Global Tel Link is a leading prison technology provider in the United States. We are based in Reston, VA, and we offer services in correctional technology, government services, and education. Our success has been pegged on strict adherence to policies and vision of delivering financial value, security, help in reducing recidivism rates as well as easing operation in the inmate sector.


As a trusted industry leader, we serve around 82 percent of all the inmates across the United States. Our customers include 32 state departments of corrections, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia. We are also responsible for delivering services to 79 of the 100 largest county facilities. To serve this vast customer base, we maintain several regional offices across the United States.


Since 1989, when we began operations in the fast-growing industry, we have been restructuring the segment. We continue to be on the frontline of the dynamic corrections sector. Over the years, we have been recognized for our efforts in building the best products. GTL’s web-based inmate telephone platform, which is the first wireless tablet to make calls and the first web-based jail management system have stood out in the industry. As a result, we have grown to become one of the most sought-after corrections technology delivery firm.


With a total of 2,300 correctional facilities and over 1.8 million people to serve, we commit ourselves to the continuous development of industry-leading services. We boast of a team of employees comprising of technologists, engineers, marketers, and designers who work tirelessly to develop cutting-edge technologies.


Learning Management System


As the leading prisoner education services provider, we offer inmates with educational training and training on how to reduce recidivism. We provide credentialed content to juvenile detainees, parolees, probationers, prisoners and prisoners working in correctional facilities. We also provide professional staff training to correctional officers and administrators.


The corrections industry has been subject to a lot of scrutiny over the years from various inmate labor stories to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s controversial regulations on inmate attire in Maricopa County in Arizona. But not as talked about is another series of events related to prison commissaries including some cases of corruption regarding Keefe Group and its sister company IC Solutions. Keefe Group has been owned by several different companies, including a new merger with HIG Capital and has been in operation for over 40 years. They are part of an extensive network of commissary and telecommunications operators but are mostly responsible for commissary sales in many facilities.


Keefe Group has done some good by ensuring that items such as snack foods, clothing articles, approved electronic devices and others are transported to corrections facilities safely and free of contraband. IC Solutions allows secured phone lines to the prison as well as an an IT system that includes video visitation and prison guard communication tools and inmate monitoring. They have helped corrections personnel make timely responses to incidents and have produced efficient commissary sales operations over the years, but their far reach into the prison commissary system has brought about investigations into bribes and unlawful contract steering in some cases.


In Tampa several years ago, state officials found out that two businessmen were given control of a prison business under agreements to pay prison administration and Keefe Group executives kickback payments for that control. While Keefe Group’s executives were never prosecuted in this case, their reputation took a large hit. In another incident in Mississippi not long after, a corrections administrator was prosecuted and sentenced for intentionally fixing contracts to favor Keefe Group while selecting them to operate the prison. While it’s unclear entirely what will be done to change this trend, more state lawmakers are looking to change how prison commissaries are run and what a private company’s limitations will be.


There are a lot of words to describe the way IC Solutions makes its customers feel, but the major one and the one that sticks out the most is anger. That is only the start of it, though. There is a lot more to it than that. There are other words and other ways to describe how they make people feel. However, anger is a strong emotion, so I’m going to stick with that one. One of my strongest suits is my ability to be able to read people, understand them, and put myself in their shoes. Even if I have never gone through what they have gone through, I can feel for them and I can understand the pain they are experiencing in a particular situation. That is called empathy and that is called understanding and more information click here.

I firmly believe that is not a big part of the company manual for IC Solutions. They seem to totally and completely overlook it. Right here there is a link that talks about what is going on from the perspective of the customers: Out of 63 reviews, IC Solutions has a rating of 1.4, which is pretty cringe inducing if you ask me. If I were the CEO of this company, I would gather the troops, as they say, and talk about ways we can improve and make the company better. I would not want this to be our reputation. IC Solutions does not seem to mind what people are writing about them on the Internet, even when people use photographic evidence to back up their point and show what they are talking about and what they have experienced. It is all there online for people to read along with real reviews and learn more about IC Solutions.

It is one of the many great things about Google: it is all out there for people to read and discover if they search and look for it and IC Solutions lacrosse camp.

Telmate Communications is regarded as one of the leading inmate communication services providers in the United States and Canada. With the experience of over two decades, Telmate Communications is a trusted name in the world of inmate communication services and provides its services to over 300 correctional facilities in Canada and North America. The company offers innovative investigative solutions as well as inmate communication services, which are helpful for law enforcement agencies as well as the inmates. In the beginning, Telmate Communications started off on a positive note by offering high-quality services at low prices.

