Many people are convinced they know ways they can help prisoners and their families. For example, some people generously offer free legal help to prisoners. Other folks are willing to provide tutoring to prisoners. These are both great things people can do. However, if you don’t have the resources to do either of these things, there is something else you can do. Do you know what it is? It is educating yourself and others about a company called Global Tel-Link.

Global Tel Link is a telecommunications company that enjoys a near monopoly on the prison phone call industry. The executives at Global Tel-Link have worked hard to cultivate a network of contracts with prisons across America. According to the ACLU, these contracts prevent Global Tel-Link from facing competition. The result is that Global Tel-Link has zero incentive to provide quality customer service. Even worse, these contracts allow Global Tel-Link to charge extremely high rates for telephone calls. For example, if you have a friend or a loved one locked away behind bars, you will be stuck paying a rate as high as $1.22 a minute. You also might be stuck paying numerous fees along the way. All of this adds up to serious money, claims It also adds up to some serious hardships for prisoners and their families.

If folks took the time to educate themselves about Global Tel-Link, more people would pay attention to this problem known only to the people unlucky enough to experience it. This would ultimately motivate the government to do something about it. Global Tel-Link should be forced to face competition in the prison phone call industry. This would lower rates and make the lives of prisoners and their families so much easier. Check online to see if there is anything you can do to help spread the word about Global Tel-Link!

Food, clothing, and shelter are the basics for our existence. Each and every one of us has the right to these necessities in a satiable level. For this reason, we have to strive to get the means to acquire them. In the correctional facilities like the prisons, inmates also operate under similar regulations. Since they are not free to fend for themselves, there exist laid down policies and procedures of how to provide these stuff to them.

Keefe Group is a nationwide leader in food products supply, clothing, electronics, technology, personal care products, and software & telecommunication solutions to correctional facilities. The company has been in service to the correctional market exclusively since 1975. It also has customized its commodities, to fit the needs of these establishments countrywide.

The company’s aim is to ensure that every task they are entrusted with is executed to the best of our ability and customize it to meet the various unique needs of our clients and to guarantee 100% satisfaction. Keefe products cut across all areas; we simply are like the one stop shop store. The firm is the pioneer in the formulation of products and packaging aimed to meet specific safety and security needs of the country’s correctional industry.

With it has come innovations’ including the foods and meal section. We have overseen the introduction of soft-pouch food containers that had to replace metal cans that were risky and dangerous as they were prone to be used as weapons. Also developed was the transparent packaging of food and personal care items. Moreover, we, the company have seen the formulation of distinct housing for electronics.

Accordion to the Dispatch, currently, we offer over ten thousand brands and private-label products to federal prisons, county jails and also other institution requiring our unique services and products. We are renowned for our vast national broad network that allows us to have a wider reach to our prospective clients. Our pricing is well known for its stability hence making it easy for our customers to make future budgeting.

Last but not least, our effectiveness when it comes to the supply of ordered products is highly reliable and delivers within the same day of order. We are the leading correctional facilities suppliers, and we strive to better our services and products by keenly listening to our customers and offering whatever they need inexact.

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Global Tel Link, the nation’s largest provider of inmate communications services, has found itself fielding complaints from a laundry list of critics recently. Inmates and their families have been up in arms about the high costs of phone calls in the prisons where the company operates. But GTL is quick to point to the system of commissions as the primary cause of the high costs. The company maintains that the actual profits it keeps from phone operations are often just a tiny sliver of the entire expenditures.

Keeping the lights on and the phones dialing

Many critics seem to have little awareness that, ultimately, prisons are businesses. Many prisoner rights advocates such as mythreecents would scream at such a notion, but the truth is that there is only so much funding that wardens have available to them. Often times, prisons are forced by budgetary constraints to come up with ways to enable the institution to become self-sufficient.

This has led to a system of commissions or as opponents of the current system like to say, legal kickbacks. This system of commissions, where the prison receives a certain percentage of all revenue collected from inmate calling, has ballooned into a $500 million dollar a year business, all by itself. But both prisons and providers like GTL assertively point out that those costs are not going to some kind of slush fund for the warden’s Tahiti vacation. In almost all cases, that money is used to bridge shortfalls in the prison’s operating budget. This provides a crucial source of revenue that often times simply would otherwise not be there. According to Yelp, in the worst cases, this may force prisons to start arbitrarily reducing their populations to keep the prisons manageable.

What revenue isn’t used for the general operation of the facilities usually goes directly to managing the phone system.

The Keefe Group consists of Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network Securepak, Access Corrections, ICSolutions and Advanced Technologies Group. They are the country’s leading supplier of food products, personal care products m clothing and electronics to the US prison systems. For over 40 years Keefe Group has been a leader in bringing products, services and technologies to the correctional industry. Some of the services provided by Keefe group include keeping track of inmate banking and money processing. The booking kiosk uses a virtual cash drawer that cannot be manipulated. It accepts cash and coins during prisoner intake and tracks all deposits during each shift. This process eliminates all human error in handling inmate money.

