Keefe Group comprises Access Securepak, ICSolutions, Keefe Commissary Network, Advanced Technologies Group, and Keefe Supply Company. It is one of the US leading suppliers of telecommunications and software solutions, food products, clothing, and personal care products to the correctional facilities throughout the United States. Since its inception in 1975, Keefe Group has been an exclusive supplier of food products to correctional market. Over time, Keefe Group has pioneered the evolution of products, technology, and packaging services to meet the needs of correctional facilities across the nation.


Meanwhile, the Mississippi Department of Corrections has proposed the elimination of its no-bid contracts to start a competitive process that will allow it to get better deals. Bryant was appointed Keefe Group’s commissioner following the indictment of businessman Cecil McCrory and Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps on federal corruption charges related to prison contracts. The duo has pleaded guilty and awaits trial in April. According to Andy Taggart, a co-chair of the task force, implementation of a competitive process will promote transparency in government. Even the tightest regulations would not prevent government officials from engaging in bribery acts. Nonetheless, the role of the task force is to make it as hard as possible to engage in bribery acts. The Department of Corrections will need to replace its six no-bid contracts if officials accept recommendations of the task force. One of the no-bid contracts is for the Keefe Group; two are with Jackson-based Healthcare Insurance while three are with Utah-based Management and Training Corporation.


The task force recommends all contracts of Department of Corrections to undergo a bid process irrespective of their value. It has suggested an analysis to determine whether the state should privatize some of the prisons or not. Privatization began in the mid-1990s. The task force also wants a legislative committee to analyze the handling of commissary services in state prisons. The Keefe Group obtained the contract on November 5, 2008, and has been renewing it annually. The Keefe Group has earned over $40 million in gross revenue through inmate services. Keefe is responsible for services such as processing inmate deposits and processing of inmate trust funds.


Join the Telmate network and get affordable inmate network with advanced features. A newly established network, they have had a successful fourth quarter audit with Securus Technologies guaranteeing their customers every minute under their service agreement. Their features are listed directly from their website. Telmate has added many popular services and features to their website with promotional offers to save more money for their first-time customers. Many inmates complain about the rising cost of facility calls keeping them disconnected from their love ones. Telmate is committed to keeping inmates and their families connected.


Telmate Services & Features


Remote Visits


Visit securely over the internet when you’re out-of-town or disabled and have a friend or love one in a correctional facility. If you’re on an inmates visiting list, have a valid payment method, a compatible device, and pay a small processing fee, they can conveniently chat online. Get a great high definition video to see your love ones with optimum sound features.


Packaging Services


Get food, personal hygiene products, shoes, clothing, and electronics. Their tablet access allows inmates to download mp3’s, play games, and accept visits. Enjoy household brands packaged and shipped directly to a facility.


Their features are highly preferred over other competitor networks 10 to 1. Join their network and save while talking more. You’re invited to visit the Telmate website for more details on their network and services. Their website also has customers reviews for you to see what others are saying about their network.


Abbreviated as GTL, Global Tel Link is a leader of innovative technology in the industry of communications, specializing in correctional and inmate’s rehabilitation. GTL has consistently grown the industry of correctional facility by providing payment service solutions and visionary services to accommodate the needs of clients in various correctional agencies. The products and services from GTL allow management to categorically integrate services that offer seamless security, flexibility in operations and finance value.


Customer service


GTL values customers in all aspects. It is because of such ethics that the company has managed to deliver excellent results in various aspects of operation. In the industry of correctional technology, GTL is well established to assist departments in gaining unprecedented views into every facet or department of the system. GTL understands that it is vital to be able to drive high levels of security and safety through confidence. Aside from that, GTL provides inmates with services that allow them to connect with the outside world; in this case, the world is family, joined by friends.




GTL prides itself on being able to lead in the constantly transforming industry of corrections facilities, with a track record of always being ahead of producing high-quality products. From the high-tech web-based telephone for inmates, to the first tablet, GTL is focused on improving communication systems in prisons. For most correctional agencies, GTL must be consulted in the event of implementing new technology. This is an indication that GTL is trusted to produce the best communications gadgets in the prison system.




Inmate telephone systems and video visitation management solutions are just two of the major communications systems that GTL has managed to sell to the industry. Coupled with financial services and investigative solution systems, this brand speaks volumes about its ability to invent some of the industry’s strongest, communications gadgets for inmates. With excellent leadership on board as well, GTL continues to thrive on better understanding of how the prisons operate. At GTL, the focus is on improving inmates’ communications industry by offering comprehensive solutions. The big picture lies in running smooth operations, coupled with safety in the society. GTL offers valuable services for inmates and their families.


How One Packet Of Coffee Can Change Your Life


Instant coffee was given a bad name. You might see it with a negative light today also. There’s one thing to say about products like this; they continue to sell. Instant coffee is a success for a number of reasons. A variety of coffees can be made from it, it can be made anywhere and there’s no end to the supply.


