The payments and contracts made to both G.T. Enterprises and the Keefe Commissary Network have been obtained through a request made for public records. The gross revenue earned through MDOC inmate services for both companies is staggering. The Keefe Commissary earned more than $40 million with G.T Enterprises following with $3 million. The original contract with the Keefe Commissary Network originated on November 5th of 2008 and has already seen several renewals. The last time it was renewed was in 2011 and it set to expire on August 31st of 2015. Chris Epps signed all of the contracts and was the commissioner at the time.

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The following services have been delegated to the Keefe Commissary Network:

* The processing of all inmate deposits

* The processing of all inmate trust funds

* The sale of all prepaid debit cards

* Exclusivity of the sales of all song downloads at a price of $1.70 per song to the inmates with a profit to MDOC of $0.10 per song

* Exclusivity of the sales of music players or MP3’s at a price of $115 and sales tax with a profit to MDOC pf $15 per player

* Exclusivity of the sales of all commissary items including tobacco, products for personal hygiene and food. The commission rate of 29.4 percent is paid for sales at prisons state operated and 24 percent at prisons privately operated by the Keefe Commissary Network.

* Ten percent of the amount for the total sales of visitation bags is deducted by the Keefe Commissary Network every month.

Cecil McCrory owned G.T. Enterprises until 2008 when he sold the company to the Keefe Group. The contract with MDOC started June 1st of 2006 and it was amended in 2007. This contract guaranteed G.T. Enterprises the exclusive rights to sell commissary products at the Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility. The management company operated by Mr. McCrory was operating in the prison as well. The company was responsible for withholding 20 and 24 percent of the sales tax from the sales made to the inmates. This amount jumped to 28 percent in 2007. Mr. McCory and Mr. Epps have been found guilty on 49 bribery and fraud counts by a grand jury. Visit The Dispatch to know more about Keefe Group.

Little 8 year old Nancy wants to talk to her big sister, Susan, who is in prison for a 10 year sentence. Nancy lives hundreds of miles away from the prison where her sister is being held, and she rarely gets the chance to visit Susan in prison. As a result, one of the few convenient ways that Nancy can have contact with Susan and hear her voice is through the phone. However, as Nancy calls her sister, Nancy’s family is being charged up the nose by Global Tel-Link, a prominent inmate phone company in the United States of America. After several months, Nancy racks up two thousand dollars worth of phone bills from interacting with her sister on the phone. This hits Nancy’s family hard, because they are low-income and they cannot afford to be charged such high fees. The fees add extra pain to the fact that Nancy’s loved one is locked up.

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Situations like Nancy’s are very common for those who have loved ones in jail or prison. Exorbitant rates are charged per minute, compared to normal phone calls. The phone companies also charge high flat fees that break the banks of inmates and their families. Watch this video about GTL on

Global Tel-Link is one of the major inmate phone companies in the United States that serves prisons and jails. It is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, and was founded in 1989. They provide crucial phone service to roughly 85% of inmates in America.

GTL charges high rates per minute and large flat fees to use their services. Half of this is because of the sheer fact that they want to make a profit. The other half of this is because of the fact that Global Tel-Link provides kickbacks to the correctional facilities that it services. Correctional facilities enter contracts with phone companies based on which company can give the largest kickbacks, so when Global Tel-Link enters agreements like this it is encouraged to compensate by charging large rates and fees. Watch this video on Youtube.

One of the leading companies in the telecommunications industry is the Keefe Group. Over the years, the Keefe Group has established itself as one of the more innovative companies in the telecommunications industry. What makes the Keefe Group among the top companies in its respective industry is its very reliable information technology solutions. The company serves a number of correctional facilities throughout North America. Among the services offered by the Keefe Group include tracking financial transactions, managing communications and also tracking the personal property of inmates. With all of these solutions, a number of correctional facilities have been able to manage themselves more efficiently thanks to the assistance provided by the Keefe Group. Read more on Prison Censorship about Keefe Group.

The first option that the Keefe Group offers to jails and prisons is the KeepTrak software. With this software package, correctional facilities are in position to more easily monitor all of the financial transactions of the facility. Using this software tracks the accounting, cash management and overall transfer of funds in the prison facility. Since correctional facilities need to track funds for operations as well as knowing where money comes from when being distributed into the prison, this software makes this task easier for the facility.