Another service Keefe provides to the prison systems is a fully integrated call processing platform. It handles all placing of calls monitoring and recording of calls collecting data and processing. The system includes increased call volume of up to 40%. It handles collect debit and prepaid collect calling options for this prison systems. It provides voice analysis, imposter identification and other investigative tools. The system is set up to allow for multiple call restriction options.

Access Secure Data Detective is a system Keefe Group supplies that analyzes the communications between people outside the institution and those that are inside. It works with some of the other programs like Access Secure Deposit, Access Secure Intake, Access Secure Mail and other security measures to monitor communications and interactions between inmates and those on the outside of the facility.

Keefe group provides a full line of securely packaged foods including Bushy Creek Fresh Catch, Cactus Annie’s, Market Square Bakery and others. According to, these include healthy options, Hispanic selections and other items that inmates are allowed to purchase. The food products include seafood, meat snacks, ready-to-eat meals, cookies and crackers, Ramen soup, cheese products, and chips and nuts.

Personal care products include shampoos, conditioners, hand lotions, shaving products, deodorants, toothpastes, mouthwash and supplements, including vitamins. They also provide apparel, shoes and a variety of electronic items. All their products are geared with security in mind. The Keefe group has as its goal, provide services and products to the correctional industry that are designed to work well within the system and to meet inmate needs.

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IC Solutions provides a variety of systems and services to correctional institutions. Inmate telephone solutions represent a major part of the company’s business.

IC Solutions offers comprehensive inmate phone solutions. The telephone system for inmates provides a full spectrum of service from booking through release.

A major element of the IC Solutions jail phone services is one designed to permit an incarcerated person to remain in consistent and meaningful contact with loved ones while serving a jail or prison term. Oftentimes, the telephone provides the primary means through which an inmate is able to remain in contact with friends and family.

IC Solutions offers three primary avenues through which inmates and loved ones in the real world can access the phone system. First, IC Solutions has a solution through which an inmate can use a debit system. The inmate places money on his or her phone account, typically transferring funds from an the inmate’s institutional trust account.

Another alternative allows loved ones in the real world to set up a prepaid account. Friends or family members deposit money into a prepaid account, allowing the inmate to make calls. A friend or family member can make a prepaid deposit in one of three ways. A deposit can be made online via the IC Solutions website. It can also be made by phone. Finally, a friend of family member can mail a check or money order to IC Solutions.

The final alternative permits an inmate to make collect phones calls to a friend or family member. The cost of the call will then be charged to that recipient’s telephone bill. In most cases, collect call service requires an inmate’s friend or family member to have a landline rather than just only a mobile phone.

IC Solutions provides a customer service department accessible by phone. The customer service phone line is in operation 24 hours a day.

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The history of the U.S. prison system isn’t a particularly pretty one. Prior to the 1950s inmates who were sent away often served out their terms without ever seeing or hearing their loved ones a single time. In those days, letters were pretty much the only form of authorized communication. For most families, the journey to the prison to visit their loved ones was simply too arduous and expensive to undertake. An inmate sentenced to 20 years in a state prison would often be released nearly unrecognized to and scarcely remembered by his loved ones.

Slowly, telephones began being introduced into prisons across the country. While this allowed for some improvement in inmate’s ability to communicate with the outside world, the calls were often exorbitant. Right up to the 2000s, outgoing collect calls often ran up to $5 per minute and the bills were mostly footed by the families of the prisoners placing the calls. This undue burden represented a serious hardship for the families of the incarcerated and many times had the effect of curbing inmate’s ability to communicate with their families.

With the advent of widespread cellular and VoIP usage, things at first got far worse. Cellular phone and VoIP lines are not compatible with collect calling and so inmates often had no way to contact their loved ones. But then IC Solutions stepped in with a suite of innovative, low-cost products to enable the incarcerated to directly call their loved ones’ cellular and VoIP lines from prison.

This was a watershed moment in inmate communications and, almost overnight, outgoing calls from prisons nationwide exploded. What’s more, IC Solutions had harnessed the cheap technologies of cellular and VoIP interfacing and were thus able to slash outgoing phone call rates to just fractions of what they had once been. Inmates who would likely never have talked to a single soul outside prison walls just a decade earlier had become electronic socialites, maintaining robust social contacts with the outside world. This had the welcome effect of generally raising prisoner morale and generated all of the positive effects consequent to that. It’s been demonstrated that prisoners with a healthy psychological disposition are much more compliant and pose far less risk to institutional safety than their more disturbed peers.

IC is proud they have been able to play such an instrumental role in the transformation of U.S. prisons into, if not happy places, at least humane ones.

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IC Solutions is an inmate communications provider ( that is supposed to enable inmates to speak to family and friends while in prison ( It is big in terms of the rehabilitation process for them. As with anyone that is going through a hard time, they need a friendly reminder that people out there do care about them and do want to see them turn their lives around. They have not given up hope on them and they have not thrown the towel in on them. They are still in their corner and they believe they can come out of this as a better person.