The best aspect of it is that coffee is considered a stimulant. It helps people to wake up in the mornings or to stay up at night. All of these factors enable coffee to make a business professional rich in no time. The Keefe Group is a living example how your life can be quickly changed with a packet of coffee.


The Keefe Group started in the United States private sector. The U.S. private sector was a great target because there are few competitors with innovative packaging. The idea of instant coffee was already a success around the world. The Keefe Group would instead package it professionally, so people wanted it even more.


This simple but small difference is what led the Keefe Group into great success.


Considering The Intricacies Of Industrial Design


The “industry in industry” is a tongue twister but an actual market where brands like The Keefe Group excel. What other manufactures failed to see over the years is called specialization. The Keefe Group didn’t become a United States major, private sector supplier overnight.


What the brand used instead was a steady perfection process. This process occurs when brands, professionals and governments master a certain concept. The difficult thing in specialization is the endless labor. Once businesses have mastery, they then have a choice.


They can continue to master that process, or they can become content and loose ground. The Keefe Group chose to fine-tune things they already mastered. This led to opportunities within the marketplace that competitors never expected. Here was the character of Keefe then and is their reputation today.


When the world of manufacturing evolves again, there’ll be no surprise if it was all because of the Keefe Group.


In regards to IC Solutions, I encourage customers to keep their guard up at all times around them. There is no telling what this company might do next or what is up their sleeve. One thing is for sure: it is no good and it is going to cause a lot of pain for the customers. These are scary times for the inmates and the customers that have prepaid IC Solutions. IC Solutions is a prepaid prison phone service, which is supposed to allow inmates to speak to family and friends behind bars. They are not doing a whole lot of that, however. Instead, they are collecting money ( and hiding. These are some real scumbags let me tell you.

I don’t know how they are able to live with themselves and I don’t know how they keep getting away with it. I’m only a writer with a very strong opinion. There is very little I can do except keep spreading the negative word about IC Solutions. There are people in greater positions of power than I am and they can really cause some damage to IC Solutions and put them in a world of hurt. They are the people that need to step forward and do something. IC Solutions just keeps taking money from customers while also arguing with them. There is nothing about this company that makes a lick of sense.

However, in their sick and twisted world, it all makes sense because they keep making money and collecting at the cost of the inmate and their families. That is truly all that matters to them. That is their bottom line, and it is an ugly bottom line. There is nothing to like about it and there is nothing to enjoy about it. This is not the way any company should be run.

Visit their website:

An unsigned and rather mysterious document has appeared to aid jails and prisons in evading regulations to prevent outrageous amounts from being charged by prison phone companies. Basic calling services are costing prisoners and their families hundreds of dollars every month. The prison phone companies had no comment or stated they were not involved with the document. The state regulators are considering the matter due to concern over an attorney hired by the families of the inmates.


Prison phone companies are usually selected by the government and facilities based on the amount of kickbacks offered to the prisons. A plan was approved by the Federal Communications Commission last October to cap the price of prison phone calls, and discourage commissions. The mysterious document provides a way around the FCC order by giving the commissions a different name. According to the families of the prisoners, the intention of the document is to help local governments, jails, and prisons continue to charge high fees.


The document was submitted for consideration to the FCC, and the origin remains unknown. It is unclear if the recommendations in the three-page document are being implemented by the jails and prisons. The main prison providers, Global Tel-Link, Legacy Inmate Communications, and CenturyLink deny any role concerning the document. It has been suggested local authorities may be considering ways to charge high commissions by using a different terminology.


Baldwin County’s commissioner in Alabama has requested bids for video and telephone services stating the contract will be awarded to the company with the highest cost recovery rate and best services payable to Baldwin County. The petition suggests the cost recovery rate may be another name for commission. Hoss Mack, the Sheriff of Baldwin County stated current guidelines were used to advertise, bid, and develop their services. For additional information on this matter, please visit here.


There are several reputed companies that offer inmate telephone service. One of them is IC Solutions, which helps inmates to keep in touch with their loved ones. The company offers its services right from the time the inmate is booked to when they are finally released.In order to take advantage of their inmate telephone service, IC Solutions has made it easy by availing various options to their customers. You can create an account with them, purchase telephone services and leave messages. Their system also allows you to chat in real time, using video visitation.

Some of the accounts which IC Solutions offer include:

  • Debit telephone account
  • Pre-paid account
  • Collect calling

These options make calling easy, and they have their own benefits. For example, the debit telephone account can allow the inmate to make a call to any phone number once payment is done. The pre-paid account, on the other hand, allows the inmate’s calls to be received through a cell phone or when a phone number has gone beyond its spending limit. The collect calling service, on the other hand, allows the inmate to call a facility which is approved to receive his calls. These charges will then be billed on the user’s next telephone bill.For anyone who would like to purchase these services, is a great start. For any questions on how their telephone service works, you can contact the company’s customer care desk, which is operational on a 24-hour basis.Some of the other services which IC Solutions offer include kiosks. These kiosks are used for collecting money for the telephone service from inmates. The company also has a web-based deposit option for families and friends to deposit funds directly into the inmate’s account.

