Lattice Incorporated, one of the leading companies dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the prison communication industry, enters into an agreement with Effingham County, in Georgia. According to the terms of the agreement, the company will install multiple communication system in various correctional facilities in the area. As a first step, the Effingham Board of Commissioners, has signed to install Nexus Inmate Communication System at the prison in Springfield.

For Lattice Incorporated, the installation of Nexus Inmate Communication system is an important step for entering the highly lucrative market in Georgia. The agreement is also important because recent laws passed by F.C.C. will likely reduce profit margins of several prisons that rely on high commissions from private companies to manage their facilities. By partnering with Lattice and offering Nexus, the prison facilities will surely save revenues due to the cost-efficient and reliable system offered by Lattice.

Paul Burgess, CEO of Lattice, claimed that the highly innovative Nexus system will not only help the prison facility generate additional recurring revenue stream, but it will also reduce administrative costs. In addition, his company will also benefit from the deal as Georgia represents an important State in the corporate growth strategy. Hopefully, the partnership will evolve into a useful contract that will also encourage other Prison Boards in Georgia to take notice.