Another option that makes the Keefe Group among the best companies in its industry is the ability to track the personal property of all of the inmates. Since inmates receive items from family and friends, the correctional facility will be in better position to monitor this activity. As well as tracking the personal property of inmates, a correctional facility can also find and eliminate illegal items. Therefore the use of this feature allows correctional facilities to ensure that dangerous and illegal items never get into the prison. Visit to know more.

Like a number of other companies in the industry, the Keefe Group also provides correctional facilities with a number of communication solutions. One of these solutions is offering chat services online. This allows prisons to allow inmates to talk to family members and friends on the internet on a regular basis. As well as offering online chat, the Keefe Group also offers inmates with the option of taking pictures of themselves. With a combination of both online chat and photos, inmates will be in position to give their loves ones a better idea of how they are adjusting to prison life.

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Usually, people can just hang out with their friends and family, or call their loved ones without a headache.  However, there is a different story for people whose loved ones are in imprisoned.  People in such situations are physically removed from their loved ones—sometimes hundreds of miles away.  Telephones are a very important way to communicate and maintain relationships with loved ones, and to enjoy each other’s precious company.  However, in forty-one of America’s fifty states, prisoners and their loved ones get charged exorbitant bills for prison-to-outside-world phone contact. Visit Bloomberg to know more about GTL.

Why does this happen?  This happens because of the types of business practices that go on between detention centers and phone companies.  Phone companies fiercely vie for contracts with detention centers.  The problem is that detention centers do not choose phone companies based upon which company can provide the cheapest services that are of the highest quality.  Instead, detention centers choose companies based upon which company can give them the highest commission.  The commissions come out of the phone charges that are charged to inmates and their loved ones.  Henceforth, phone companies charge a lot of money for calls in order to be able to make contracts with facilities and maintain contracts.

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Global Tel-Link is a huge player that is worthy of speaking about when we talk about prison phone calls.  Global Tel-Link is one of the most used phone companies when it comes to detention facilities. Global Tel Link serves 85% of inmates in America, and it controls about 50% of the prison telephone industry.   They take credit for having been the first to launch various types of technology, such as a web based jail management system, a wireless tablet that is able to make phone calls and a web based inmate telephone platform.  Also, in June of 2017, in conjunction with the Tennessee Department of Corrections, they came out with a Staff Education and Training Platform.  Global Tel-Link is a very big part of the problem when it comes to exorbitantly priced prison phone calls, because they are known for charging large fees, and they are one of the most widely used companies in the United States. Watch this video about GTL on

Global Tel Link is one of the nation’s leaders in the provision to the corrections community of communications, inmate calling and payment systems. They make the process simple and easy and help people save money on phone calls to and from inmates. The company has a number of innovative affordable programs that make communications in the corrections facility cheaper, clearer and more convenient. They do this through their Collect Calling, AdvancsPay and other Inmate Prepay Options. The company has helped to revolutionize communications in the correctional community.

AdvancePay Program

The AdvancePay program offered by Global Tel Link helps inmates’ complete calls that would otherwise be blocked. The inmate’s friends and family can create AdvancePay prepaid calling accounts. This provides a convenient method to pay for calls made to and from the inmate. People that use the AdvancePay program can use credit card, checks, money order or Western Union to deposit money into the AdvancePay account. This makes it easier to communicate with their loved one during what can be one of the most difficult times in their lives and provide them with a measure of comfort.

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Free Chat Feature

One of the unique features of Global Tel Link’s service is the Free Chat Feature. This is provided once to each party the inmate calls. It makes the person receiving the call aware that collect calls to their number is blocked and gives them the option to accept the call and have a brief chat with the inmate for free. The operator then gives them the option to set up an AdvancePay account to continue talking to the inmate. If they decline, the inmate’s call is disconnected. For phone plans that don’t allow collect calls, a prepaid option is offered. Know more about GTL at Consumer Affairs.

