It can be quite troubling and disturbing when a company is only looking out for number one. That is what is going on over at IC Solutions, an inmate phone provider, which has the job of connecting inmates with their family, friends, and loved ones over the telephone. They have drawn a hard line in the sand, and they are not helping them and instead, they are ripping them off. It is why so many people are posting about them on the Internet and why so many people are downright furious with them for their actions.


They truly only care about themselves and what is in their own best interests. They love to make money and a whole lot of it. It is what drives them, and it is why they have started up the business in the first place. They have not started the business to help anyone or make their lives any easier. For the inmates, they are depending on this phone call, and they truly need it more than anyone could ever know. It doesn’t take someone with a prison background, as I’ve never been in prison, to figure it out. It just takes looking at things from the point of view of someone else to put two and two together.


When someone is all alone in a scary place, they want people to love them, support them, and be there for them on the phone when times get dark, scary, and very, very lonely. It is a boost, and they need this boost in order to not become suicidal and not fall down a dangerous path in their lives. They are already in a bad place, as they are in prison, and they don’t need for it to get any worse. They need help, which IC Solutions is not providing, at all.

With almost any person or any company, they have something positive and something worthwhile about them. That is not, at all, the case with IC Solutions, the inmate phone provider. There are no good parts with this company. Everything that has been written and said about them on the Internet is true, and I know that might seem like a reach, but when it comes in at this alarming of a rate, it is pretty evident what is going on with this company and why they need to be stopped. Anyone can see it, except maybe the people at IC Solutions. They might have their head so far in the clouds; they are unable to see the issues with the company.


However, as much as I hate to admit it, they know exactly what they are doing and how to get away with it. It is why they have done it for so long. They pick on certain people and certain targets. There is a certain method to their madness. You don’t do something like this without knowing what you are doing and how to find the right people to pluck out and take their money. They look for mothers that are trying to reach their children in prison.


They are looking for victims, although these people must not think of themselves as victims. They need to think of themselves as strong. If they really stop and think about it, they would be amazed at how powerful and strong they really, truly are in life. Sometimes when their backs are against the wall, they find strength they never knew they had in the first place. They need to harness that and really use it to go after IC Solutions. If they don’t, it will be more of the same.


The American prison industry is seeing a drastic change in the way it is managed. Till a few years back, most of the prisoners were run by government agencies, but today they are run by private companies as it offers more profits than any other industries. Among the many companies in the prison industry, the largest is the Keefe Group. It has a number of affiliates such as IC Solutions, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak, Keefe Supply Company, Access Correction, ATG, and others. The company offers everything from telecommunication services to food and clothing to prisons it has contracts with.


Keefe Group was recently in the limelight for its alleged abuse of power and taking advantage of the prisoners by charging them high fees for basic needs. For necessary things such as clothing, personal items, and food, Keefe Group has been charging a commission of 29.4% for state prisons and about 24% for those that are operated privately. Another service that they offer is music players to the prisoners where they charge $115 for an MP3 and then $1.70 for every song that the inmates download that is way more than what is available in the outside world. Even though the company gets tax benefits from the government for its services, the benefits are not passed on to the prisoners.


Recently, prisoner welfare group, Under Lock and Key had circulated an online petition aiming to bring to light the extortions tactics of the Keefe Group and other similar companies. The prisoners and the family members were asked to document the prices being charged by the company and send the details to the group to help them in their lawsuit against the company. The group seems to have all the information they need to help them file a strong case against the Keefe Group.


There is no doubt that the Keefe Group has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. I recently read a news report that stated that Gainesville businessmen were caught paying a bribe to Keefe officials and the Florida prison department. Since they have good political connections, it is to be seen how the legal system can bring justice to the prisoners and their family members.



If you have been following recent news regarding the prison industry, you may have come across information about the lawsuit that was filed against Telmate. The lawsuit was filed in federal court and alleges that Telmate violated the Lanham act in their advertisements.


It seems like Telmate used the name Rick Smith as a hypothetical inmate. Of course, Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus, a competitor. Thus, it would seem to many that Telmate was trying to besmirch the reputation of its competitor by implying that he may have been incarcerated or by trying to associate him with prisoners and criminals. The lawsuit also says that Telmate engaged in various practices that are against laws that are designed to protect businesses from unfair competition. According to the suit, Telmate has been saying stuff that are not true about Securus in an attempt to detract from their good reputation.


It is alleged that there was a challenge between the two companies, but that Telmate gave out numbers that were not in use by Securus anymore. This caused people who called the numbers to think that Secures did not have a good customer service team.


