Global Tel Link, the nation’s largest provider of inmate communications services, has found itself fielding complaints from a laundry list of critics recently. Inmates and their families have been up in arms about the high costs of phone calls in the prisons where the company operates. But GTL is quick to point to the system of commissions as the primary cause of the high costs. The company maintains that the actual profits it keeps from phone operations are often just a tiny sliver of the entire expenditures.

Keeping the lights on and the phones dialing

Many critics seem to have little awareness that, ultimately, prisons are businesses. Many prisoner rights advocates such as mythreecents would scream at such a notion, but the truth is that there is only so much funding that wardens have available to them. Often times, prisons are forced by budgetary constraints to come up with ways to enable the institution to become self-sufficient.

This has led to a system of commissions or as opponents of the current system like to say, legal kickbacks. This system of commissions, where the prison receives a certain percentage of all revenue collected from inmate calling, has ballooned into a $500 million dollar a year business, all by itself. But both prisons and providers like GTL assertively point out that those costs are not going to some kind of slush fund for the warden’s Tahiti vacation. In almost all cases, that money is used to bridge shortfalls in the prison’s operating budget. This provides a crucial source of revenue that often times simply would otherwise not be there. According to Yelp, in the worst cases, this may force prisons to start arbitrarily reducing their populations to keep the prisons manageable.

What revenue isn’t used for the general operation of the facilities usually goes directly to managing the phone system.

The Keefe Group consists of Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network Securepak, Access Corrections, ICSolutions and Advanced Technologies Group. They are the country’s leading supplier of food products, personal care products m clothing and electronics to the US prison systems. For over 40 years Keefe Group has been a leader in bringing products, services and technologies to the correctional industry. Some of the services provided by Keefe group include keeping track of inmate banking and money processing. The booking kiosk uses a virtual cash drawer that cannot be manipulated. It accepts cash and coins during prisoner intake and tracks all deposits during each shift. This process eliminates all human error in handling inmate money.

Another service Keefe provides to the prison systems is a fully integrated call processing platform. It handles all placing of calls monitoring and recording of calls collecting data and processing. The system includes increased call volume of up to 40%. It handles collect debit and prepaid collect calling options for this prison systems. It provides voice analysis, imposter identification and other investigative tools. The system is set up to allow for multiple call restriction options.

Access Secure Data Detective is a system Keefe Group supplies that analyzes the communications between people outside the institution and those that are inside. It works with some of the other programs like Access Secure Deposit, Access Secure Intake, Access Secure Mail and other security measures to monitor communications and interactions between inmates and those on the outside of the facility.

Keefe group provides a full line of securely packaged foods including Bushy Creek Fresh Catch, Cactus Annie’s, Market Square Bakery and others. According to, these include healthy options, Hispanic selections and other items that inmates are allowed to purchase. The food products include seafood, meat snacks, ready-to-eat meals, cookies and crackers, Ramen soup, cheese products, and chips and nuts.

Personal care products include shampoos, conditioners, hand lotions, shaving products, deodorants, toothpastes, mouthwash and supplements, including vitamins. They also provide apparel, shoes and a variety of electronic items. All their products are geared with security in mind. The Keefe group has as its goal, provide services and products to the correctional industry that are designed to work well within the system and to meet inmate needs.

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The history of the penal system within the United States is not pretty. Prior to the 1820’s, there were few prisons or jails at all. Keeping with the British tradition, on which all U.S. law is based, offenders were either made to pay restitution, were subjected to corporal punishment, such as the lash, or were executed. Although these measures seem harsh today, they were undoubtedly a positive feature of a burgeoning nation with little or no ability to handle the vast criminal populations that our country is today faced with.


Out of the rustic traditions of the minimalist state sprang the first major cities. Before long, the population of the East Coast had become more urban than rural. Serious criminality began to impose itself as a constant feature of states like New York, Pennsylvania and the District of Colombia. It was from this cauldron of boiling unrest that the first real U.S. prisons were birthed.


The prison at Auburn, New York was one of the first designed to contain the ever expanding outlaw population of the United States. It was here that the famous Auburn System developed, a protocol of total silence, corporal punishment and solitary confinement that would dominate the U.S. criminal justice system for 100 years.


By the 1920’s, it had become clear that the Auburn System did little more than create even more violent and unmanageable criminals.


Today, inmates are granted near unlimited access to family and friends while incarcerated. They just have to pay a little for it. This has demonstrably improved outcomes, lessening reoffending rates and lowering rules infractions within prisons.



In one infamous jail, prisoners will now have the ability to meet face-to-face with their loved ones. Securus Technologies has announced that they will be installing their innovative video visitation software in the Maricopa County Jail.


