How One Packet Of Coffee Can Change Your Life


Instant coffee was given a bad name. You might see it with a negative light today also. There’s one thing to say about products like this; they continue to sell. Instant coffee is a success for a number of reasons. A variety of coffees can be made from it, it can be made anywhere and there’s no end to the supply.


The best aspect of it is that coffee is considered a stimulant. It helps people to wake up in the mornings or to stay up at night. All of these factors enable coffee to make a business professional rich in no time. The Keefe Group is a living example how your life can be quickly changed with a packet of coffee.


The Keefe Group started in the United States private sector. The U.S. private sector was a great target because there are few competitors with innovative packaging. The idea of instant coffee was already a success around the world. The Keefe Group would instead package it professionally, so people wanted it even more.


This simple but small difference is what led the Keefe Group into great success.


Considering The Intricacies Of Industrial Design


The “industry in industry” is a tongue twister but an actual market where brands like The Keefe Group excel. What other manufactures failed to see over the years is called specialization. The Keefe Group didn’t become a United States major, private sector supplier overnight.


What the brand used instead was a steady perfection process. This process occurs when brands, professionals and governments master a certain concept. The difficult thing in specialization is the endless labor. Once businesses have mastery, they then have a choice.


They can continue to master that process, or they can become content and loose ground. The Keefe Group chose to fine-tune things they already mastered. This led to opportunities within the marketplace that competitors never expected. Here was the character of Keefe then and is their reputation today.


When the world of manufacturing evolves again, there’ll be no surprise if it was all because of the Keefe Group.


The payments and contracts made to both G.T. Enterprises and the Keefe Commissary Network have been obtained through a request made for public records. The gross revenue earned through MDOC inmate services for both companies is staggering. The Keefe Commissary earned more than $40 million with G.T Enterprises following with $3 million. The original contract with the Keefe Commissary Network originated on November 5th of 2008 and has already seen several renewals. The last time it was renewed was in 2011 and it set to expire on August 31st of 2015. Chris Epps signed all of the contracts and was the commissioner at the time.

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The following services have been delegated to the Keefe Commissary Network:

* The processing of all inmate deposits

* The processing of all inmate trust funds

* The sale of all prepaid debit cards

* Exclusivity of the sales of all song downloads at a price of $1.70 per song to the inmates with a profit to MDOC of $0.10 per song

* Exclusivity of the sales of music players or MP3’s at a price of $115 and sales tax with a profit to MDOC pf $15 per player

* Exclusivity of the sales of all commissary items including tobacco, products for personal hygiene and food. The commission rate of 29.4 percent is paid for sales at prisons state operated and 24 percent at prisons privately operated by the Keefe Commissary Network.

* Ten percent of the amount for the total sales of visitation bags is deducted by the Keefe Commissary Network every month.

Cecil McCrory owned G.T. Enterprises until 2008 when he sold the company to the Keefe Group. The contract with MDOC started June 1st of 2006 and it was amended in 2007. This contract guaranteed G.T. Enterprises the exclusive rights to sell commissary products at the Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility. The management company operated by Mr. McCrory was operating in the prison as well. The company was responsible for withholding 20 and 24 percent of the sales tax from the sales made to the inmates. This amount jumped to 28 percent in 2007. Mr. McCory and Mr. Epps have been found guilty on 49 bribery and fraud counts by a grand jury. Visit The Dispatch to know more about Keefe Group.

Incarcerated people need to be treated with dignity as this can positively impact their lives. Studies are showing that when inmates connect to the outside world, chances of re-offending are low. Telmate is a superior inmate communication company that offers reliable, secure, efficient and innovative solutions. With ten years of experience, the company is a leading inmate telecom provider in North America. It provides innovative technologies to over 300 correctional facilities of all sizes.


Products and services

Telmate is dedicated to connecting the incarcerated with their loved ones in a simple, convenient and affordable way. How does it do this? The inmates can communicate with family and friends through calls, video visits, photos and messaging. The communication is done through tablets, phones, and kiosks. The inmates can access contents as Telmate provides eBooks, movies, games, music and educational, legal and spiritual materials.


The company is committed to offering technologies that have increased security and control and keeps inmates, facilities’ staff and the community safe. The correctional facilities have control over the communications network as Telmate provides investigator tools which maximize the facilities’ control. It provides facilities with paperless procedures, automatic processes, workflows and approvals making administration and operations of the facilities secure, fast and easy.


Telmate has a community correction product which is perfect for offenders and case managers. The Telmate Guardian is a GPS solution used with a smartphone to monitor the offender’s whereabouts, remind them about check-ins and remote video meeting. The phone being less embarrassing than an ankle monitor, the offender can quickly reintegrate into the society. The software has features that are ideal for parole, probation, pretrial and work release.


