IC Solutions is a sadistic company run by some evil people. They are evil down to their very core. That is the only way you can explain what they are doing to inmates and their families. As a phone provider for inmates to have a phone conversation with their family and friends, they are really putting people through the ringer. For the inmate, they don’t know whom they can turn to and what they can do, as they are behind bars and it is not like they have a ton of options in this scenario. They are running wild with no regard for human life. For the friends and family, they feel helpless.


They want to help out the inmate and be there for them in any way they can be, no matter what and until the end. They know they are a good person deep down, but they have simply screwed up.. When someone screws up, it should not define the rest of their lives. It should not be all they are known for and the stamp that is on them forever. They should get a shot at redemption and a shot at turning their life around. If everyone that made a mistake never received a second chance, the world would be a very, very lonely place.


It is why IC Solutions is doing a great disservice to its customers and their families. They need to just do their job. That is all they need to do when it’s said and done. They don’t need to do anything extra and they don’t need to go the extra mile. People simply want the phone call to happen, and they don’t want to be in all of this pain trying to make it happen. IC Solutions seems to relish the chance to inflict this pain.


The American prison industry is seeing a drastic change in the way it is managed. Till a few years back, most of the prisoners were run by government agencies, but today they are run by private companies as it offers more profits than any other industries. Among the many companies in the prison industry, the largest is the Keefe Group. It has a number of affiliates such as IC Solutions, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak, Keefe Supply Company, Access Correction, ATG, and others. The company offers everything from telecommunication services to food and clothing to prisons it has contracts with.


Keefe Group was recently in the limelight for its alleged abuse of power and taking advantage of the prisoners by charging them high fees for basic needs. For necessary things such as clothing, personal items, and food, Keefe Group has been charging a commission of 29.4% for state prisons and about 24% for those that are operated privately. Another service that they offer is music players to the prisoners where they charge $115 for an MP3 and then $1.70 for every song that the inmates download that is way more than what is available in the outside world. Even though the company gets tax benefits from the government for its services, the benefits are not passed on to the prisoners.


Recently, prisoner welfare group, Under Lock and Key had circulated an online petition aiming to bring to light the extortions tactics of the Keefe Group and other similar companies. The prisoners and the family members were asked to document the prices being charged by the company and send the details to the group to help them in their lawsuit against the company. The group seems to have all the information they need to help them file a strong case against the Keefe Group.


There is no doubt that the Keefe Group has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. I recently read a news report that stated that Gainesville businessmen were caught paying a bribe to Keefe officials and the Florida prison department. Since they have good political connections, it is to be seen how the legal system can bring justice to the prisoners and their family members.



Telmate is one of the leading prison telecommunications company in the United States. They are known for providing prisoners with devices that can be used to communicate with the people outside the correctional facility. The prisoners are using the devices from Telmate to call their loved ones either through traditional voice phone calls or video conference. They can also speak with them through chat, which is usually encrypted. However, the services provided by Telmate are criticized because of their expensive pricing. Telmate replied to their critics that maintaining a prison telecommunications company is expensive, and people have to understand their situation. Telmate then thanked those who are still using their products and services, and promised that they will look into ways on how they can improve their services while at the same time, lowering the price of their services. Prisoners need to have their own account with Telmate before they can use their services. These accounts must be filled with credits to use the features like voice calls, video calls, or chat.


Telmate is a company that does not only care about their profits. They also care for their clients, which are the prisoners. Recently, Telmate went to Sanilac County correctional facility and gave the inmates their own piece of tablet computer that they can use for communication or entertainment purposes. This program is sponsored by the government, and its objective is to promote good behavior among the prisoners, and at the same time, give them the opportunity to search for a job and to read books from an online library. Telmate is known to work with other prison communications services, like Securus Technologies, to spearhead programs similar to the one they did involving the prisoners at Sanilac County correctional facility.


Telmate has become one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies which provides products and services to prisoners to enable them to communicate with the outside world. Telmate is optimistic that the company will still experience tremendous growth for years to come. The company has been awarded multiple times because of the products and services that they provide, and because of their contribution to the innovation of the industry.



Is there anything worse than poor customer service? It can be really frustrating and exhausting for the customer. They feel like they have no say in the matter and the person arguing with them is being completely and totally irrational. They refuse to budge and they refuse to be kind to the customer. That is what is happening with IC Solutions, the inmate prepaid phone provider. They are on Pissed Consumer, a site no one company would aspire to be on unless there is something seriously wrong with them. Here is the thing with IC Solutions: they truly don’t care about the customers. It is not an act, and they also don’t care about their reputation.


