In a recent move, correctional facilities in Northern America have introduced the use of Telmate devices for inmate communication. Telmate’s video conferencing system allows friends, family members, and inmate attorneys keep in touch with prisoners from anywhere in the world via Telmate web accounts, software, and internet link. Telmate stations are installed in a facility’s jail lobby with video and phone chatting capabilities. Besides that, inmates can have Telmate units in their living quarters.


Typically, visits are scheduled in blocks of 30 minutes daily except during mealtimes and at night. Jail officials have lauded this as a positive development in curbing the introduction of contraband into these institutions. In addition to that, Telmate’s video conferencing systems have enhanced the quality of inmate and visitor communication. As such, Telmate’s inmate visitation system is a tremendous breakthrough as it allows families and friends virtual visits as long as they have a PC or internet connection.


Despite concerns regarding the safety of visitor-inmate communications, the company encrypts all data generated in the process. For this reason, Telmate is working closely with prison authorities, families, and attorneys to ensure that lawyer-inmate rights are not violated.


About Telmate


Telmate is one of North America’s leading providers of inmate communication technology. As such, the company endeavours to develop innovative technologies that offer secure connectivity solutions between inmates, friends, families, and attorneys. With this in mind, Telmate’s technology processes millions of data requests daily. These requests comprise of video visits, phone calls, messages, and fund deposits. In addition to that, the company provides inmates with secure tablets allowing inmates access to legal resources, educational content, messaging services, and entertainment.


As part of the company’s community outreach efforts, Telmate is a committed supporter of law enforcement activities in North America. In this pursuit, Telmate has established various community outreach programs. These programs include Telmate Heroes, Telmate Cares, and Telmate Fallen Heroes through which it recognises the efforts of fallen and active officers. It’s key tech innovations originate from its facilities in San Francisco, California with a call centre in Ontario Canada. As of this year, the company serves approximately 200 correctional facilities in 30 states as well as other correctional facilities in Canada.


Global Tel works like none other phone company I know. There is a fee to add money to your account as well as a fee to set up your account. This is money that you won’t get back. The money doesn’t even go toward the calls you receive. I’ve dealt with this long enough, and I want people to know how bad this company really is to the people who keep it in business. I usually put about $50 on my account each week when I get paid. This is supposed to last long enough to receive 10 calls because they are roughly $5 each.


Every time I hear the phone ring and find out that there isn’t money on my account because of fees that have been taken off, I want to scream. The company is one that takes money instead of working with people in order to provide a service that is professional and that helps those who need it most. The FCC has tried to help, but there isn’t anything anyone can do because Global Tel Link is operated by people who are only in the business for the money instead of offering a service that would help other people.

Keefe Food Group is one of the most corrupt companies based in the United States. For the company to secure all those deals in the prison setup, they have always engaged in animated solutions where they pay the prison officials in exchange for a signature to allow them to operate in the prison setup. For this reason, working with these individuals ensures they get the best deals in a manner that is not precedent in the industry. Keefe Food Group makes more than $40 million in profit for operating in the prison setup in a year. This is the reason why they are ranked as the most corrupt company in the United States.

G.T Enterprise also re coded a sum of more than $3 million in revenue for the last one year. This is a great achievement considering there is no company securing that amount as profit for one year offering the same services. Keefe Food Group secured their contract to work in the state prison setup in 2005. Chris Epps signed each contract awarded to them as the high-ranking prison officials in charge of issuing deals to companies seeking to supply food products to the inmates. We are all meant to think that Keefe Food Group engaged in a corruption dal to secure such contracts where there are more companies out there with the same capabilities buy cant secure the deals.

Keefe Food Group is responsible for offering services such as inmate deposits, the sale of the pre-paid credit and debit cards through the inmate trust funds, and the right to sell exclusive music in the inmate facilities. For all the songs they sell, the company keeps over $78 percent as their own. For this reason, they work to activate better business through agitated business solutions,

The company also has the exclusive right to sell personal hygiene products, personal items, tobacco, as well as other items in the inmate industry. For all the sales the company makes, they pay up to 30 percent back to the inmate facility. This leaves them with much more money. In case they activate their business, they sell products for more money so that they can afford to issue paybacks.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to believe that hurt and anger go hand-in-hand when it comes to life. If you are hurt, you are probably going to be angry about it. That is what is happening to customers that are using IC Solutions, the inmate phone company, to reach an inmate in jail. They are hurt because they can’t speak to the inmate on the phone and they desperately want to speak to them. This is someone that is important to them and someone that matters to them. They matter, which is something that IC Solutions forgets way too often. They forget that people matter and people make a difference.A lot of people in prison are not tough and cruel criminals. Many of them, I would imagine, are pretty scared.

