Have you ever considered what price you would put on the ability to communicate, whether it be through a phone call, snail mail, or other method, to communicate with the people that are most important to you and your life? According to STL Today, in most cases the answer is probably not. Most people never think about just how important our ability to communicate with the ones we love really is and we take it for granted. For those people that are currently incarcerated either in a prison, jail, juvenile detention center, or immigration holding center awaiting deportation, the ability to communicate with their loved ones becomes extremely valuable. It is not just important to them but it is very important to the ones they love on the outside, their cases, and the overall success of this Sociology of each facility that inmates are able to readily and regularly communicate with their attorneys, friends, and family.

Most people assume that phone calls and mail between inmates of these types of facilities and the outside world are handled by the facilities themselves. However, in many cases the communications systems are actually contracted out to third-party companies. One example of a company that provides such services is the Keefe Group.

One such company that strives providing superior communications systems to these types of facilities and me are always able to communicate with those that are most important to them. They understand the sheer importance of regular communications, as well as, the ability to work on their cases over the phone with their attorneys. They understand the importance of trying to keep the costs of these communications services as low as possible, while still trying to turn a profit as a company.

If you would like to learn more about the Keefe group, you can do so by heading over to their website at www.keefegroup.com.

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IC Solutions is an inmate telephone service provider that helps bridge the gap between inmates, their families, and friends. IC Solutions offers services to both inmates and their families. They offer records on the inmates related to their visitations, their release dates, and procedures. The program offers different options for inmates’ families such as creating an account, purchasing phone services, leaving voice messages to the recipient, and chatting in real time via video visitation. The program also allows families to send emails, and photos using the MP3 program. The families can also send funds to the prisoner’s commissary account.

Major Services Offered

  • Collect calling- the service allows inmates to make calls to your residential telephone number. For the service to be successful, the telephone number must be viable and not restricted. IC Solutions set certain collects calls limit to prevent you from incurring a lot of phone bills.
  • Voicemail- the system allows you to send voicemail messages to the inmates 24/7. Through the system, the inmate gets an alert when they have a voicemail message.
  • Deposits- the Secure Deposits feature allow family members and friends to deposit money to the inmates’ commissary accounts. The service is easy and reliable as it is undertaken in three simple steps.
  • Automated Information Line- the service is a hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform that provides answers to frequently asked questions by the inmate.

In a report by the State Journal Register, the Sangamon County Jail has collaborated with IC solutions to increase inmate visitation. Even though the visits will be conducted via a video screen, most inmates and families will benefit from this added advantage.

IC Solutions has faced a lot of criticism from many users who claim that the system is a scam. Some have raised complaints that they have paid the telephone bills, but ended up not using the service. IC Solutions are, therefore, dedicated to overcome these drawbacks and strive to provide quality products to all its subscribers.

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One of the things that I dislike about using Global Tel Link is that the phone system takes money from my account when it detects a call is supposedly being made or accepted by a third party or that there is someone else trying to get on the line. I can hardly use my cell phone when talking to my husband in jail as there is so much static on the phone at times that the call will hang up after a few minutes. GTL thinks that there is someone else listening to the conversation when there isn’t anyone else on the line.

When the call is disconnected, it takes the amount for the full call off of my account, reveals consumeraffairs.com. When I only get to talk for two or three minutes, it can affect how much money I have to spend and budget for during the week. I have called to see if there is anything that can be done, and the only thing that I’m told is to try to get a landline, which would be more money that needs to be spent just to talk to my husband. However, that’s what I’m going to have to do just so a call isn’t detected.

Together with the ACLU, help spread the word about GTL’s jail fraud.

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Food, clothing, and shelter are the basics for our existence. Each and every one of us has the right to these necessities in a satiable level. For this reason, we have to strive to get the means to acquire them. In the correctional facilities like the prisons, inmates also operate under similar regulations. Since they are not free to fend for themselves, there exist laid down policies and procedures of how to provide these stuff to them.

Keefe Group is a nationwide leader in food products supply, clothing, electronics, technology, personal care products, and software & telecommunication solutions to correctional facilities. The company has been in service to the correctional market exclusively since 1975. It also has customized its commodities, to fit the needs of these establishments countrywide.