The one and only thing they care about is making money. It is why people have reported such losses when using the product and when dealing with the company. They are losing money left and right, and they are powerless to do anything about it. They could always contact their bank, talk to them, and hope they will be reasonable. However, that does not always occur with banks. They won’t refund the money or it is a long process. This really puts the customers in a bad way, as they are out of money and they have spent a lot of time on the phone and they have gotten nowhere.


In the case of IC Solutions, they have really done a number on their customers. They really don’t lose any sleep over it, even though they are rated 1.4 on the link I shared out of 68 reviews. That is an awful rating and one of the lowest I’ve seen for a company. This is not by accident. These are more websites and more reviews all over the web for people to read about IC Solutions.


More individuals with ties to prison canteen provider Keefe Group face time in federal prison. On Wednesday, Joseph A. Deese, 35, a former Tallahassee businessman, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to pay kickbacks. Deese is one of four men who have been arrested in connection with bribery scheme involving Keefe and Florida prisons.


Edward L. Duggar, 64, former partner of Deese, pleaded guilty to similar charges in March. Both men face several years in prison.


According to prosecutors, Duggar and Deese were caught up a scheme to pay prison officials Allen W. Clark and James V. Crosby, the latter was appointed prison commissioner by former Gov. Jeb Bush.


Crosby and Duggar became acquainted shortly after his appointment. The men, who became fast friends, devised a illegal money-making scheme. Duggar, also an Allstate Insurance Company owner, was given access to sell insurance policies through the prison’s Police Benevolence Association. This group handles insurance matters for prison guards and other employees at the prison.


Deese and Duggar were then introduced to Keefe Group President Jack Donnelly, who signed off on a phony prison contract, which allowed them to operate prison canteens. As part of the agreement, the men were to pay Crosby and Clark $1,400 to $10,000 per month. Donnelly received a flat payout of $250,000. To this day, Donnelly has never been charged in association with this probe.


The illegal activities were unearthed after the FBI received a tip. The FBI launched and investigation complete with wiretaps. Several conversations were captured between the men regarding payments. All four men were arrested and charged with multiple counts of paying and accepting bribes.


Both Crosby and Clark have already served federal prison time. Deese and Duggar will be sentenced in June.


Keefe Group is still under investigation in other states for similar charges. To date, no individual employed by the company has faced charges.


Phone companies have for many years had control over the prison phone systems. How do they stay in charge of the contracts? The contract goes to whoever has the best bid in a bidding war to gain control over the monopolies that occur within prison systems. Each contract will cause a commission to go back to the prison system. It is the contracts that will cover a promise payment to contribute to the money that they will receive from the inmates and their families.


The company that places the highest bid on the project will receive the contract. The inmates and others will have no idea about the bidding process as it is not open to those outside of the business and the prison systems. The problem with this is that in turn, those on the inside of the prison walls will suffer from the lack of communication between the family and inmate.


The price that families and inmates pay for phone calls is not the only high price being paid. The other high price is that families who are not able to speak to their loved ones, they are more likely to commit another crime upon release from the prison system. Because the demand is there for inmates to speak to their loved ones is in high demand, they know this and use it to their advantage.


The use of companies like Telmate, the opportunity to stay in touch with those behind bars is more realistic. Telmate knows how important it is for families and inmates to be in constant communication with one another. For inmates who are in jail long term, they might be missing out on family and important times with their families. Telmate knows that this can cause it to be even more drastic for the inmate serving time. They understand the need to have a lower cost incentive to speak to those behind bars. It is the belief that they have in regards to the level of commitment needed to make inmates happy while in jail. A happier inmate makes for a happier jail.


IC Solutions has made quite a living at frustrating the living hell out of customers, which is why they are on websites like Rip Off Report and Pissed Consumer.Customers do feel ripped off and they are very, very pissed. This is a bad company that no one should have to be subject to, and they have stolen so much money from so many customers. There are even photos online where people show how IC Solutions has double charged them on certain occasions. Even after getting money twice from a customer, that is still not enough for IC Solutions. They want a little more piece of the pie.This needs be a class-action lawsuit, and it is as simple as that. There are a number of websites out there that are posting about IC Solutions and for good reason: this company has hosed them.

When it happens enough times, people begin to start to think of what they can do about it and they decide to go online and post about it for others to read. They want to let others know what to expect if they decide to use this prepaid inmate communications company. However, sometimes it is too late and people have already given out their information to IC Solutions, which is a grave mistake to say the least.Once they have done that, there is no escaping the pain and misery they will go through. It is hard enough to lose money, but when you lose money and you still do not get what you have paid for, it is a major concern. It is one that IC Solutions refuses to address and they refuse to fix. They have gone radio silence on the matter. Does anyone even know who runs this company? Don’t even bother contacting their customer service team.

