It is important to ensure correctional markets all over the world are taken care of. Keefe Group is one of the leading organizations in providing reliable services to inmates as well as facilities nationwide. Since it was established in 1975, Keefe has been working together with its partners; IC Solutions, Access Corrections, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak and Advanced Technologies Group to ensure inmates are provided with their needs. Keefe has been pioneering the evolution of all products that are packed and distributed to all correctional markets to ensure they are of good quality. STL Today details how the company understand the importance of keeping inmates connected with their loved ones and family members hence, they have provided facilities with the latest communication services.

Keefe Group Responsibilities

Apart from offering communication services and pioneering evolution of items, Keefe has different responsibilities. They provide inmates with all their requirements while still in the facility. In this way, inmates are able to buy and get access to different items which are essential such as hygiene items, food and clothing. They also help process deposits made by inmates as well as their trust funds. Inmates are also allowed to purchase other items such as phones, buy music players as well as songs from Keefe. To help them withdraw cash, Keefe Group provides inmates with debit as well as credit cards. You are also in a position to send money to your loved one using the services provided by Keefe especially if you have created an account with them.


Keefe ensures that all their clients are fully satisfied by providing them with the most reliable services. You will be in a position to get access to all their services such as video visitations, voicemails, sending money and many more. Sending money to an inmate will always help them purchase items while in the facility, make phone calls and purchase important items. You can also find out how an inmate is doing by visiting the facility. You will also be allowed to visit your loved and find out how they are doing. This is very important since you will have an idea on when an inmate is being released and ensure you do not miss out on any important event.


Money can awaken the vulture within us all. That is the reason why I am so careful with money. I do not want this material thing to take over my life and make me desire things that are not important. I want to be in control at all times. A perfect example of what money can do to a person or business is Global Tel Link. The company was caught stealing from its clients in numerous ways, yet it continues to stay in power. No one is going to jail, and no one is being forced to pay anything back. You might think that this is a joke, right? There is no way that someone who is guilty can continue to be in power, but look at Donald Trump. He might be guilty of cheating people and even cheating on his wife, yet everything is fine. He is still married, and now he is the president of the country.

I like that saying ‘you get what you deserve,’ but I think that only works with people who do not have money. People with money can give in to their most distasteful desires and see no consequences. Some of the people at Global Tel-Link gave into some of these desires. For one, it charged its people unfair rates for years. The rates went up as high as 89 cents per minute, but the FCC is trying to cut these rates, though, it seems like Global Tel-Link will stop this.

The company also decided to add minutes and fees to bills at random. These additions should not have been there, unless you think Global Tel-Link should be able to steal from people. The people running this company have succumb to the part of humanity that does not care about others but rather just making money. Money can definitely corrupt the soul. To learn more, watch this YouTube video that further discuss the wrongdoings by the inmate communications company.




I recently finished up a business trip and was enjoying the first home made meal I’d had in ages. While doing so I was relaxing by reading about other food related matters. One might think that it is a relaxing way to pass the time. However, it mainly made me very thankful for the fact that I have delicious meals in the first place. The reason for this thoughtful musing came down to the angry and rather bitter nature of the STL Today article I was reading. It was written from the perspective of a prisoner. In the article he was given the chance to talk about the nature of the prison food industry. In particular the prisoner wanted people to know about something called the Keefe Group.

At first it’s easy to see why people wouldn’t be very quick to notice how sinister they might be. The Keefe Group is working to get rather delicious treats to prisoners. This can range all the way from candy bars to cups of noodles. Anyone who’s been stuck inside on a rainy day knows how much of a relief a warm cup of soup can be. I think it’s natural for people to assume the best out of anyone who might be replicating that feeling on the inside of a prison. They might have committed crimes, but nobody should be kept away from comfort foods forever. Images of prison food, after all, doesn’t exactly summon up very many ideas of wonderful flavors or smells.

In reality, most prison food is fairly similar to what’s found in a hospital. It’s bland and designed not to trigger any allergies or medical conditions. Years of this would make anyone desperate for real flavor. This is where the insidious nature of the Keefe Group can really be seen. They know how desperate people are for real tastes. They price their wares to correspond to that sense of desperation. It’s not uncommon for foods to be so expensive that a prisoner might spend his entire day’s wages on a single cup of noodles that’s prices a hundred times higher than what would be seen on the outside. This seems rather unethical. Especially given that prisoners end up released into the public without any money thanks to the Keefe Group’s actions.

