Is there anything worse than poor customer service? It can be really frustrating and exhausting for the customer. They feel like they have no say in the matter and the person arguing with them is being completely and totally irrational. They refuse to budge and they refuse to be kind to the customer. That is what is happening with IC Solutions, the inmate prepaid phone provider. They are on Pissed Consumer, a site no one company would aspire to be on unless there is something seriously wrong with them. Here is the thing with IC Solutions: they truly don’t care about the customers. It is not an act, and they also don’t care about their reputation.


The one and only thing they care about is making money. It is why people have reported such losses when using the product and when dealing with the company. They are losing money left and right, and they are powerless to do anything about it. They could always contact their bank, talk to them, and hope they will be reasonable. However, that does not always occur with banks. They won’t refund the money or it is a long process. This really puts the customers in a bad way, as they are out of money and they have spent a lot of time on the phone and they have gotten nowhere.


In the case of IC Solutions, they have really done a number on their customers. They really don’t lose any sleep over it, even though they are rated 1.4 on the link I shared out of 68 reviews. That is an awful rating and one of the lowest I’ve seen for a company. This is not by accident. These are more websites and more reviews all over the web for people to read about IC Solutions.


There are a lot of words to describe the way IC Solutions makes its customers feel, but the major one and the one that sticks out the most is anger. That is only the start of it, though. There is a lot more to it than that. There are other words and other ways to describe how they make people feel. However, anger is a strong emotion, so I’m going to stick with that one. One of my strongest suits is my ability to be able to read people, understand them, and put myself in their shoes. Even if I have never gone through what they have gone through, I can feel for them and I can understand the pain they are experiencing in a particular situation. That is called empathy and that is called understanding and more information click here.

I firmly believe that is not a big part of the company manual for IC Solutions. They seem to totally and completely overlook it. Right here there is a link that talks about what is going on from the perspective of the customers: Out of 63 reviews, IC Solutions has a rating of 1.4, which is pretty cringe inducing if you ask me. If I were the CEO of this company, I would gather the troops, as they say, and talk about ways we can improve and make the company better. I would not want this to be our reputation. IC Solutions does not seem to mind what people are writing about them on the Internet, even when people use photographic evidence to back up their point and show what they are talking about and what they have experienced. It is all there online for people to read along with real reviews and learn more about IC Solutions.

It is one of the many great things about Google: it is all out there for people to read and discover if they search and look for it and IC Solutions lacrosse camp.

IC Solutions is a subsidiary of the Centric Group. The focus of the company is to provide telephone services to prison facilities in the United States. The company has been in operation since 2002 and operated in 230 facilities across the country and more information click here.

For those who maybe unaware, the telephone services in most jails are actually provided by a private outside organization who pays to have their phone lines used to make calls from the facilities in which they operate. Most people think that we in society pay for the keep of prisoners, but in reality, our tax dollars pay for very little. Food and clothing are now having to be purchased in some facilities, which places a burden on the families of the inmates. Prisoners do not work so who do you think loads up their prison cards? and its Website.

The average calling rate is around 21 cents a minute then they tack on all the other fees and making it difficult to connect with families who in most circumstances have lost income as a result of their loved one being incarcerated. What’s more, some customers complain that the company is difficult to deal with, lack empathy and have no real sense of customer service. Other customers have accused the company of theft (funds never being placed on account) and double charges on their accounts.

IC Solutions is a shark and what’s worse is no one in our government cares about the hurt and pain this “service provider” is causing to people who are already feeling distressed in being separated from their loved ones. It is high time that we stood together to fight the corruption and price gouging that is rampant in the industry. Help innocent people connect with their family by signing the ACLU’s petition against the prison profiteer system that is making the poor broker than ever before and learn more about IC Solutions.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to believe that hurt and anger go hand-in-hand when it comes to life. If you are hurt, you are probably going to be angry about it. That is what is happening to customers that are using IC Solutions, the inmate phone company, to reach an inmate in jail. They are hurt because they can’t speak to the inmate on the phone and they desperately want to speak to them. This is someone that is important to them and someone that matters to them. They matter, which is something that IC Solutions forgets way too often. They forget that people matter and people make a difference.A lot of people in prison are not tough and cruel criminals. Many of them, I would imagine, are pretty scared.

It might be their first time in there, and they don’t know how to handle all of the stress that is being thrown their way. Again, I’m not speaking from experience, but I can put myself in someone else’s shoes and imagine how they would feel. I think anyone with a heart could do that. Heart is a word I’d like to focus on here for a second. Does IC Solutions have a heart? NO! If they had a heart, they would not be on websites like Rip Off Report.I found it quite interesting that they were called a necessary evil. The word there to focus on is evil. Evil is a dangerous word to throw around, but in my view, there is no better word to describe IC Solutions than evil. They are pure evil and they are evil to the very core. They would not be on Pissed Consumer as well with a rating in the low 1’s if they were doing their job and making the customers happy.

IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider, is really pushing it when it comes to their customers these days. It is a miracle they have not had a lawsuit against them and they have not ended up behind bars. That is how bad of a company they are and that is how evil they are as a whole. Evil might seem like a strong word, but it is incredibly fitting for IC Solutions as now they have messed with a parent and a child, which is one of the most sacred bonds out there. There is nothing quite like it from what I’ve been told and just from being a human being. I have empathy and I can put myself in someone else’s shoes.

If you have the stomach for it, there is a link right here, which is tough to swallow and tough to read. It is on the website Pissed Consumer, first and foremost, which tells a lot. For people to go on this website and talk about IC Solutions the way they have, it shows they have had enough and there is only so much they can take and only so much they can handle before they have reached their breaking point.This parent spent nearly one hundred dollars for the chance to speak to their son over the phone as the son serves out the prison stay. They are extremely worried, as any parent would be, and they are worried even more because IC Solutions has not followed through on their end of the deal. They have had no problem collecting the money from this parent. They have had a big issue with letting the phone calls go through. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have one hundred dollars I can just flush down the toilet.

IC Solutions is a communication company founded in 2002. For more than ten years it has been in the forefront in offering communication solutions to inmates and their friends and families. It has provided communication services to more than 150 correction facilities in the U.S. IC Solutions has its headquarters are in San Antonio, TX. The company was acquired by Centric Group, LLC in November 2010. Its services range from video visitation to real time chatting to voicemail messages.


Their calling rates and options are affordable and tailor-made to fit different people at different times. The customer service is reliable and operates 24/7. IC Solutions is committed to assisting clients in answering their questions, accounts set up and billing issues. Their inmate voicemail service is one of a kind. IC Solutions alerts the prisoners when they receive new voicemails then the inmate can listen to the mail whenever they get time.


IC Solutions communication account

IC Solutions offers different accounts to their clients. Each account is tagged with a unique future to make attractive. Below are some of the accounts options.

  • Prepaid Account is a service that allows one to accept calls from inmates even when they are using cell phones. It has the capability of being used even after the spending limit has been exceeded. With this account the local telephone companies do not take part in billing.
  • Debit Telephone Account allows inmates to make calls to any number. All they require is a complete payment and purchase of the account.
  • Collect Calling is billed monthly. It allows inmates to make calls to any facility telephone number that is approved. Any individual who accepts calls from the inmate is billed by their local telephone service provider at the end of the month. Visit for more details on account registration.