IC Solutions offers inmate telephone services to various correctional facilities around the world. If you need to get in touch with your relatives or friends in prison, IC Solutions will help you do that. The company provides solutions for management of prisoners. IC Solutions also offers video visitation, leaving voice messages, creating an account, and buying phone services.

Core services provided by IC Solutions

  • Inmate voicemail. Phone systems in correctional facilities alert prisoners when they have new messages. That way, an inmate can listen to the message when they have access to prison phones.
  • Automated information line. It is an interactive voice response that provides answers to frequently asked queries from family members and inmates. The line is usually integrated with jail management system (JSM) to aid in retrieval and presentation of up-to-date data like the release date of inmates, upcoming court appearances, and bond amount.
  • Customer service. IC Solutions.com offers 24/7 support to help users with their queries, payments, billing issues, and prepaid account setup.
  • Kiosks. These kiosks were designed to help in collecting money from new prisoners in a secure fashion.
  • Flexible calling options. With IC Solutions, families and friends of inmates can communicate with their loved ones in jail at flexible calling rates.
  • Provision of the phone and web-based deposit. Friends and family of prisoners can easily deposit funds in convenient ways. The deposits increase spendable cash in the accounts of inmates.

Types of accounts IC Solutions offers

  • Collect calling. With the collect calling account, prisoners can call any facility-approved phone number. When you accept a collect call from a detainee, you pay the cost in your next regular phone bill.
  • Debit telephone account. The account is one of the easiest accounts you can create. After completing the payment, a prisoner can make calls to any numbers.
  • Prepaid account. It provides an option where calls from inmates are continually accepted when the local phone provider does not provide billing of collect calls, the phone is a cell phone, and the number exceeds the allowed spending limit for collect calls.



There are a few communications companies which operate to provide phone calls for inmates and their loved ones. These companies provide a unique service that is not something that would exist if these companies did not do what they do. Securus Technologies is one of the companies that is involved with this, and they just set a new record that was detailed by PR Newswire.

In a single month (March of 2016) the company placed 30 million inmate calls and video calls for prisons all around the country. That was a record for the single most in a given month. It was such exciting news that the company invited every prison official in the country to check out its technology center in Dallas, Texas.

New technologies within the company are helping it to scale up significantly and this is helping to drive down the costs that are associated with placing all of those calls. That is important because there are a lot of people who have complained that the cost of making these calls is unfair to those who are in a position where they have little choice. That being said, at least some companies in the industry are working to make those calls more affordable.

Bare in mind the overwhelming task that prison communications companies are asked to work with every day. They are not providing phone calls that are the same as those made in the outside world. Rather, they are tasked with providing incredibly secure phone calls which cannot be used for some malicious. Those calls must also be recorded and ready to be played back upon request.

Although it is not the easiest work in the world, it is something that these companies have stepped up to and are continuing to prove that it can be done reasonably and well.

In recent news, it appears that:
“Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell is being recognized for his efforts to stop telephone companies from charging high rates and illegal fees on telephone calls from Louisiana jails and prisons. Specialized firms are hired by correctional facilities to run telephone systems used by inmates.” (http://www.shreveporttimes.com/story/news/2016/07/13/campbell-praised-inmate-telephone-reforms/87041408/)

This is worthy of honor, and to be remembered. It is certainly excellent, and worthy to note….especially among so much daily negative news which tends to flow in and make things very gloomy for viewers and readers. The positive aspects of what happens in our world today certainly need to be highlighted with more intensifying frequency.

According to the original article cited above, it appears that the outside relatives of the involved inmates seem to make the calls. What’s more—-it seems that Mr. Campbell had investigated and found that the rates for the calls made by the prisoners themselves were averaged at thirty times higher than all calls made ‘on the outside’. This is worth noting. The mere fact alone speaks highly in its own favor, when you consider the larger and overarching implications of such a conclusion and its pre-strategy.