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The Keefe Group has long been in the business of providing for the correctional market with a variety of different services and products, and they have been steadily increasing the size and scope since 1975. STL Today describes the Keefe Group as a company that is capable of providing for nearly every correctional institute in the country with their many distribution centers and offices spread out across the states. Among the huge variety of things they offer prisons on a regular basis, their most sought after services is typically communication. Not only does communication go a long way in keeping prisons more tame, as it allows inmates to stay in contact with friends and family, but it eases the workload of staff and guards as well. Recidivism is also lowered by a fair amount for inmates that are able to speak to the ones they care about on the outside.

The Keefe Group started out as the Keefe Supply company when they first opened for business in 1975, and they were a very small company. The Keefe Group as it is known today, is made up of the Keefe Supply company as well as several other companies, all of which focus on specific products and services. With high quality goods and services individually, it is easy for the companies to come together to provide the best products available on the market for their clients.

The collaboration between these companies has allowed the Keefe Group to easily become one of the top contenders on the market, capable of supplying nearly any correctional facility in the country with ease. That also includes the ability to recovery and items damaged during delivery as well as same day shipping. Thanks to all of the advancements in technology over the years, the Keefe Group has been able to do much more than just supply goods and communication to correctional facilities, but they also offer services for money management, banking, property management, payments, and more for their clients. Read more about the company on the Tampa Bay Times.



A recent lawsuit filed against San Mateo County shows that the county is imposing unnecessary fees on inmate phone calls. The high call rates reduce connection between prisoners and their relatives. Communication between prisoners and their families have proved to improve rehabilitation and prisoners who communicate with their loved ones were less likely to return to incarceration.


The high rates charged on phone calls were likely to hamper the purpose of inmate communication in rehabilitation. Similar cases of unlawful hiking of inmate phone call prices had been reported in Southern California counties, Santa Clara County, Contra Costa County, and Alameda County.


The illegal activities come after several controversial claims that inmate communication services were used to generate revenue at the expense of needy families trying to communicate with their loved ones behind bars. The San Mateo County lawsuit was filed on behalf of Alfred Banks and his wife, Shirley Banks. Despite her elderly age, Shirley Banks was forced to pay more funds so that she could communicate with her husband.


The attorneys representing the couple claimed that the phone call charges were unrealistic, unnecessary, and unlawful. The high call rates imposed more hardships to inmates and their relatives. Most inmates in San Mateo County jails were financially challenged and suffered from mental disorders.


According to the California law, the funds collected from inmate calls were supposed to be used on inmate welfare services such as education and health. The attorneys argued that much of the funds were directed to jail maintenance.


It was noted that correctional facilities had made illegal arrangements with private companies to charge the high fees. The attorneys termed the act as unlawful and against the inmates’ rights of association. A call was made to the County to abolish the monopoly of one service provider and create a competitive market where prisoners could choose cheaper service providers.


Following the allegations, the Federal Communications Commission moved to establish regulations that could reduce inmate phone call rates. This was an effort to restore the purpose of inmate communication in reducing recidivism. The new rules aimed to ensure that fees charged for inmate phone services remained consistent with the federal communications commission laws.


The Keefe Food Group works with the Mississipi Department of Corrections in supplying commissary products. The commissary products that are sold can be food such as candy bars and chips or even tobacco products. Also included in the sales is music and they handle processing inmate’s deposit. It has been found that the prices for the items purchased are inflated and place a burden on the prisoners and their families.