It might be their first time in there, and they don’t know how to handle all of the stress that is being thrown their way. Again, I’m not speaking from experience, but I can put myself in someone else’s shoes and imagine how they would feel. I think anyone with a heart could do that. Heart is a word I’d like to focus on here for a second. Does IC Solutions have a heart? NO! If they had a heart, they would not be on websites like Rip Off Report.I found it quite interesting that they were called a necessary evil. The word there to focus on is evil. Evil is a dangerous word to throw around, but in my view, there is no better word to describe IC Solutions than evil. They are pure evil and they are evil to the very core. They would not be on Pissed Consumer as well with a rating in the low 1’s if they were doing their job and making the customers happy.

The last thing prisoners want is to be branded as money. However, few companies in the inmate industry brand prisoners as money. The GT Enterprise and Keefe Food Group Company call prisoners a haven for riches and money, this is because of the two companies, as much as they are serving the poorest lot in the community, extract most of their money in the form of business. For all the products and services rendered to the inmates, the companies extort the prices to amounts that are not welcomed in the inmate industry. Working for peace means we will need better business results to amount to success in the industry.


Inmates have united against these companies exploiting their peace in the correctional experience. This is because they are teaching them to become robbers robbing from one another to afford basic needs such as snacks and other personal items only sold by Keefe Food Group Company. Keefe Food Group Company has also faced numerous charges in many political reform forums but has never faced trial in a court of law. This means that the company has too many political alliances that cannot allow it face litigation. While this is true, we need to activate a new way to deal with these corrupt companies and save our brothers and sisters in prisons.


It is time to join forces and make the inmate industry a free business arena. Some states in the United States have decided to eradicate business deals for all the no-bid contracts that were in the position previously. The no-bid contracts are now replaced by a competitive bidding process that screens the performance of the company before it secures a business deal in prison. While we might worry about the thousands of people who get employment opportunities in the industry, let us now begin to worry about the quality of correction we impart to the inmates.


When we look at the money the two companies take home after business, we are tempted to worry about their origin. Before that, our inmate families are crying for help to levy down the burden they incur working with such companies that do not care about services.


For those that are in prison and have relied on IC Solutions to speak to family, friends, and loved ones, they know all about the scars that have been caused. I imagine these scars are worse than any scars they would face in prison. They are painful, brutal, and they don’t ever heal. That is what IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider, is doing to its customers. They are causing scars that are long-lasting. There is no end in sight, either. It is preventing someone from having their basic human right, which is the ability to speak to someone while they are in prison.It is double trouble because IC Solutions is using their pain to make money for themselves. They are not even joking about this.

The way they that is they get their hands on the bank information of the person that wishes to call the inmate and once they have that, it is a free license to run wild and really go to town. It is a shopping spree for them. Is it too much for this parent to speak to their child on the telephone? That is all they want to do and for their troubles, they are out one hundred dollars.As others have pointed out in other links, they are not going to get anywhere trying to speak to the IC Solutions customer service team. It is a damn joke that does not take the customer seriously at all. They simply overlook them and forget about them without so much as a second thought. It is just banging someone’s head against the wall and getting nowhere. It is downright disgraceful and sickening on a multitude of levels. What is being done to stop this? Nothing. It has gotten to the point where people are at their wit’s end.

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Once you know how many features and the rates you will have to pay and how they will handle support issues, you’ll be able to compare companies or plans and choose one that meets your needs.

Different plans or packages offer different features and prices, so take the time to evaluate the offers and make the right choice. For a service that accommodates everyone, Keefe Group is your clear choice.

Keefe Group is a leader in inmates phone and communications service. This renowned company has been catering to the needs of numerous customers and is well known for its reasonable phone rates and fabulous customer support.

Keefe Group has a great team and ensures that customers are pleased with their their services. I have been using their services for several months now and they respond promptly to address my concerns or issues. The customer support agents are highly knowledgeable and are  fully committed  to your satisfaction.


Securus Technologies Inc., a company that offers prison telecommunications services has slapped Telmate with an unfair competition case filed in Texas. Securus Technologies alleged that Telmate used defamatory lies and false advertising about it and their CEO to gain a huge chunk of its customers. The suit filed in federal court alleged that Telmate was in violation of the Lanham Act through the misleading statements it issued in its pursuit of getting more potential customers signing contracts with them.