The jail, longtime stronghold of famed sheriff Joe Arpaio, has become famous the world over for forcing its prisoners to wear pink uniforms and listen to Frank Sinatra marathons over the prisons loudspeaker. Arpaio regards modern pop music with rabid contempt and feels that degenerate pop culture is productive of degenerate people, like those frequently detained in his tent city jail.


Securus, for its part, is trying to combat a different kind of social disintegration, the absence of habitually criminal fathers from the lives of their kids. The company’s video visitation technology allows prisoners to stay in nearly daily contact with their families, for as low as 10 cents per minute. This has made a demonstrable difference in both recidivism rates and rules infractions at the institutions where it’s been installed. Inmates who are able to contact their loved ones daily are hesitant to lose the privilege. Inmates who have cherished privileges that staff could take away for misbehavior are more compliant and have generally better outcomes when released.


But, perhaps, the greatest beneficiary of video visitation is the children of the incarcerated themselves. Studies demonstrate that children raised in single-welfare-mother-led households tend to have statistically worse life courses than their well-reared peers. Video visitation is one small step towards the reconstruction of families torn apart by the intercession of the criminal justice system.



Prison escapes are the stuff of legend, and Hollywood is chock full of tales of remarkable escapes that ended well for the escapes, such as the Shawshank Redemption. But real life is rarely like the movies, and the tale of the escape of two killers from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facilty in Dannemora prison, which ended with one of the inmates dead and the other shot captured and spending the rest of his life in solitary confinement, has revealed some interesting details about the prison.


A report, as outlined in the New York Daily Mag, released a year after the escape and recapture of the prisoners details exactly how the two inmates were able to escape the prison. The biggest key to Richeard Matt and David Sweat’s success seems to be the admiration and help of two of the prison’s guards, Joyce Mitchell, who was entranced by their charms, and Gene Palmer. Both guards were able to bring the men the tools they need to escape with the help of numerous inept and lazy guards.


Interestingly enough, one of the most unique aspects of the escape is that it was made possible because of the hobby of painting that the two men had taken up while in prison. Both men became exceptional artists due to the admiration for the art they had as well as the amount of free time they were able to devote to the hobby, and they developed fans. In particular, many of the guards and inmates admired Sweat’s incredibly detailed style of painted. Eventually this led to both Palmer and Mitchell smuggling tools into the prison so that they could hatch an escape plan.


The basic details of the plan are pretty straightforward, and involved using tools and makeshift dummies to escape through a series of intricate tunnels, but it is how they convinced the guards to help them that makes this story interesting.


IC Solutions provides a variety of systems and services to correctional institutions. Inmate telephone solutions represent a major part of the company’s business.

IC Solutions offers comprehensive inmate phone solutions. The telephone system for inmates provides a full spectrum of service from booking through release.

A major element of the IC Solutions jail phone services is one designed to permit an incarcerated person to remain in consistent and meaningful contact with loved ones while serving a jail or prison term. Oftentimes, the telephone provides the primary means through which an inmate is able to remain in contact with friends and family.

IC Solutions offers three primary avenues through which inmates and loved ones in the real world can access the phone system. First, IC Solutions has a solution through which an inmate can use a debit system. The inmate places money on his or her phone account, typically transferring funds from an the inmate’s institutional trust account.

Another alternative allows loved ones in the real world to set up a prepaid account. Friends or family members deposit money into a prepaid account, allowing the inmate to make calls. A friend or family member can make a prepaid deposit in one of three ways. A deposit can be made online via the IC Solutions website. It can also be made by phone. Finally, a friend of family member can mail a check or money order to IC Solutions.

The final alternative permits an inmate to make collect phones calls to a friend or family member. The cost of the call will then be charged to that recipient’s telephone bill. In most cases, collect call service requires an inmate’s friend or family member to have a landline rather than just only a mobile phone.

IC Solutions provides a customer service department accessible by phone. The customer service phone line is in operation 24 hours a day.

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Have you ever wondered how you can help out prisoners? Many people think they might be able to help out prisoners through offering legal help. Other folks think providing tutoring is a great way to guide prisoners to a better life. However, if these two ideas aren’t for you, there is still something out there you can do. Do you know what it is? It’s drawing attention to a company called Global Tel Link.

Global Tel-Link is a leading prison communications company. Thanks to a collection of exclusive contracts with prisoners, Global Tel-Link is allowed to call the shots when it comes to phone calls for prisoners. This means the rate of a phone call to a prisoner can be as high as $1.20 a minute, according to Needless to say, that kind of rate can add up to a devastating telephone bill. If this isn’t enough, there are also plenty of fees Global Tel-Link likes to spring on unsuspecting consumers. For example, there are fees associated with opening an account, closing an account, and requesting a refund for an account.

Now, Global Tel-Link likes to claim all of this money is needed to help keep the phone calls to prisoners safe. In truth, the money is needed to help Global Tel-Link turn a handsome profit. Remember all of those exclusive contracts? Global Tel-Link gets these contracts by making generous donations to prisons. The high prices need to go to paying back those donations and having enough remaining to line the pockets of those at the top of Global Tel-Link.