The company’s expertise and innovative solutions can be associated with their history as Pinnacle Public Services, where it provided expert services and installations to communication solution providers. Since 1998 it has continued to grow into what it is now. Telmate has communication outreach programs, for example, Telmate Fallen Heroes, Telmate Cares and Telmate Heroes.




Usually, people can just hang out with their friends and family, or call their loved ones without a headache.  However, there is a different story for people whose loved ones are in imprisoned.  People in such situations are physically removed from their loved ones—sometimes hundreds of miles away.  Telephones are a very important way to communicate and maintain relationships with loved ones, and to enjoy each other’s precious company.  However, in forty-one of America’s fifty states, prisoners and their loved ones get charged exorbitant bills for prison-to-outside-world phone contact. Visit Bloomberg to know more about GTL.

Why does this happen?  This happens because of the types of business practices that go on between detention centers and phone companies.  Phone companies fiercely vie for contracts with detention centers.  The problem is that detention centers do not choose phone companies based upon which company can provide the cheapest services that are of the highest quality.  Instead, detention centers choose companies based upon which company can give them the highest commission.  The commissions come out of the phone charges that are charged to inmates and their loved ones.  Henceforth, phone companies charge a lot of money for calls in order to be able to make contracts with facilities and maintain contracts.

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Global Tel-Link is a huge player that is worthy of speaking about when we talk about prison phone calls.  Global Tel-Link is one of the most used phone companies when it comes to detention facilities. Global Tel Link serves 85% of inmates in America, and it controls about 50% of the prison telephone industry.   They take credit for having been the first to launch various types of technology, such as a web based jail management system, a wireless tablet that is able to make phone calls and a web based inmate telephone platform.  Also, in June of 2017, in conjunction with the Tennessee Department of Corrections, they came out with a Staff Education and Training Platform.  Global Tel-Link is a very big part of the problem when it comes to exorbitantly priced prison phone calls, because they are known for charging large fees, and they are one of the most widely used companies in the United States. Watch this video about GTL on

Global Tel Link is one of the nation’s leaders in the provision to the corrections community of communications, inmate calling and payment systems. They make the process simple and easy and help people save money on phone calls to and from inmates. The company has a number of innovative affordable programs that make communications in the corrections facility cheaper, clearer and more convenient. They do this through their Collect Calling, AdvancsPay and other Inmate Prepay Options. The company has helped to revolutionize communications in the correctional community.

AdvancePay Program

The AdvancePay program offered by Global Tel Link helps inmates’ complete calls that would otherwise be blocked. The inmate’s friends and family can create AdvancePay prepaid calling accounts. This provides a convenient method to pay for calls made to and from the inmate. People that use the AdvancePay program can use credit card, checks, money order or Western Union to deposit money into the AdvancePay account. This makes it easier to communicate with their loved one during what can be one of the most difficult times in their lives and provide them with a measure of comfort.

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Free Chat Feature

One of the unique features of Global Tel Link’s service is the Free Chat Feature. This is provided once to each party the inmate calls. It makes the person receiving the call aware that collect calls to their number is blocked and gives them the option to accept the call and have a brief chat with the inmate for free. The operator then gives them the option to set up an AdvancePay account to continue talking to the inmate. If they decline, the inmate’s call is disconnected. For phone plans that don’t allow collect calls, a prepaid option is offered. Know more about GTL at Consumer Affairs.

Inmate Prepay Options

Using the Global Tel Link system, inmates have the option to buy prepaid calling vouchers through the correction facility’s commissary. Inmates can use these vouchers to make direct calls to their loved ones. This gives them a way to control their calling options while generating an additional revenue stream for the correctional facility. The vouchers contain a PIN and a voucher number which enable the inmate to make calls until they use up the value of the voucher. Their loved ones can simply add more money to their commissary account to enable them to purchase more talk time.

Call Control

The Global Tel Link platform through which the prepaid calls are routed is secure and subject to all the corrections facility’s restrictions. The caller is made aware the calls are subject to monitoring and recording by the facility. Any money remaining in the calling account is refunded through making a request when the person is no longer incarcerated. Visit to know more about GTL.

With discussions on the lives of prisoners and the privatization our criminal justice system being in the mainstream, it is easy to assume we have already heard all the stories. At least, I thought I did. Having heard about the exploitation of inmate labor, I was still surprised to learn this interesting fact: collect calls made between inmates and the outside world are charged at surprisingly higher rates than for similar calls made outside of prison. This is often at the expense of their loved ones.

Since the 1990s, the prison phone system has been controlled by private companies who exercise control over the rates and fees that can be charged for phone calls. One company ,in particular, has been at the heart of the growing controversy around this practice. Global Tel Link is one of the big players in the prison communications industry, responsible for millions of calls. As discovered by the podcast, Serial, and reported by the Consumerist, GTL’s 89 cents a minute plus a nearly $4 dollar call charge was among the highest rates in the industry.

