inmate communication company that offers reliable, secure, efficient and innovative solutions. With ten years of experience, the company is a leading inmate telecom provider in North America. It provides innovative technologies to over 300 correctional facilities of all sizes.


Products and services

Telmate is dedicated to connecting the incarcerated with their loved ones in a simple, convenient and affordable way. How does it do this? The inmates can communicate with family and friends through calls, video visits, photos and messaging. The communication is done through tablets, phones, and kiosks. The inmates can access contents as Telmate provides eBooks, movies, games, music and educational, legal and spiritual materials.


The company is committed to offering technologies that have increased security and control and keeps inmates, facilities’ staff and the community safe. The correctional facilities have control over the communications network as Telmate provides investigator tools which maximize the facilities’ control. It provides facilities with paperless procedures, automatic processes, workflows and approvals making administration and operations of the facilities secure, fast and easy.


Telmate has a community correction product which is perfect for offenders and case managers. The Telmate Guardian is a GPS solution used with a smartphone to monitor the offender’s whereabouts, remind them about check-ins and remote video meeting. The phone being less embarrassing than an ankle monitor, the offender can quickly reintegrate into the society. The software has features that are ideal for parole, probation, pretrial and work release.


The company’s expertise and innovative solutions can be associated with their history as Pinnacle Public Services, where it provided expert services and installations to communication solution providers. Since 1998 it has continued to grow into what it is now. Telmate has communication outreach programs, for example, Telmate Fallen Heroes, Telmate Cares and Telmate Heroes.




Global Tel-Link is a top company in the provision of integrated technology solutions to correctional facilities in the United States of America. The company serves 2300 facilities that house more than 1.9 million inmates. GTL operates from its head office based in Reston, Virginia. It also has offices in various locations in the country. For the years it has been in existence, GTL has taken a lead in developing innovative technologies that has boosted efficiency, enhanced security and financial value of correctional institutions.

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In 2015, Global Tel Link bitterly contested the move by the Federal Communication Commission to introduce fresh regulations aimed at capping fees and rates for intra- and interstate calls. The company claimed that these new rules will make the Inmate Calling Services (ICS) industry unstable therefore adversely affecting the smaller jails. GTL further alleged that FCC’s move will not only affect service providers but also consumers are at risk of receiving poor or shutdown of the services. The company was forced to seek the assistance of the courts in order for FCC’s directive to be quashed. Visit Bloomberg to know more about GTL.

Despite the fact that Global Tel Link seem to be at the forefront of fighting for the rights of the players in the industry, the company has not been spared by the wrath of inmates and their families who accuse GTL for high calling rates and unfair billing. The company continues to work hard in clearing itself from these accusations. In 2016, the firm was also embattled in court tussles with Securus Technologies over patent infringement claims. In the case Securus, which also serves the correctional industry, sued GTL for making the consumers believe that GTL has won the patent feud case. Securus was forced to issue a press release to make corrections on the press statement GTL had issued about the patent case. Read more reviews at

IC Solutions is an inmate telephone service provider that helps bridge the gap between inmates, their families, and friends. IC Solutions offers services to both inmates and their families. They offer records on the inmates related to their visitations, their release dates, and procedures. The program offers different options for inmates’ families such as creating an account, purchasing phone services, leaving voice messages to the recipient, and chatting in real time via video visitation. The program also allows families to send emails, and photos using the MP3 program. The families can also send funds to the prisoner’s commissary account.

Major Services Offered

  • Collect calling- the service allows inmates to make calls to your residential telephone number. For the service to be successful, the telephone number must be viable and not restricted. IC Solutions set certain collects calls limit to prevent you from incurring a lot of phone bills.
  • Voicemail- the system allows you to send voicemail messages to the inmates 24/7. Through the system, the inmate gets an alert when they have a voicemail message.
  • Deposits- the Secure Deposits feature allow family members and friends to deposit money to the inmates’ commissary accounts. The service is easy and reliable as it is undertaken in three simple steps.
  • Automated Information Line- the service is a hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform that provides answers to frequently asked questions by the inmate.

In a report by the State Journal Register, the Sangamon County Jail has collaborated with IC solutions to increase inmate visitation. Even though the visits will be conducted via a video screen, most inmates and families will benefit from this added advantage.