It shouldn’t have to be this way. See if there is anything you can do to help spread the word about Global Tel-Link’s business model. If enough people wake up and decided to do something, the company will have to change. Prisoners will be grateful.

There are many things that get under my skin in regards to IC Solutions, so it can be hard to narrow it down to just one thing. However, the thing that bothers me the most is when I read links like this by This is not the only link I have read while researching IC Solutions. I have read a number of articles on them, and I’ll be the first to tell you they are not at all flattering. In fact, I could not find one flattering article about IC Solutions. They are an inmate communications phone service where the loved ones of an inmate pay a price and they are supposed to be allowed to speak to the inmate.

It sounds pretty normal and fairly easy if you are dealing with normal and straight forward people. Instead, IC Solutions has taken this chance to run with it and get more money in their pockets. They know they have people in a vulnerable state and they love every second of it. They know that when people are in this state, they can literally get away with whatever they want. In some ways, they are like the people that hold others for ransom.

They are holding prison over the head of their loved ones. They know how much they miss them and how badly they wish to speak to them. Because of this, their prices are out of this world and they do not care. That is like someone holding someone for ransom. The only difference is they are getting away with this where most people that do ransoms are put in prison. IC Solutions is the company that should be put behind bars and I feel very strongly about this, as do a number of other people out there in the World Wide Web.


The correctional facility is not the best place to best. For an extended period, it was the worst place regarding the treatment and the services offers to both the institutions and the prisoners. Recently some individuals and companies noticed the gap and decided to fill by providing quality services and products to the correctional facilities and the inmates.

Keefe Group has been distributing its services and products through its associate’s companies which include; Access SecurePak, Advanced Technologies, IC solutions, Access Correctional, Keefe Commissary Network, and Keefe Group supply company. Keefe Group is the leading company which is responsible for the provision of a broad range of products and services to jails in United States of America including; personal care products, technology, clothing, electronic, telecommunication, and software solutions.

Keefe Group has been serving the correctional community since 1975, It has been responsible for exceptional services and products which have been evolving with time. Keefe has been improving their services and products with the advancement of technology. Keefe has developed and advanced their packaging of foodstuffs and other commodities to meet the requirements of their clients.

Keefe has been devoted and committed to delivering exceptional services and products to the prisons all over the United States. The company began signing contracts with correctional facilities in 2008. Their high-quality services to their clients led to the renewal of their products several times. The contracts were signed by the former Commissioner Chris Epps. Keefe offers the following products and services.

  • Processing of inmates deposits.
  • Keefe has commissary permission to sell food items, personal care products, hygiene products, as well as tobacco.
  • The company has exclusive right to sell songs download to inmates who purchase them at an affordable price.

Keefe has been growing since its inception, reports, and in 2007 the company acquired GT Enterprise. GT Enterprise was formally owned by Cecil McCrory. Through the years Keefe has been proving its service to the prison it has been carrying out the responsibility professionally following all the rules and regulations required by the commissioner. Keefe has always put their customers in the frontline of their services, and they owe their success and expansion to their clients.


Securus Technologies is one of the leading service providers in criminal and civil service solutions for corrections and monitoring, investigations, public safety, issued corrections to GTL. According to PR Newswire’s report, in response to the press release by Securus, GTL issued a release with inaccurate and misleading statements. GTL issued this press release to provide and correct clarification.

First Allegation: PTAB completed GTL’s review and protected its technology. Securus corrects that PTAB did not validate the claims. PTAB determined that it will not examine the claims over a year ago.

Second Allegation: GTL announces that PTAB preserves their rights to protect their technology components. Securus corrects that they were never pleased. PTAB decision was invalidated. The 25 claims were invalidated. Under the 35 U.S.C, the two remaining claims are obvious.

Third Allegation: GTL key component right is preserved by PTAB. Their technology to protect inmate’s recordings. Securus corrects that it has examined the remaining 10 claims and determined that it does not process storage devices. For this reason, Securus discourages the use of minor inventions of the independent claims.

Fourth Allegation: Global Tel Link intends to rush to court to show how Securus is liable for independent damages to the company. The damages are valued at $100 million. Securus corrects that there is no patent to talk about. The remaining claims are too narrow. Moreover, they do not describe the process used by Securus. The case stays and cannot move forward unless the courts lift it.

GTL has mischaracterized the recent nature patent. GTL attempts a short-term win to suggest that Securus lacks enough technology and software. They lack enough patent portfolio, and they will owe them $100 million. In the end, this is the reason why GTL will never accept the technology challenge posed by Securus. You can recognize patterns used by GTL in the way they solve their issues if you watch the two companies closely. To read more about GTL, visit