Keefe Group, which began in 1975, is a subsidiary of the Centric Group LLC, and through its many affiliate companies, it is responsible for the provision of various services to correctional facilities across the country ranging from supplying food products to clothing to personal care products, and much more. The company is also responsible for processing inmate deposits, handling of debit cards and inmate trust funds, and selling of music players to inmates.


In many of these services, the company has exclusive rights to them, and its contracts were awarded and renewed severally through no-bid contracts. Incidentally, this is what led to the resignation and eventual indictment of Commissioner Chris Epps and Cecil McCrory. Epps was accused of awarding McCrory’s company, G.T. Enterprises, a no-bid contract in 2007 to provide inmate commissary services in 2007. He also renewed the contract severally during the course of the next few years. The Keefe Group acquired the G.T. Enterprises company in 2008 after buying it from its owner McCrory and hence receiving the contract as well.


The commissary system allows inmates to receive money from their friends and families and order essential items which are delivered to after a few days. The company has turned this into a lucrative business by hiking the prices of the things to get a specific commission on them and retaining some of the money intended to be for the inmates as a policy. This has made the items to be costly, and families of the inmates are feeling the pinch as the cost is burdensome and some have even complained to the courts.


A five-member task force sat and came up with some recommendations to make sure the practice does not continue in the future. They suggested that correction departments should replace all no-bid contracts with competitive contracts. They also proposed that any vendor with a state agency contract would have to file a disclosure form bearing the name of any consultant that assisted them to get the contract and any amount paid to them. State agencies would then be required to post on a public website requests for bids and also state reasons why it awarded a contract to a particular vendor. With the implementation of these recommendations, it is expected that monopoly by companies such as Keefe Group, and instances of bribery in awarding of contracts will be significantly reduced.


The Keefe Group is an exclusive dynamic place packed with energy, excitement and talent. Personnel play an important role in the realization of our vision. They are encouraged to consider the Keefe Group as a career location, not merely as a workplace. We value our employees and have confidence in investing in their personal and professional growth. Getting the best choice in the conservator industry is not easy. It is the consequence of hard work of everyone in each part of the business. The employees of the Keefe Group are satisfied with their careers and know that they help the success of the company. Most importantly, the employees of the Keefe Group are proud of you’re able to send background and look forward to what they expect. The Keefe Group always offers new challenges and opportunities. Currently, Keefe Group has more than 130 locations in the United Areas. As a company, the Keefe Group also is owned by a larger group of sister companies, which offers employees many additional options about the direction with their careers. Employees can change location, domain, or even industry; and stick to the same parent company, the same philosophy. Determination and enthusiasm clear endless career opportunities.

In the Keefe Group, it is our main goal to are a team to the satisfaction of our customers. Employees in all business units work in tranquility to achieve our goals. Our company is proud to achieve the goals and stay the best. Our workforce is extremely diverse.

Through the Keefe Group Access Securepak Program, the Keefe Group offers high-quality products in healthcare packages that help prevent the smuggling of law enforcement institutions. Securepak Access is an one-stop shop where relatives and friends of inmates can ship items such as food, personal maintenance systems, clothing, shoes and gadgets. We adapt every program to the individual needs of law enforcement establishments, with security, overall flexibility and comfort being the top priority.

The Keefe Group is dedicated to the introduction of state-of-the-art services and technologies to make the judicial industry more effective and secure. The Keefe Group offers three kiosks: reservation styles, lobby and pod for the unique needs of the service. Our technology is designed to simplify many ways in which judicial corporations manage and process information flows, financial transactions, and entertainment for detainees and their families.


If you are looking for something positive in regards to IC Solutions, you are going to have to look hard and far. There is absolutely nothing to like about this company. They are the reason they are seen in such a negative light. This is not an example of customers that are just looking to get some attention and get some free phone calls for their troubles. They truly take umbrage with what is going on with IC Solutions, the inmate phone provider. They have stolen an average of 78 dollars. There is another link online which talks about how a parent lost almost one hundred dollars in an attempt to reach their son.Now, I’m not a parent, but I am someone’s child. If I were ever in a situation, especially prison, where I was stuck behind bars, I would want to talk to my dad as my mom has passed away.

Thankfully, I’ve never been in prison and don’t plan on going there in the future, but I have compassion, sympathy, and empathy. I’m proud of that fact. I can picture how I would feel and put myself in their shoes. I could also picture myself in the shoes of a parent, even though I’m not a parent.When someone is a parent, they would climb any mountain and they would do anything to speak to the child. Now, when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. That is a strong commitment as a parent and that is why they keep paying the crazy prices of IC Solutions in the hopes that they can reach the son. IC Solutions says, “That is easier said than done.” I really wish a lawyer or someone with power would really take it to IC Solutions and give them a taste of their own medicine.