The lawsuit also alleges that Telmate lied about how they benefited from certain contracts. It says that the increase in revenue was not a result of contracts, but that it occurred before the contracts were signed. Telmate claimed the opposite.


Securus is seeking various damages and other injunctions against Telmate. Telmate is denying the claims that are made in the lawsuit. They are saying that they have no basis and that they are untrue. However, the lawsuit still got filed in court, and it will be up to the judge and/or jury to decide whether Telmate is right about that.


The U.S. government relies on a number of agencies that work as contractors and separate firms. These agencies only work for the U.S. government as they are not a part of the country’s infrastructure. The end result is a relationship that gets built and is based on the nation’s ability to trust the leaders it has.


These leaders help to bring innovation to the private U.S. sector.


The private industry for the United States government is a market that consists of personnel and secure facilities across the USA. The innovation of private industry is often met by names like the Keefe Group. The Keefe Group operates with the top majority of U.S. based contracts and offers the private sector with a number of daily products.



The Keefe Group: Standing Strong Since 1975


The Keefe Group began its work with the United States government through a small packet of coffee that the agency is recognized for today. It was the year 1975, and the Keefe Group was emerging as a business. The success it developed is a direct result of the innovation it was able to incorporate into a small package.


The Keefe Group is a master at bringing great value right through the convenience size of your hand. The agency works around the clock to redefine how they will present their offerings. The agency manages over 2,000 different products and organizes each with a special message and design.


The manufacturing of this agency is endless and moves millions of pieces at a time.



The Three Categories Of Products


The list of roughly 2,000 different products offered by the Keefe Group fall within a category of three major products. These categories are clothing, food and hygiene goods. The categories are all managed by one agency, and there’s no limit to the expansion Keefe is experiencing. It offers its entire product line to the private, U.S. industry.


Serving the private industry allows Keefe Group to aide the American government and to help them achieve greater safety. The many products that Keefe can produce means that the U.S. agencies it serves doesn’t have to use multiple vendors. This consolidation is key to safety as the infiltration of crime is more easily found and localized.


Telmate is one of the leading prison telecommunications company in the United States. They are known for providing prisoners with devices that can be used to communicate with the people outside the correctional facility. The prisoners are using the devices from Telmate to call their loved ones either through traditional voice phone calls or video conference. They can also speak with them through chat, which is usually encrypted. However, the services provided by Telmate are criticized because of their expensive pricing. Telmate replied to their critics that maintaining a prison telecommunications company is expensive, and people have to understand their situation. Telmate then thanked those who are still using their products and services, and promised that they will look into ways on how they can improve their services while at the same time, lowering the price of their services. Prisoners need to have their own account with Telmate before they can use their services. These accounts must be filled with credits to use the features like voice calls, video calls, or chat.


Telmate is a company that does not only care about their profits. They also care for their clients, which are the prisoners. Recently, Telmate went to Sanilac County correctional facility and gave the inmates their own piece of tablet computer that they can use for communication or entertainment purposes. This program is sponsored by the government, and its objective is to promote good behavior among the prisoners, and at the same time, give them the opportunity to search for a job and to read books from an online library. Telmate is known to work with other prison communications services, like Securus Technologies, to spearhead programs similar to the one they did involving the prisoners at Sanilac County correctional facility.


Telmate has become one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies which provides products and services to prisoners to enable them to communicate with the outside world. Telmate is optimistic that the company will still experience tremendous growth for years to come. The company has been awarded multiple times because of the products and services that they provide, and because of their contribution to the innovation of the industry.



Is there anything worse than poor customer service? It can be really frustrating and exhausting for the customer. They feel like they have no say in the matter and the person arguing with them is being completely and totally irrational. They refuse to budge and they refuse to be kind to the customer. That is what is happening with IC Solutions, the inmate prepaid phone provider. They are on Pissed Consumer, a site no one company would aspire to be on unless there is something seriously wrong with them. Here is the thing with IC Solutions: they truly don’t care about the customers. It is not an act, and they also don’t care about their reputation.


The one and only thing they care about is making money. It is why people have reported such losses when using the product and when dealing with the company. They are losing money left and right, and they are powerless to do anything about it. They could always contact their bank, talk to them, and hope they will be reasonable. However, that does not always occur with banks. They won’t refund the money or it is a long process. This really puts the customers in a bad way, as they are out of money and they have spent a lot of time on the phone and they have gotten nowhere.


In the case of IC Solutions, they have really done a number on their customers. They really don’t lose any sleep over it, even though they are rated 1.4 on the link I shared out of 68 reviews. That is an awful rating and one of the lowest I’ve seen for a company. This is not by accident. These are more websites and more reviews all over the web for people to read about IC Solutions.