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IC Solutions Features

Food Packaging

You can get top food service packaging from IC Solutions from their website, or an inmates commissary list. They have the option if choosing from the top shoes, clothing items, food, personal hygiene products, and electronics.

Inmate Online Photos

Send an inmate a photo online for a small fee. That’s right; they can receive photos online, and interact with the ones they love through a simple photograph.You’re invited to become a part of the trusted IC Solutions network today by visiting their website.

Global Tel-Link is a company that has come under fire from the media many times during the past decade. This company is a provider of phone service for prisons around the United States. The bad media coverage is due to the company charging very high rates for inmates to make phone calls to members of their families and their legal representatives. They have been doing this sort of thing for many years without any intervention from the government. They are allowed to keep doing this because the prison phone industry is not currently regulated. Therefore, all of the companies involved in this industry can basically get away with murder.


Each phone company has a monopoly over the prisons they service. A prison has just one phone provider. Inmates are forced to deal with whatever company is contracted to provide the phone service for the prison they are being housed in. They can set up an account that they can add money to whenever they want. The rates that are charged are at the sole discretion of the phone provider. Inmates can either pay the rates of not make calls. Many inmates are incarcerated far away from their families. Therefore, talking to their families on the phone is the only way they can communicate with them. This is why inmates often spend every penny they have to call home.


Many TV news programs and websites have made a point of exposing the corrupt business practices of Global Tel-Link and the other companies in the prison phone industry. This has brought a great deal of attention to the situation regarding the insanely high rates prisoners must pay to use the phone. However, the government has yet to put any sort of regulations on this very lucrative industry that generates billions of dollars every year. There is a theory that politicians will not regulate the prison phone industry because they rely on hefty donations from Global Tel-Link and all of their competitors. These companies do donate heavily to politicians. Therefore, there might be some truth to that theory.


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IC Solution Features

Remote Visitation

Remote Visitation allows you to visit the ones you love securely over the internet. Get interactive video features that put you in complete control of your high definition video with premium sound capabilities.

Advanced Calling Features

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For families with relatives in state prisons, phone calls and occasional visits are the only opportunities for personal interaction. However, not all families enjoy the option of prison visits at times due to the interstate distances. The families opt to keep in touch through calls because of the convenience. But, not everyone can afford the rates that vary from one service provider to the other. In fact, some families limit the calls to once or twice a month.


The Federal Communications Commission has proposed several changes to make the inmate calling calls affordable. In 2014, the commission implemented several regulations aimed at standardizing the costs of all interstate inmate calls to 25 cents a minute. The FCC reports that the move lowered the costs by 40%. The new regulations marked the beginning of the much-advocated reforms for prison calls. Subsequently, the Federation Communications Commissions also made known its intention to review the inmate calling regime. Even with the regulations, human rights advocates feel like the changes only cover 15% of calls across the nation and fail to address the issue of in-state calls.


The service providers pay commissions to prison facilities in all but nine states. The FCC views the payment as the significant hindrance and cause of the expensive rates. As such, the FCC is pushing for reforms that will eliminate additional charges for depositing, opening, and closing accounts, standardizing in-state inmate calls and abolishing commissions to prisons.


Global Tel-Link Corp, one of the significant inmate telecommunication service providers, controls about 50% of the market share. The company also offers payment services, management, investigation, and content solution. In 2011, New York firm, American Securities acquired Global Tel-link at $ 1 billion. In 2014, Global Tel-link enabled 215 million calls to prisons equivalent to three billion minutes of talk time.


Telmate seeks to bring lasting change to thousands of inmates by providing them with the opportunity to interact with the outside world. The chances that an inmate will become a repeat offender are greatly reduced when they have more communication with the outside community. Creating connections that are accessible, simple and non expensive is always at the heart of all their initiatives. Numerous outreach programs can attest to this.


This notwithstanding, clients are not having an easy time with their accounts. One client could not add money to the account of her loved ones. This denied them an opportunity to reach to the rest of the world. She didn’t get much help either when she reached out to the company.


The rate at which the call rates rise does not go well with other clients. They have reason to believe that though Telmate gives them good services, they are out to make as much profit as they possibly can; taking full advantage of clients who are not on guard. On the other hand no refunds are given when one wants out.


Their staff do not match the expectations of most account owners. A lot of the feedback received point to fact that no much assistance is provided to individuals who call seeking for guidance on issues concerning their accounts. One disgruntled client called for further training of the staff claiming that a supervisor she had talked to be appeared to be reading from a book and was not coherent enough.


The case of inmates getting access to phone numbers of people and using this to scare them and coax money from them does not go down well with clients. Telmate promises to provide a safe environment for both the inmates and members of the outside community. The inability of clients to simply block such calls only works to aggravate the whole situation.


A lot of work needs to be done for Telmate to satisfy most if not all its clients. Regular updates on their website and ensuring that it works efficiently could be a good place to start from. Improved management of the clients’ accounts as well as equipping their staff properly will also make their services better.

IC Solutions is making things tough on everyone but themselves. They don’t have anything to worry about in regards to their company. They are making a pretty penny and they are enjoying the good life. As far as the inmates and their families, things are very, very hard on them and they have little to be happy about at the moment or in the near future. IC Solutions is the inmate phone provider, which affords families and friends of the inmate the chance to speak to them while they are in prison. It is very, very important they have a phone call and I can’t stress that enough. It helps keep their head on straight and it puts them in the right place moving forward. I’m going to toot my own horn here for a second, but when someone is in prison, they need all the help they can get and they will gladly take it.