IC Solutions has faced a lot of criticism from many users who claim that the system is a scam. Some have raised complaints that they have paid the telephone bills, but ended up not using the service. IC Solutions are, therefore, dedicated to overcome these drawbacks and strive to provide quality products to all its subscribers.

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If you are in need of a reliable and affordable phone service or other communications system, it is imperative to do your home work before you choose a company. When it comes to choosing a company that renders reliable inmates communications service, look no further than IC Solutions.

Inmates and their loved ones would like to communicate and they want an efficient way to do so. IC Solutions provides them with a great system and budget-friendly service.

IC Solutions is a highly reputable firm providing telephone services, video visitation systems and other essential services to the corrections industry. The organization has been around for years and comes highly recommended because of their superior services. An article in The State Journal-Register explained that IC Solutions was installing a new audio/video system for a certain prison.

There are many different firms offering inmates communications service but none can match the level of service and affordable prices offered by IC Solutions. It is also vital to keep in mind that IC Solutions has some of the most dedicated customer service agents, so if you ever experience issues with any of their features or services you can get prompt resolution.

I have actually experienced exceptional service from this firm and I urge my friends and other individuals I know, to check them out. At one time, I encountered a problem with making use of the prepaid card account and these professionals took the time to explain everything to me, and then walked me through the entire process. My experience with the service, including account setup, at IC Solutions has been great.

By listening closely to their customers and clients and providing exactly what they need and request, IC Solutions continues to lead the way in inmates communications services and features. To learn more about IC Solutions and the many different services they offer, call their experienced representatives.


Keefe Group is one of the leading providers in prison technology and commissary management. Established in 1975, Keefe Group has set the standard for prison technology companies worldwide. Aside from providing technology solutions and commissary, Keefe Group also administers food, personal care items and entertainment and electronics to inmates, to help make their time behind bars a bit easier. According to, by working closely with correctional facilities, and listening to the needs of the inmates and families they serve, Keefe Group has earned the spot as a nationwide leader in the industry.

Too often we take the simplest things for granted. Having a toothbrush, going to the nearest store to grab a snack, or turning on our ipod or MP3 player to hear our favorite tunes. When someone is incarcerated, these things become even more important. Simple things like listening to music, or even sending an email are ways for inmates to remain in touch with the outside world with minimal security risk. Keefe Group offers MP3 players to inmates built to meet the standards and requirements of prison security. Having access to personal items and hygiene products is an important part of daily life and self esteem. As an adult, the ability to independently care for ourselves is important. Through the offering of commissary products sich as food, snacks and personal care items, Keefe Group helps make it possible for these inmates to remain somewhat independent during their stay in prison.Your text to link…

Above all else, communication is extremely important. Being able to speak with and remain in touch with our loved ones is an important part of what keeps us going. Studies have shown that inmates who maintain a relationship with loved ones on the outside of prison demonstrate better behavior overall, in comparison to those who do not have those interactions. Keefe Group understands this, and has established an innovative inmate communications system to assist in keeping families together, and inmates on the right path. Inmates enjoy clear, reliable phone service with flexible rate options to fit the needs of all budgets. Keefe Groups contributions to the prison industry are felt from the prison staff, down to the family of inmates who are able to remain in contact through the use of Keefe’s innovative technology solutions.


Being in prison can be difficult for the person who is actually there, but it can sometimes be even more difficult for the family members back at home. When one of my uncles went to prison last year, I found it way too difficult to keep in touch with them in an easy manner. Another problem I was having was that I just did not have the time or effort to go to the prison that was miles and miles away from my home. This is why the Keefe Group has been one of the best options for me and has truly transform the way that I keep in contact with my loved ones.
Now I know why a lot of people are talking about the Keefe Group because it is a great Prison Communication System that has been put in place for families and friends who have individuals in prison. What this system allows you to do is video message your loved ones so that you can keep in better contact with them instead of just talking to them over the phone. You will also find that the Keefe Group is completely secure and easy for you to use, so there is no learning curve that you need to know before making use of it.

There has never been a better communication system for the prison system out there and I continually use the Keefe Group because it allows me to keep in touch with my uncle without making those long and boring trips to the local prison where he is at. The fact that the system is also secure and easy-to-use also is a great option for anyone who might be new to this type of technology and are not sure if it is going to work for them.

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