However, with time, the quality of the services provided by Telmate Communications continued to deteriorate drastically. It has become a major concern for the customers who are looking for affordable and efficient services. I am incarcerated for less than a decade, and I have never faced any issues with the inmate communication services so far. But, in the last couple of years, there has been a drastic increase in the prices of inmate communication services that is pinching my budget majorly. It has reduced my ability to call my friends and family as often as I used to and my family is burdened economically due to it. It is similar with other inmates as well who are not financially sound and are struggling to find ways to recharge their account with credit so that they can call their loved ones.

Moreover, the Telmate Communication services have been overcharging many of its customers wrongfully. The customer care of the company has been irresponsive and not answering the customers as they should. It has become a major concern for the inmates, and the problem is that even after repeated complaints, there is hardly any action taken by Telmate Communications. I sincerely hope that Telmate Communications take note of all the complaints that have been flooding the internet lately. It would make the lives of the inmates easier and help them make calls to their loved ones with ease without having to pay double of what other inmate communication service providers charge. If the corrective measures are not implemented soon, I doubt about the future of Telmate Communications in the inmate communications sector.



IC Solutions is a subsidiary of the Centric Group. The focus of the company is to provide telephone services to prison facilities in the United States. The company has been in operation since 2002 and operated in 230 facilities across the country and more information click here.

For those who maybe unaware, the telephone services in most jails are actually provided by a private outside organization who pays to have their phone lines used to make calls from the facilities in which they operate. Most people think that we in society pay for the keep of prisoners, but in reality, our tax dollars pay for very little. Food and clothing are now having to be purchased in some facilities, which places a burden on the families of the inmates. Prisoners do not work so who do you think loads up their prison cards? and its Website.

The average calling rate is around 21 cents a minute then they tack on all the other fees and making it difficult to connect with families who in most circumstances have lost income as a result of their loved one being incarcerated. What’s more, some customers complain that the company is difficult to deal with, lack empathy and have no real sense of customer service. Other customers have accused the company of theft (funds never being placed on account) and double charges on their accounts.

IC Solutions is a shark and what’s worse is no one in our government cares about the hurt and pain this “service provider” is causing to people who are already feeling distressed in being separated from their loved ones. It is high time that we stood together to fight the corruption and price gouging that is rampant in the industry. Help innocent people connect with their family by signing the ACLU’s petition against the prison profiteer system that is making the poor broker than ever before and learn more about IC Solutions.

Telmate LLC., is a renowned company in creating secure technology for inmates. The company offers secure systems for inmate communication. Most of their solutions include; investigative tools, video visits, content, tablets, and phones among others. For over a decade, Telmate has consistently provided reliable and creative services to its clients. Telmate is keen about security, control and efficiency in inmate communications.


Telmate was first established in 1998 as an inmate technology company under the name Pinnacle Public Services. At the time there was an exceeding need for inmate communication solution. It is for this reason that Telmate was mainly established to meet the needs of correctional facilities while providing inmate communication.


Telmate offer its services to 300 other correctional facilities in Canada and the United States of America. Telmate has come up with several correctional products. A case in point is inmate communication. These services enable friends and families to communicate with inmates through messaging, call, photos and video visits. Additionally, Telmate positively engage the inmate with positive content through e-books, movies, music, games, and education among others.


Through high-tech investigative tools and highly experienced staff, Telmate is resourceful in thorough facility control and general oversight. The company has also managed to automate most of its processes to assure their client with efficiency. Most processes and services at Telmate are paperless and high adaptive to any working environment.


Unified suite of technical software serves as the access point to gain control over communications made through Tablets, kiosks and phone. Telmate is particularly driven by creative ideas and extensive research. The company has successfully managed to enhance the platform of inmate communication.


Telmate has positively changed the life of its clients at a fair pricing. The company has also managed to lower recidivism. Moreover, Telmate has greatly contributed to security, operation efficiency and control. The company has equally managed to protect local communities.


Telmate provides unlimited opportunities to its employees and consumers to get better services. The company encourages new ideas and takes responsibility for its deliberate actions. As any other result driven organization, Telmate is critical in meeting their promise to the clients.


Many families face multiple hardships when a loved one is imprisoned. There are usually missed income opportunities, as well as a whole host of other challenges. An overwhelming number of relatives and friends of inmates may be squeezed for funds as a result, and Global Tel-Link is not making their lives any easier. For many people, a 15-minute prison call will end up costing somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 dollars. When making calls on a weekly basis, these charges can really start to add up. Many families report having spent thousands of dollars on phone calls that would have cost a nominal fee if they had been placed to someone outside of the prison system.


It wasn’t always this way. Back in the nineties, making phone calls to a prisoner didn’t cost much more than calling anyone else. However, a few companies swooped in and changed all of that. One of them is Global Tel-Link, a group that is currently being investigated by the FCC and facing fire from the ACLU. Although this new industry has been largely unregulated, it has said that lawmakers are starting to take a closer look at what has become a billion-dollar business—at the expense of inmates’ loved ones.