The Global Tel-Link company has been providing quality communication services to jail facilities in the USA and its service have made the correctional facilities achieve a huge milestone in delivering services to the inmates. Communication is an important factor in the facilities and provides the inmates an opportunity to communicate with their services so that they can feel engaged and not neglected. They reduce the rates of stress and depression which might steer them to commit other crimes while in jail. This is the the reason why the founders established the company with the motive of ensuring the facilities officials engage the inmates in maintaining order and safety within the facilities and the society in general.

The Global Tel-Link Corp reported that they control about 50% of the jail calls in the country where their services are affordable to ensure that every individual gets access to make calls. The firm reached a massive record of prison calls estimated to be around 215 million in the year 2014. This depicts that the services are always in high demand and the officials said that their aim is to make it even better. The company offers the technology to record phone calls for safety precautions to enable the facilities detect and prevent crimes from happening within the institutions.

The Global Tel-Link Corp intends to introduce some commission to enable the jail facilities host the cost of making calls where they will able to provide the services to the inmates. There has been some challenges which had been addressed to ensure that no problems come to hinder the delivery of services. This will enable them achieve a lot in making the efforts to provide affordable calls for the inmates and will make them to become the best company while at the same time make some profits. The authorities will need to reduce some of the regulations in order to assist the Global Tel-Link Corp deliver its promises to the institutions.


Abbreviated as GTL, Global Tel Link is a leader of innovative technology in the industry of communications, specializing in correctional and inmate’s rehabilitation. GTL has consistently grown the industry of correctional facility by providing payment service solutions and visionary services to accommodate the needs of clients in various correctional agencies. The products and services from GTL allow management to categorically integrate services that offer seamless security, flexibility in operations and finance value.


Customer service


GTL values customers in all aspects. It is because of such ethics that the company has managed to deliver excellent results in various aspects of operation. In the industry of correctional technology, GTL is well established to assist departments in gaining unprecedented views into every facet or department of the system. GTL understands that it is vital to be able to drive high levels of security and safety through confidence. Aside from that, GTL provides inmates with services that allow them to connect with the outside world; in this case, the world is family, joined by friends.




GTL prides itself on being able to lead in the constantly transforming industry of corrections facilities, with a track record of always being ahead of producing high-quality products. From the high-tech web-based telephone for inmates, to the first tablet, GTL is focused on improving communication systems in prisons. For most correctional agencies, GTL must be consulted in the event of implementing new technology. This is an indication that GTL is trusted to produce the best communications gadgets in the prison system.




Inmate telephone systems and video visitation management solutions are just two of the major communications systems that GTL has managed to sell to the industry. Coupled with financial services and investigative solution systems, this brand speaks volumes about its ability to invent some of the industry’s strongest, communications gadgets for inmates. With excellent leadership on board as well, GTL continues to thrive on better understanding of how the prisons operate. At GTL, the focus is on improving inmates’ communications industry by offering comprehensive solutions. The big picture lies in running smooth operations, coupled with safety in the society. GTL offers valuable services for inmates and their families.


There are several reputed companies that offer inmate telephone service. One of them is IC Solutions, which helps inmates to keep in touch with their loved ones. The company offers its services right from the time the inmate is booked to when they are finally released.In order to take advantage of their inmate telephone service, IC Solutions has made it easy by availing various options to their customers. You can create an account with them, purchase telephone services and leave messages. Their system also allows you to chat in real time, using video visitation.

Some of the accounts which IC Solutions offer include:

  • Debit telephone account
  • Pre-paid account
  • Collect calling

These options make calling easy, and they have their own benefits. For example, the debit telephone account can allow the inmate to make a call to any phone number once payment is done. The pre-paid account, on the other hand, allows the inmate’s calls to be received through a cell phone or when a phone number has gone beyond its spending limit. The collect calling service, on the other hand, allows the inmate to call a facility which is approved to receive his calls. These charges will then be billed on the user’s next telephone bill.For anyone who would like to purchase these services, is a great start. For any questions on how their telephone service works, you can contact the company’s customer care desk, which is operational on a 24-hour basis.Some of the other services which IC Solutions offer include kiosks. These kiosks are used for collecting money for the telephone service from inmates. The company also has a web-based deposit option for families and friends to deposit funds directly into the inmate’s account.