Inmate Prepay Options

Using the Global Tel Link system, inmates have the option to buy prepaid calling vouchers through the correction facility’s commissary. Inmates can use these vouchers to make direct calls to their loved ones. This gives them a way to control their calling options while generating an additional revenue stream for the correctional facility. The vouchers contain a PIN and a voucher number which enable the inmate to make calls until they use up the value of the voucher. Their loved ones can simply add more money to their commissary account to enable them to purchase more talk time.

Call Control

The Global Tel Link platform through which the prepaid calls are routed is secure and subject to all the corrections facility’s restrictions. The caller is made aware the calls are subject to monitoring and recording by the facility. Any money remaining in the calling account is refunded through making a request when the person is no longer incarcerated. Visit to know more about GTL.

The Keefe Food Group is the country’s leading distributor of food products, hygiene products, electronics, clothing, technology, telecommunications and software. Keefe Food Group has been servicing the correctional market since 1975 and revolutionized the packaging and technology services needed by facilities across the country. Keefe Food Group is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Two Florida businessmen admitted paying bribes to state prison officials and employers of Keefe Commissary. The two men identified as Joseph Arthur Deese and Edward Lee Dugger appeared in court and pleaded guilty to several charges including conspiracy to pay kickbacks to former Secretary of Corrections James Crosby and a high-level prison official Allen Wayne Clark.

Joseph Deese and Edward Dugger admitted that they created a business to provide canteen services for visitors across all Florida prisons. Both men agreed to pay Crosby and Clark nearly $158,000 a year. Their deal also included paying former Keefe Food Group president Jack Donnelly and another executive $1.5 million a year that would come from the profits they expected to make. Both men eventually admitted their guilt. Both Crosby and Clark had to resign amidst a bribery investigation.

The Keefe Food Group has made more than $40 million in gross revenue through the services they provide. The Keefe Food Grop earned a contract in 2008 and continues to be renewed as they provide numerous services including: processing inmate deposits, right to sell music players, right to sell song doownloads and the Keefe Group’s right to sell commissary items. Visit The Dispatch to know more about Keefe Group.

A five-member task force in Mississippi is attempting to convince the governor to eliminate many of the state’s no-bid contracts including those given to the Keefe Group. The Department of Corrections currently has six no-bid contracts that would be put up for bids if state officials accept the recommendations made by the task force. The task force has recommended taking over the commissary system instead of using a private contractor. The task force recommendations included agencies would have to post online an explanation of why it awards each of its contracts. Despite the concern that the Keefe Food Group creates, they are still providing services to prisons across the country.

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Global Tel-Link is a top company in the provision of integrated technology solutions to correctional facilities in the United States of America. The company serves 2300 facilities that house more than 1.9 million inmates. GTL operates from its head office based in Reston, Virginia. It also has offices in various locations in the country. For the years it has been in existence, GTL has taken a lead in developing innovative technologies that has boosted efficiency, enhanced security and financial value of correctional institutions.

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In 2015, Global Tel Link bitterly contested the move by the Federal Communication Commission to introduce fresh regulations aimed at capping fees and rates for intra- and interstate calls. The company claimed that these new rules will make the Inmate Calling Services (ICS) industry unstable therefore adversely affecting the smaller jails. GTL further alleged that FCC’s move will not only affect service providers but also consumers are at risk of receiving poor or shutdown of the services. The company was forced to seek the assistance of the courts in order for FCC’s directive to be quashed. Visit Bloomberg to know more about GTL.

Despite the fact that Global Tel Link seem to be at the forefront of fighting for the rights of the players in the industry, the company has not been spared by the wrath of inmates and their families who accuse GTL for high calling rates and unfair billing. The company continues to work hard in clearing itself from these accusations. In 2016, the firm was also embattled in court tussles with Securus Technologies over patent infringement claims. In the case Securus, which also serves the correctional industry, sued GTL for making the consumers believe that GTL has won the patent feud case. Securus was forced to issue a press release to make corrections on the press statement GTL had issued about the patent case. Read more reviews at

ICSolutions is one of the companies that are a part of the Keefe Group. It was founded in 2003. ICSolutions provides innovative products in telecommunications to the corrections facilities.

The company is presently catering to over 180,000 inmates. These are located in more than 200 correctional facilities all across the nation. Their services are being provided in the state, regional, county as well as city jails all across the United States.