Indeed, it seems as if the spotlight is finally starting to heat up on companies such as Global Tel-Link. In Sarah Koenig’s wildly popular podcast Serial, which focused on the conviction of inmate Adnan Syed, listeners would hear a message from Global Tel-Link at the beginning of each call between Syed and Koenig. During the course of the show, Koenig would have racked up thousands of dollars for these interview calls, a point which she mentions quickly. For Global Tel-Link, it seems as if this cash cow may be coming to a close sometime soon.


Telmate is among the leading inmate technology services providers in the country. The entity is truly missioned to revolutionize the correctional system. Through the provision of such services as inmate content, facility operations, inmate communications as well as facility control, Telmate has indeed gained in profile and set itself as an expert in the dynamic technological sector in prisons throughout the nation. Though founded under a different in 1998, Pinnacle Public Services, they have continued to offer innovative, high quality and reliable services. They still do the same even today as it has been embedded in their corporate culture.

Due to the challenges facing communications in the correctional sector, Telmate has strived to ameliorate how inmates get in touch with their family and friends. This has been primarily through their nouveau innovations, which Telmate has focused on the technological areas in the prison system. As such, the firm has experienced a meteoric rise in industrial success, which led to the conception of Telmate. The numerous technological innovations, which Telmate has embarked on, have significantly improved the operational efficiency of various correctional facilities across the nation.

From small, local prisons to federal maximum-security prisons, Telmate has been providing services to all forms of correctional facilities. Leveraging the consistent improvements of inmate video, phones, tablets as well as offender tracking solutions, the entity has substantially set themselves on the leading end of the industry. As such, Telmate has been at the center of setting industry standards and records. Their profound uniqueness is portrayed through their deep commitment to improving not only the way inmates and guard communicate as well as how inmates communicate with family and friends, but also ameliorating the overall performance and efficiency of the correctional facilities.

Telmate, in its industrial mission, strives to encompass humanity in all their systems targeting the correctional industry. Telmate views jails and prisons as a place where people are rehabilitated and changed for better lives in and out of prison. Telmate believes the prison system should be built in such a manner, which encourages efficiently sufficient rehabilitation of the inmates, rather than one that makes inmates more hardened criminals with a damaging view of the outside world, which they are soon to go to. Telmate strives to ensure inmates get access to humane accessories to avoid the feeling of being segregated.

I would say I’m shocked by what IC Solutions is doing, but I can’t say I am after doing my homework on them. This seems to be standard business and practice for them. Nothing they are doing right now isn’t anything they haven’t done in the past. The only difference is this time, they are looking for people that do not even use the service and people that have no clue what IC Solutions is in the first place: If this does not prove they deserve to be on Rip Off Report, nothing does. Here is the thing, though: IC Solutions is simply impossible. There is no reasoning with them and there is no talking with them.

This person clearly tried and they came up empty.That is why they have talked about lawsuits and seeing what they can do as they keep changing their credit card, trying to get in touch with someone at IC Solutions, and they keep getting ripped off and losing money. Any human being can only take so much before they have a breaking point. IC Solutions is known for having that breaking point with their customers that actually use them in an attempt to speak to inmates through their inmate phone service. They are also on the website Pissed Consumer, which is a website that not company wishes to find themselves on. Knowing IC Solutions, they probably enjoy all of this and get a kick out of it.It is one big game to them, but for others, there is nothing funny about it and there is nothing to enjoy about it. It is nothing but a big, fat pile of misery with no end or no resolution in sight. There are clearly no solutions with them, and IC Solutions needs to change their name to IC Problems.


My father is in prison in the state of Pennsylvania. I haven’t been able to talk to him a lot since he went away because of the cost. The prison where he is staying uses the company Global Tel-Link. The prices I have been charged for simply wanting to keep in touch with him are outrageous.


I have deposited at least $300 in the last two months. That’s $150. A month. I cannot afford that under normal circumstances. What Global Tel-Link doesn’t tell their customers before they sign up is that they charge fees for everything. There’s a fee to deposit online. There’s a fee just to simply deposit at all into the account. There’s a fee to open the account, one to close the account, one if you simply get called, and then one if they have to reconnect the call because they dropped it. Even if I’m in an area with good reception, I’ve lost calls.


This isn’t fair to the families of those incarcerated in the prison system. I wish I could talk to him more often, but I can’t afford all of these fees. I checked my account just this morning. I only had $2 in the account – not even enough to accept a call from my father. Why are the families of the prisoners the ones that get hit the hardest?