The company’s aim is to ensure that every task they are entrusted with is executed to the best of our ability and customize it to meet the various unique needs of our clients and to guarantee 100% satisfaction. Keefe products cut across all areas; we simply are like the one stop shop store. The firm is the pioneer in the formulation of products and packaging aimed to meet specific safety and security needs of the country’s correctional industry.

With it has come innovations’ including the foods and meal section. We have overseen the introduction of soft-pouch food containers that had to replace metal cans that were risky and dangerous as they were prone to be used as weapons. Also developed was the transparent packaging of food and personal care items. Moreover, we, the company have seen the formulation of distinct housing for electronics.

Accordion to the Dispatch, currently, we offer over ten thousand brands and private-label products to federal prisons, county jails and also other institution requiring our unique services and products. We are renowned for our vast national broad network that allows us to have a wider reach to our prospective clients. Our pricing is well known for its stability hence making it easy for our customers to make future budgeting.

Last but not least, our effectiveness when it comes to the supply of ordered products is highly reliable and delivers within the same day of order. We are the leading correctional facilities suppliers, and we strive to better our services and products by keenly listening to our customers and offering whatever they need inexact.

TO learn more about the Keefe Group, visit  kingfish1935.blogspot.com.

Having offered reliable services to correctional markets nationwide since it was founded in the year 1975, Keefe Group has been growing and expanding every day. They have been in a position to gain the trust of many clients due to their quality services. Keefe has been providing correctional markets with food products, software, technology, communication, hygiene products and many more since it was founded. Through it, facilities are in a position to feed inmates and you can also communicate with a loved one any day.

Keefe has been serving correctional markets exclusively by ensuring they get all their different needs, reveals prisoncensorship.info. It has partnered with other affiliates namely IC Solutions, Advance Technologies, Access Corrections, Access Securepak and Keefe Supply Company to ensure they provide cutting edge services to these facilities. Their main aim is to ensure they provide facilities with all their requirements and ensure inmates are taken care of.

Their Responsibilities

Keefe is a very successful company since it has the best experience of around 30 years in this field. It therefore understands what correctional markets and inmates all over the world need to make their lives better in the facility. They do not only meet the expectations of their clients, but exceed them as well. Their main aim is to ensure facilities have the best technological services to serve the inmates and also improve the living standards of the inmates while in the facility. You will be in a position to get help from their customer care desk regarding any issues you may have related with their services.

Keefe Group is responsible for selling any music players as well as song downloads to inmates while still in the facility. In this way, inmates will be in a position to live a better a life even if they are locked up. Keefe also ensures that their deposits and trust funds are processed all the time to keep them safe. Inmates are also able to purchase commissary items from Keefe such as hygiene products, clothed and many more. Keefe also provides inmates with debit cards to help them withdraw cash which they can use to purchase items in the facility.

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Heather Kofalt is representative of a growing number of family members across the country who are stuck footing gigantic bills for prison phone calls. Her husband, Anthony, was arrested for stealing $400 worth of dental accessories from a local Walmart. So far, Mrs. Kofalt has spent over $3,000 per year, almost ten times the value of her husband’s crime, just on GTL phone calls. She has been charged seemingly exorbitant amounts for things related to her husband’s calling account, such as monthly service fees and loading fees of up to $7 per instance. She says that the maximum she is allowed to load at any one time is $25.

This is just one variation of a similar theme being played out across the nation’s prisons. Inmates, who often have no income whatsoever, rely on their family members to fund their calling accounts. This, in turn, shifts the burden of many of the prison’s expenses to the family members of those who are incarcerated there, as the money from calling often comprises a significant portion of the prison’s total revenue.

In a report by the Consumer Affairs, phone calls can run as high as $1.22 per minute for the nation’s prisoners. Contrast that with the free market, where even long distance calls are only a few cents per minute. Many are tempted to lay the blame for the high costs of prison phone calls at the feet of the companies that provide the phone systems and services to the prisons. But the reality is that most of the high costs are driven by the system of legal kickbacks, known as commissions that the prisons themselves are able to charge on each phone call made from within their walls. In states like Arizona, these can amount to 95 percent or more of all revenues collected from inmate calling. Advocates such as the ACLU, today are seeking to bar prisons from charging these commissions. A lawsuit is filed against GTL, to learn more, visit topclassactions.com.