The company is making use of Enforcer Inmate Call Processing Technology. This refers to a fully integrated call processing platform that is SIP based. It is deployed in a data-center that is the Tier-1 type. This data center can be accessed by authorized users who can be at any location. Hence it can be accessed both onsite as well as from remote. The platform has been built on maximum redundancy hardware. The operating system is based on Linux. It makes use of DBMS that is PostgreSQL enterprise-class.

Basically, ICSolutions is making use of a technologically advanced platform for call processing as it offers unique capabilities. Its features, as well as investigative tools, can help the facilities to manage the flow of communications between inmates and their friends and families, in an efficient manner.

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The Keefe Group is providing a range of payment plans along with calling options for the convenience of its customers. It also provided 24-hour customer service in which live customer agents can be contacted anytime.

All these enhanced features ensure that there is higher inmate calling. This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and an increase in revenue for the facilities.

Keefe Group is committed towards the satisfaction of its clients. They have highly experienced staff. This is why each new installation is well coordinated. Besides, and each agency has been partnered with a dedicated account manager from the company. They are offering a network of service technicians that is available all across the nation. Next is the live technical support service which is available 24/7.

The company offers free software upgrades to all clients. This way the latest technology along with the newest features is always made available to them. Learn more about Keefe Group on STL Today.

It is always important for you to ensure you keep in touch with your loved one or even friend in case they are in a correction facility. This will be the only way for you to know how they are doing and also be in a position to share. The inmate will also feel loved and cared for in case you constantly visit or call them. IC Solutions is one of the most reliable communication service provider for inmates to help you get in touch with them. The inmates are also in a position to receive services since the day they were booked until their release date. You will be able to create an account with them, make phone calls to the inmate, leave voice messages and even chat using video visitation with the inmate.

There are different jail phone services offered by IC Solutions to its customers such as the automated line which helps you get information on any frequently asked questions. In case the line is connected to the jail’s systems, you will be able to find out how the inmate is doing and their release date. They have also located kiosks in correction facilities to ensure money from new inmates is collected in a safe manner. Since inmates do not have access to the phones all the time, you can decide to leave them voice messages which they will listen to when they get time.


IC Solutions has been very helpful to correctional facilities, inmates as well as their families. There are different types of accounts you can create to help you get and remain in touch with the inmate. IC Solutions has also come up with a new method of communication which will be through video screen. In this way, there will be more visitors for the inmates throughout the week.


Keefe Group has become a prominent firm due to the exceptional vending services it provides to inmates in correctional facilities. Keefe has expanded over the years and has managed to offer its services to almost all prisons in the United States. One of the key officials who have managed to make this company one of the leading service providers is Mr. Jack Donnelley. The company has managed to acquire other companies under its umbrella such as G.T Enterprise, previously owned by Cecil McCrory. Acquisition of G.T Enterprise is a clear indication that the firm is committed to addressing the special needs of its clients. For decades, Keefe Group has managed to offer jobs to hundreds of people countrywide.

Services offered by Keefe Group

According to the Dispatch, this company has managed to get major contracts thereby maximizing their profits. It has made lives a bit easier in prisons. Inmates now have access to items like tobacco, which they can smoke to cool their nerves and pass time. With the provision of electronic equipment for example MP3, inmates can now download the latest music thereby keeping up with the music trending in the outside world. Well-packaged healthy foods, such as candy bars have been made available for inmates at the prisons’ canteen. Personal hygienic products (combs) that were previously not issued at the prisons are now vended at affordable prices.

Positive impact

Thanks to Keefe Group, harmony has been restored in the prisons. Imagine a prison where inmates solely depend on what the government offers them – it would be chaotic, says STL Today. Keefe Group has also played a vital role in strengthening the relationships between prisoners and their family members and friends. Today, incarcerated persons can communicate with their loved ones by leveraging Keefe’s calling services.

Restoring order in correctional facilities

Keefe Group has a unique and reliable way of keeping all incarcerated persons accounted for through the Keep Track System, the renowned software; it introduced 20 years ago. Keefe’s system consists of diverse programs, which focus on managing information for correctional agencies. Its systems comprise of a broad range of features like inmate property, finance interfaces, and cash management.