In a report by PR news, Global Tel-Link has been scrutinized by the FCC and has been the subject of class action lawsuits. If exorbitant prices were not enough, the company has been accused of conducting smear campaigns, altering calls so that billing starts before a call is picked up, and billing calls more than once. Global Tel-Link currently serves prisons all over the country. To read the company review, go to

Global Tel-Link is a company that provides service to nearly 50 percent of inmates in the nation. The headquarters are located in Reston, Virginia, and there are 10 offices located throughout the United States. The company also serves 33 state department of corrections. Additionally, this company provides service to the Federal Bureau Of Prisons.

Global Tel-Link is a trusted provider because it has solutions that not only improve communication but also improve safety in correctional facilities. This company offers video visitation, inmate communication services, facility management services, visitation scheduling and phone services. GTL is a privately-held company that serves over 1.3 million inmates and 2,400 correctional facilities. Global Tel-Link’s high costs have been scrutinized  by many people. In a report by Law360, the company has also been accused of deliberately overcharging customers.

However as AL news revealed, Global Tel-Link has stated that the prices they charge helps them provide quality service. The company has been providing quality service for over 27 years. The company continues to expand their services in order to better meet the needs of inmates and their families.

This company recognizes the benefits of quality inmates phone service. Global Tel-Link’s goal is to provide people with solutions that prepare inmates to re-enter society and reduce recidivism. For more info, check out


It is very important for you to have peace of mind knowing that your loved one in prison is in good hands and well taken care of. Keefe Group ensures that all inmates are looked after since it has many different affiliates. You can therefore rest assured that the inmate is able to get all he or she needs such as food, snacks, phones and even communication means. It is very important for you and the inmate to always stay in touch since it helps them during their recovery process. This group has been of great services for many years to the corrections center through packaging, technology services as well as product evolution.

Keefe Group ensures that it meets all your needs by providing you and your loved one with communication services. You can even chat with the inmate using the video visitation anytime you wish to and this will provide your loved one with security knowing that someone out there is looking out for them. Keefe Group ensures that you are in a position to continuously speak and chat with any inmate by offering a 24hours help center where you can be assisted in case you need help. There are different needs that your inmate needs to have the best time at the center such as clothing, food, personal products, telecommunications and much more. View the Keefe vendor profile on


Having a Group that connects you with your loved one in prison is important. It ensures you are able to communicate and even enjoy the company of each other for some time. You can also have an idea of what your loved one needs and send them cash so they can get it. This will also help you know how the inmate is proceeding and when he or she will be out so you can be ready for them. Keefe Group ensures that your loved one is able to get access to communication devices and gets the best care while in prison.

Keefe Group has been great for our church because we are already spending a lot of time making sure that we can keep in touch with inmates that we promised to help. We needed to have a secure phone service for the jail so we could tell everyone that our calls were private, but we also needed a company that made the calls easy. We did not have time to jump through a lot of hoops once we got on the phone because we place all our calls on a Saturday afternoon.
The best part of this for us is that I was able to set up the Keefe Group account in minutes. They told me what to do, and I did it. There were no problems with the way that the account was set up, and they let us link everything to the church. We have information to give to everyone, and they all know how to use the phone system that Keefe Group created. We needed to have something simple that we could hand out to everyone, and we did not have time to waste if we were going to get everyone on the phone.

I am glad that I picked Keefe Group, and I know that they are working hard to keep their network going for people like us. We are sometimes the only family that these inmates have, and I want to make sure they get their call every Saturday. We have the whole think set up through the church office, and then we make sure that everyone sits down to call when it is time. I have had nothing but good experiences with Keefe Group, and I am pretty sure that that is going to continue until all our inmates are out of jail and safe. View the Keefe company profile on




A relevant topic is the topic of prison communication which is an industry that has been monopolized by communication companies such as Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link. These companies have offered innovative and up to date technological services for monitoring as well as for communication. Despite the innovative services, these companies have been accused of monopolizing the industry through the act of price gouging which is the act of charging a higher price than what the demand is priced at. In recent news, Mrs. Kofalt has been considered a victim to price gouging at she has complained about the expensive charges that have been set for communicating with her husband who has been convicted of shoplifting. Though her husband is guilty, Mrs. Kofalt feels as though she is being punished with the high prices that are charged for communicating with her husband on a weekly basis. On average, Mrs. Kofalt pays around $60 per week for an hour phone call that she believes is her right to have at a cheaper rate.

Global Tel Link and Securus Technologies are major players within the prison communication industry. Securus Technologies offers expert services to over 1.2 million inmates across North America. Though the services offer innovative communication options to loved ones, the prices have been accused of being high and of also being a major expense for loved ones to make. With all the major expenses paid towards prison communication, Global Technologies has been accused of being the worst culprit. Global Tel Link has been accused of adding additional seconds to any phone call that is made with the services offered which has increased the rate that customers have had to pay significantly. With this in mind, customers of these private industries are now looking for better and more affordable options to communicate with loved ones who have been sentenced to prison.