For many people, they don’t think much of a phone call. They expect it, they know it will happen, and it is no big deal to them. For someone in prison, the phone call is one of the only things they have to look forward to, as they are all alone without any friends or family. It is why what IC Solutions is doing to the inmates and their families is downright criminal. They are on two websites that no company wishes to find themselves on and those websites are Pissed Consumer and Rip Off Report. Here is one of the links from Pissed Consumer  and it paints the story of what is going on over at IC Solutions and the kind of operation they are running in terms of customer service and in terms of how they are handling their business.

You may have seen Global-Tel Link in some negative new articles lately, yet you probably are not entirely sure who they are and what they have done.


The company was founded in 1980 and they were formerly known as Global Telcoin. Since the start, they have been involved with communications and information technology within prisons. Contracts have been awarded to them by some of the largest prisons, both public and private, in which many watchdogs believe that they are taking advantage of the system.


Phone Calls Are Absurdly Expensive In Prison

Making a phone call to a family member in prison requires a lot more than paying a few quarters and getting connected. In order to get through to them, you will need to purchase Global-Tel Link prepaid cards and load them onto your account. Just from loading your card, 25% is deducted from your account for explainable reasons. A short phone call of ten minutes may be as high as $15 in total. As you can see, these numbers may add up and a significant amount of money may be spent in just phone calls. The monthly expenditure will definitely hit lower class families that should be paying bills or buying food.


The ACLU Is Calling For Action

The ACLU has seen through their ploy thank thousands of families speaking up about this problem. Because of this, they started a petition that was sent to the Federal Communications Commission, in which it states that the government should step in to limit the profits of these phone companies.


Over 2.7 million children in the country have parents behind bars, in which most of them live in poverty. Since the breadwinners of the house may be locked up, these families may have to take second jobs just to pay the bills. The drastic cost of phone calls, thanks to Global-Tel Link, is basically taking food from their mouths. Statistics have shown that children who grow up in poverty and have parents in prison are very likely to get into crime themselves. Cleaning up America’s crime problem should start by getting these children out of poverty and not financially punishing them through phone call scams.


Keefe Food Group Company is one of the most corrupt companies that operate in the inmate industry. For over three decades of professional experience, Keefe Food Group Company has worked to become one of the most sophisticated business capability that understands what it takes to become an entity in this business world. Corruption is a vice that the American constitution does not allow. If any company or individual is allegedly confirmed to engage in corruption, they are an enemy of the country and the people. Keefe Food Group Company has confirmed to the people that they are an enemy of the people in a wide range of solutions.


It is now clear that their success is not attributed to the products and solutions they offer the inmate industry. However, their success is attributed to the amount of money the company strives to achieve at the end of the session. Working for better business will land you at a safer position towards understanding the importance of fighting Keefe Food Group Company corruption in the inmate industry. When you look at the money the company takes home at the end of the year working in the inmate industry, it is to our surprise that the prisoners are a source of money. This brings in the confusion when we understand that prisoners have no economic activity to give them money for improper spending. However, Keefe Food Group Company sells the personal items that prisoners can’t go without. Therefore, they hike the prices to amounts they deem fit for their operations.


For over three decades of experience in the industry, Keefe Food Group Company mastered the art of persuasion to secure business deals in the inmate industry. When the company as new in business, their solutions sold them for adoption. However, they have sidelined their operations of activities to seek massive profits from forcing people to purchase hiked commodities. The company also issues kick-back money to prison officials because they signed their contracts. Some states have also decided to eliminate the no-bid contracts that will help the prison facilities choose the most suitable people to operate in the industry.


Recently, Sangamon County was in the middle of a heated debate on prison reform. The Sangamon County jail system have recently switched how in house visits are performed. Instead of loved ones visiting face to face through a glass partition, inmates will receive visits from loved ones through video screens while we heir loved one is one floor down in the visiting center.This video system is costing approximately $320,000.00 which is coming out of the inmate fund. Supporters of this change point out details such as: Inmates can receive visitors up to five times a week instead of two, and times are being extended from 20 minutes to 25 minutes per visit.

Detractors of this new system also have valid points. Inmates can’t see loved ones face to face. Even though they visited through glass, they were in the same room and more able to connect. With a video screen there is a detachment that can happen when visits are conducted weekly in this manner.The jail can make video visitation for those that can not make it to the jail system, but are not offering this service until they feel comfortable with the service. When outside video visitation is offered, it will be at a cheaper rate than the traditional calling. To read more about this controversy, please click here.

Communicating with a loved one who happens to be behind bars can be a lot more difficult than you think. Once your loved one is put behind bars, you will find that the only way for you to communicate with them is to make routine trips to the prison as often as you are able to do so. One of the problems with this is that a lot of people do not have the time or money to make these routine trips, so they simply forgo seeing their loved one for long periods of time. If this has been a problem for you in the past, consider utilizing a service known as telmate so that you are able to easily and quickly keep in touch with loved ones who are currently in the prison system.


Telmate has been designed for you to keep in touch with loved ones no matter where they happen to be stationed around the country. If your loved one is in a prison far across the country and you are unable to visit them regularly, you will easily be able to use the system program so that you can communicate with them as often as you would like. There are so many benefits to utilizing a program like telmate, and it is why so many people have used it for themselves and are benefiting from it every single day.


There are so many different options available when it comes to communicating with a loved one in prison, so make sure that you consider this for yourself if you have been struggling to keep in touch with loved ones and do not know what to do. Telmate is one of the leading communication services on the market right now, so it is a great option for you if you have been struggling to keep in touch with loved ones and would simply like to have something that totally transform your life for the better. This system is incredibly easy for you to use as often as you like as long as the prison your loved one is in allows it to happen.