IC Solutions has proven they will keep the pain coming for the customers all of the time. They don’t stop to let the pain heal or even settle in, as a matter of fact. They will keep it coming fast and it will be relentless. It’s truly sad a company like this exists out there and it is able to make a profit. Meanwhile, other people out there are suffering and these are people that do not deserve to suffer, at all. They are just people that know an inmate and love an inmate. They didn’t do anything wrong in this situation. They just want to talk to them, be there for them, and help them out in any way they can.


It is something that IC Solutions does not know anything about as a company. They don’t know anything about it because they don’t have any sympathy for other people. If they had sympathy, they would not behave in the fashion they are behaving. They would change up the plan and they would fix what is wrong with them. They would be fair to the customers and they would give them a good deal instead of ripping them off because they can.


They are the schoolyard bully that is the biggest and the meanest. Because they are the biggest and the meanest, they don’t have any fear inside of them. They feel liberated by this freedom. They know they control the fate of the phone call from inmate to customer, which is usually a family member. They have gone crazy with power, and no one has seemed to stop them just yet. I’m hoping there comes a time where someone lays the hammer down and gives them what is coming to them, which is jail in my eyes.


IC Solutions is the company that is leaving customers with a lot more questions than answers. It is a very shady and underhanded way to run a company and I’m frankly amazed they have been able to get away with it for so long. If you ask me and other people out there, they would like to see the company be put behind bars and they would like to see a better company out there. It is really not that hard to be a better company than IC Solutions. It just takes someone with a good business sense and a sense of knowing how to treat people.


From my perspective, I’ve never needed IC Solutions and I don’t see a situation in the future where I will need IC Solutions, quite frankly. This is not to judge anyone that is using IC Solutions or has used them. I don’t judge prisoners unless they are totally and completely out of line and have done something that is unthinkable and cruel. Again, there is really no excuse for anyone to be in prison, but there are different degrees and different layers to prison, which I think gets lost in the shuffle a lot of times with people. They just like to paint them with a simple brush.


This is a story that is worth your time. It involves a parent and their son they wish to speak to that is in jail. The son is quite young and it is clear he needs help in the form of a phone call. This phone call could really help him and really put him on the straight and narrow after his mistake. However, IC Solutions needs to step up and make the phone call happen in order for any change to happen at all.


IC Solutions is a sadistic company run by some evil people. They are evil down to their very core. That is the only way you can explain what they are doing to inmates and their families. As a phone provider for inmates to have a phone conversation with their family and friends, they are really putting people through the ringer. For the inmate, they don’t know whom they can turn to and what they can do, as they are behind bars and it is not like they have a ton of options in this scenario. They are running wild with no regard for human life. For the friends and family, they feel helpless.


They want to help out the inmate and be there for them in any way they can be, no matter what and until the end. They know they are a good person deep down, but they have simply screwed up.. When someone screws up, it should not define the rest of their lives. It should not be all they are known for and the stamp that is on them forever. They should get a shot at redemption and a shot at turning their life around. If everyone that made a mistake never received a second chance, the world would be a very, very lonely place.


It is why IC Solutions is doing a great disservice to its customers and their families. They need to just do their job. That is all they need to do when it’s said and done. They don’t need to do anything extra and they don’t need to go the extra mile. People simply want the phone call to happen, and they don’t want to be in all of this pain trying to make it happen. IC Solutions seems to relish the chance to inflict this pain.


Being in prison is hard enough for inmates and their families, but one company has been caught taking advantage of those already in a tough position. IC Solutions, a leading provider of inmate telecommunications company that connects inmates to their loved ones. There have been numerous reports posted to websites like pissedconsumer.com and ripoffreport.com that allege the company is taking advantage of its position by charged ridiculously high fees for calls from corrections facilities. For example, based on your area code, you may be charged $8.95 for each call that is connected and upwards of $3.95/minute for the duration of the call. To make matters worse, the company has a policy that if you are using a cell phone then you are using it at your own risk. If the call is dropped for any reason you must pay the connection fee again to reconnect the call.


IC (Inmate Call) Solutions is an telecommunications company that specializes in inmate calling transactions and has contracts with corrections facilities across the United States. They also provide video visitation services, voicemail messaging, and email services for inmates to connect with their family and friends. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in San Antonio, with offices across the country.


In regards to IC Solutions, I would not recommend giving them a penny of your money. After all, you have earned this money by hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. They have not done a single thing to earn this money. As a matter of fact, they have stolen money from people left and right, including parents. This is a parent trying to reach their son that is behind bars. They didn’t really know what to do with the kid, so they put him behind bars to keep them safe. Now, they are realizing it was a grave mistake, and they wish they could take it back as soon as possible.


First and foremost, they want to be able to speak to their son and make sure they are doing OK. If they knew it was going to be like this, they would have never put them behind bars in the first place. They never thought it would get this bad where a prepaid inmate phone provider is preventing them from having the phone call in the first place. They have given them their money and now they want their phone call. It is pretty simple when you sit down and really think about it. IC Solutions does not believe in simple. They believe in making things as complicated as possible.


They are hoping people will give up and not report them for all of the fraud they have committed. They are mistaken, that is for sure. They don’t realize that people have a lot of fight in them, and they want to speak to their son or anyone else for that matter they know and love behind bars. They will keep fighting for that right and before long; they will defeat IC Solutions and get what they have paid for in the first place.