Genesis of the Suit


In the past one year alone, Telmate has managed to get 11 contracts with correctional facilities that were previously getting services from Securus Technologies. Further, it went on to win nine fresh contracts that the two companies were competing for. The suit claimed that Telmate invaded the privacy of their CEO, Rick Smith and also defamed him. The suit further claims that Telmate issued misleading and false statements about the quality of Securus Technologies Incorporated’s services compared to theirs. Securus claimed that its competitor engaged in wanton acts that are against the law and considered as unfair competition.


Rick Smith’s Defamation Case


Securus Technologies contends in its suit that its competitor Telmate used their CEO’s name hypothetically as an inmate to demonstrate how their call-blocking feature functions. Securus is contending that its competitor used the name “Rick Smith” to refer to a hypothetical inmate when they knew too well that it was the title of their CEO. Securus contends that this act portrays their CEO as an incarcerated person.


Other Claims


Telmate has been accused of using fake numbers to lie to customers that Securus does not promptly respond to its phone calls whereas it answers all their calls within only two rings. The suit alleges that Telmate posed a challenge to prospective customers to demonstrate the company that responded fast to their calls. However, Telmate provided a number that was not working purporting that it was the line used by Securus.


About Telmate


Telmate is an experienced telecommunications company that offers reliable and innovative technologies to drive control, efficiency and security. The company is a top provider of inmate communications systems that are secure via investigator tools, tablets, phones and video visits among others. Telmate provides its services to more than 300 correctional facilities in Canada and U.S.A.

Telmate is a top privately owned telecommunications firm that is recognized for the unique technologies that it provided to law enforcement and correctional facilities across the United States and Canada. The company was created in 1998, and its first name was Pinnacle Public Service. During that time, the enterprise was focused on offering installation, maintenance, and repair of various gadgets that were used in the inmate communication industry. Pinnacle was hired by top corporations that served prisons in that were located in the Northwest. After a couple of years, Telmate developed and started offering a variety of the cutting-edge, reliable, and secure technology products to prisons across North America. The firm provides remarkable customer care services.


The firm currently provides a variety of technology based products, which ensure that correction facilities function efficiently. Its services are used by different types of facilities, and they include state DOCs, city jails, county correctional facilities, and federal detention centers. The largest client that Telmate serves is a prison that has approximately 18,000 inmates. Telmate’s services are currently being used by more than 300 correctional institutions that are located in different parts of North America.


Telmate has been named as one of the leading firms in the inmate communication industry due to the top-notch technologies that it has developed. It currently offers its clients with a broad range of solutions, and they include telephones, tablets, offender tracking devices, and video chat services. The company has managed to grow in the past two decades due to the healthy relationships that it has developed with its clients.


The technology-based products that Telmate has developed are very secure, and they prevent the inmates from using them to commit new crimes. The company has developed different entertainment solutions that allow the inmates to have a nice time while they are in prison. It also has an excellent video visitation product that enables convenient communication between the prisoners and their loved ones. The service can be used on devices such as computers, phones, and tablets. Telmate has also developed other products that are used for prison management, investigation, and safety in the correctional facilities.


There comes a point in everyone’s life where they have obtained enough and they are ready to retire and settle down. They are satisfied and they have saved enough to last them through retirement. IC Solutions has made more than enough money off their customers and they have done it in the most dubious and shady of ways. They are know as one of the top inmate phone providers for the family and loved ones of inmates. When someone is behind bars, they don’t have a lot of access to things, especially phone calls. That is why they need someone from their close circle to pay IC Solutions to allow them to speak to them on a more regular basis.One would imagine they are pretty frightened and scared, especially if they have never been in prison before. They don’t know how to handle all of it and it overwhelms them.

That is a perfectly natural and normal way for someone to feel if they are in an unknown setting. It is why they rely so much on the phone calls from a familiar voice and someone that is in their corner to help them out. These are the people that know them best and the people that are going to support them and love them, no matter what. They will stay by their side through the thick and thin.That is why what IC Solutions is doing is just flat out criminal. When reading links like this,, it is hard for the whole thing not to break your heart. Whenever someone is losing money and losing the ability to speak to someone while also suffering and feeling isolated, that is heavy-duty stuff we are talking about here. IC Solutions does this day in and day out and they don’t ever stop to think about who is being hurt in the process.