“The investigation also found that telephone companies routinely ignored commission orders and added a variety of illegal fees to customer bills. Examples included $10 to buy a $50 block of time, $2.50 to add a telephone to the account, and $5 to obtain a refund.”(http://www.shreveporttimes.com/story/news/2016/07/13/campbell-praised-inmate-telephone-reforms/87041408/)

So, in essence, this is saying that we really do live in a world that is ‘every man for himself’ or ‘fend for all’. It is apparently becoming more difficult in knowing exactly who to trust and who to not trust, how to go about one’s own business in safety and privacy, and what the definitions of such words even mean anymore.

In regards to the company IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider (http://jailphoneservices.com/ic-solutions/), they are not doing a very good job at keeping their customers happy. What is even worse is the fact that they don’t seem to bat an eyelash or even care about this, whatsoever. To them, it is business as usual. When someone takes the time to research them, they will find an overwhelmingly large amount of negative reviews on sj-r.com. That is not normal and there is something incredibly fishy about that. It makes you wonder what type of business they are running and what type of tricks are up their sleeve (http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/state/arizona.html).

I mean, this is not just one or two people with a gripe. That happens with just about any company out there, no matter how good they are. As the old adage goes, it is impossible to please everyone, no matter how hard you try. In the case of IC Solutions, they are not pleasing anyone and the line of unhappy customers is growing by the day. It starts with their customer service or should I say lack of customer service. They don’t seem all that interested in satisfying the customer or making them happy. In their minds, it is all about making money and as much money as humanely possible.

The more money they make, the happier they are, and they do not care what measures they need to take to get that money. As long as it keeps coming in for them, they will handle the negative phone calls, negative press, and everything else negative that comes with the company, which is quite a list, to say the least. One has to wonder how long this is going to go on and how long they can get away with having dropped calls, double charging customers, and flat out lying to them.

It’s always difficult when a company’s revenue comes from consumers in a difficult situation, such as payday lenders or prison phone companies. While these companies provide a necessary service and they have a right to earn a profit; sometimes they go too far in overcharging consumers. A Huffington Post article calls

Global Tel Link a “prison profiteer” for charging exorbitant rates, which hurt families who are already suffering financially as a result of their loved one’s incarceration.

If no one speaks up, which few except the ACLU do, then families pay the high rates and limit their calls. Some people are under the impression that inmates are the ones hurt by this, which they are, but so are their spouses and their children. Over two million children have an incarcerated parent, and their only contact with their parent is by telephone. As a society, we punish convicted criminals; we do not extend the punishment to their families. Yet as said by the Consumer Affairs we allow companies such as Global Tel-Link to charge ridiculously high rates and fees, when it is families who are paying for the phone calls.

Since GTL is the inmate telephone system serving approximately 50 percent of inmates nationwide, the inmate communications company fights any attempts to reign in the rates, which would cut into their profits. However, if they cannot find a way to make the calls affordable, despite their claims of being innovative, there is something wrong at the company.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/31/us/steep-costs-of-inmate-phone-calls-are-under-scrutiny.html?_r=0

Some local companies make you feel good about your purchases. These business people care about the communities they serve, but all that fizzles out the moment companies make it big. I feel like any company that is making a lot of money is bound to do something crooked. It is almost a sure thing that large corporations will cheat the clients. I think it has to do with money. I feel like money puts some of these people in another world that keeps them moving higher. They forget the money they are making comes from the little people. Some of the people running Global Tel-Link suffered from this affliction, which is when they decided to steal from the people.

The GTL was found guilty of charging people more than needed. The rates were classified as unfair by the FCC. The entity denied this claim and is still attempting to fight the FCC’s findings, which is pretty sad to see. Couldn’t the people running this joint put themselves in the position of their clients. Most of these people are normal working Americans who do not have much. Many people are living paycheck to paycheck, and you think it okay to steal from them?

The story gets muddier from there, as the company was also found guilty of adding fees and other charges to bills that were not supposed to be there. Yes, this means that the company stole from customers. As far as I know, no one is getting the money that was stolen from them, and no one in the company is behind bars. It is clear as daylight that there is something wrong with our investigative agencies. The agency does not have enough power to shut these guys down? Perhaps, the people in charge are scared of companies like Global Tel-Link. To learn more about GTL’s alleged jail fraud, watch this YouTube video.