IC Solutions with their high fees, high prices, and poor customer service makes that task a lot harder than it has to be. It should be that the customer simply pays the cost of the phone calls and they are able to speak to the inmate. The price should be a reasonable cost that does not put the customer in the poor house along the way. That only seems fair and decent. They are like a king in their eyes and they have no issue with charging high prices. They have a very opinion of themselves and what they think they do when in fact they don’t do a single thing except rip people off and make them miserable.

There have been numerous and I do mean numerous reports of dropped calls with IC Solutions. Not only are they overcharging their customers, they can’t even get the phone calls right. On all accounts, IC Solutions is a big, fat failure yet they keep making money in the process. Quite frankly, I don’t understand how that is possible, but they have made it work, which makes the whole thing even more maddening and frustrating to read about it for these poor people out there. To learn more about the company. visit


The Keefe Commissary, a company out of St. Louis is a major provider of snacks and many other items to inmates at Florida prisons. Keefe Group is a subsidiary of Centric Group LLC and has the lion’s share of exclusive and lucrative contracts throughout the county, federal and state system.

Keefe is arguably the biggest jail and prison commissary in the United States. Revenues in recent years have topped $30 million annually. Many say that prices through Keefe are typically higher than that of the same products sold outside of the prison walls.

Federal, state and local prisons bid for contracts each year called FDOC. Many competitors of Keefe offer items at bigger percentage decreases and many in the prison system have wondered aloud why other vendors were not given the contract over Keefe.

In a report by STL Today, despite some of the complaints, Keefe is still the pre-eminent supplier of snacks and other items to prison systems.

In 2011, state prison officials were accused of accepting bribes from two Gainesville businessmen. Prosecutors of the case say that the businessmen were selling insurance inside the prison system while Keefe officials offered a part of the prison business to the two businessmen.

In 2014, Keefe Group reportedly made over $40 million through contracts and payments made through the Florida prison system. The company, through its partners Access Corrections, IC Solutions and Advanced Technologies Group, Keefe Supply Company and Keefe Commissary Network, supplies clothing, electronics, food products, personal care products, software solutions, telecommunications and technology to prison systems in Florida.

Keefe company has been active since 1975 and has served the correctional market since then exclusively. The company pioneered product evolution in the ways of packaging and technology services, which have nationally met the needs of prison facilities.


Keefe Group is among the leading players in the cortege industry. The group which was launched over 40 years ago provides inmates with services ranging from telecommunication devices and services, personal effects such as beauty products like shampoos, hair conditioners, deodorants, lotions, shaving products, toothpastes, vitamins , mouthwash, and supplements foods such as meat snacks , seafood, milk products candies soup chips, nuts, among others to music player. According to STL Today, since 1975 the group has been exclusively serving it recreational markets and pioneered evolution of new products as well as using state of the art technology in packaging pre-existing products to suite to the needs of their clients. The group also provides quality clothing and apparel to the inmates at an affordable price. The group also assists family members in depositing funds into inmates account. The company plays a critical role in improving the quality of life of inmates by ensuring prisons are more than just rooms with cages. Through their effort inmates have enjoyed the pleasure of the outside world. Currently, Keefe group has become the most popular company among the prisons department due to its capacity to maintain membership with National Law Enforcement agencies. ( American Correctional Association is among their long time member. Following their achievement in the prison department, the group has unveiled new opportunities which have seen an expansion of the company in various markets offering diverse commodities to its clients. In conclusion, the group works by closely associating with the storm troopers with the personnel working in the United States criminal justice system.


Money can awaken the vulture within us all. That is the reason why I am so careful with money. I do not want this material thing to take over my life and make me desire things that are not important. I want to be in control at all times. A perfect example of what money can do to a person or business is Global Tel Link. The company was caught stealing from its clients in numerous ways, yet it continues to stay in power. No one is going to jail, and no one is being forced to pay anything back. You might think that this is a joke, right? There is no way that someone who is guilty can continue to be in power, but look at Donald Trump. He might be guilty of cheating people and even cheating on his wife, yet everything is fine. He is still married, and now he is the president of the country.

I like that saying ‘you get what you deserve,’ but I think that only works with people who do not have money. People with money can give in to their most distasteful desires and see no consequences. Some of the people at Global Tel-Link gave into some of these desires. For one, it charged its people unfair rates for years. The rates went up as high as 89 cents per minute, but the FCC is trying to cut these rates, though, it seems like Global Tel-Link will stop this.

The company also decided to add minutes and fees to bills at random. These additions should not have been there, unless you think Global Tel-Link should be able to steal from people. The people running this company have succumb to the part of humanity that does not care about others but rather just making money. Money can definitely corrupt the soul. To learn more, watch this YouTube video that further discuss the wrongdoings by the inmate communications company.