There has been a significant amount of news on regarding this contract with the MDOC because of the no-bid process. This would seem to me, that there is no interest from prison management to evaluate better options to be the supplier, possibly saving money. These contracts have never been subjected to a bid process. This is very good for the Keefe Food Group and it has been a high revenue contract for them. It is bad for the taxpayers for Mississippi because they have to pay for it. If I lived in Mississippi I would be bringing this up to my congressman. This needs to be brought into the public eye for the masses to see this. My main question would be why has this been allowed for so long? What is the reason the MDOC has never asked the question of themselves? Is there a benefit that they are receiving? My guess is that officials are receiving incentives to maintain this lucrative contract with the Keefe Group. See,

The people need to be aware and stand up against this type of behavior. It is a waste of tax dollars. STL Today reports the Keefe Group has a monopoly in these situations for unfair reasons. This is not for the well-being of the prisoner, taxpayer, and the state as a whole. Let’s stop the “Good Old Boys” mentality and clean up the prison system in all aspects!

I think it’s safe to say that not too many companies want to find themselves on the website, Pissed Consumer. However, IC Solutions seems to be a regular on there, but in their case, every bit of it is earned. They have lied to the people, misled them, and cheated them. People usually don’t take that sort of thing lying down and they tend to have an issue with it. Quite frankly, who can blame them? I don’t know about you, but I never like to be ripped off as said by Fair is fair and when something is not fair when it comes to business, I’m going to ask to speak to a supervisor and I’m going to do something about it. I’m not just going to sit there and take it. That is not my style.

That is also not the style of many people on this link right here: There are 58 reviews on this link and IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider, currently has a rating of 1.5, which is about as low as it can get for a company, as this is based on five stars. They are not doing a very good job of keeping their customers happy and they are not doing a very good job of conducting themselves in a professional manner. When someone runs a company, there is a clearly an unwritten rule when it comes to the proper way to do things. IC Solutions, however, seems to think they are above the law and the rules do not apply to them. No one is above the law and no one can get away with this sort of thing. The world is supposed to be equal.

My hope is that people read the reviews and the many other negative reviews on other websites about IC Solutions and they band together. To learn m ore about this company visit the State Journal Register website.


Money has a way of bringing out the truth in other people. Some will go to surprising lengths to get their hands on what seems like a small fortune. With a little extra cash comes a little extra power. The perception of being in control one’s own destiny is an intoxicating emotion. Individuals relish the idea of being in command. Sometimes a simple payoff is all it takes two corrupt an entire system that is sworn to follow an honorable code. Leaders at the Keefe Group worked this formula to perfection. In a report by, they were able to manipulate high-ranking officials of the prison system on the local, state and federal levels. These executives spent large amounts of money in order to secure contracts that would make them millions.

Keefe Group is an organization that provides food to various prison systems. They offer snacks for visitors as well as commissary for inmates. The company saw a tremendous opportunity when dealing with prison officials. They understood immediately that their competition was not willing to go to the levels they were to secure contracts with these prisons. Keefe Group executives were able to bride prison officials. This gave them sole access to the consumer base of which they were looking to obtain. Competition became non-existent. Keefe Group was able to set their price for the merchandise that they were making available. Consumers had no choice but to accept.

According to STL Today News, the corruption spanned from the levels of the prison guard all the way to the top authorities in the correctional system. Company executives paid as much as a quarter of a million dollars annually to certain individuals. This gave them the power to work exclusively with their consumer base. In the long run the expensive payoffs were worth it. Keefe Group executives were able to guarantee a dollar amount do to the certainty of projected sales.



Make no mistake about it, IC Solutions is a bully and they are the worst kind of bully. They are the kind of bully that loves to swing their power around and they love to control people. They do it because they know they can and they know that no one can stop them. They are greedy, power hungry, and sickening to the very core. They are everything that is wrong with the world today and everything that is wrong with the way other people treat each other. Yes, the inmate is in prison. There is no getting around that and there is no denying that. They have earned their place in prison and no one is asking them for a free pass.

However as said by the State Journal register, when it comes to IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider, they see this and they go to themselves, “Ah, yes! Now, someone is vulnerable and weak. They are trapped in prison, and I can take advantage of them and no one can stop me.” I imagine them like an evil villain in a Hollywood movie. They probably have an evil mustache and probably twirl it. Now, I don’t mean to make light of what they are doing, as it is serious business. However, it is quite scary and quite daunting, without question.

I wish they were not allowed to do it, and many people have voiced their displeasure with how they do business right here: They have a 1.5 out of 5, based on 58 reviews. The chief concerns seem to be their high prices, fees, and poor customer service. When there are this many negative reviews regarding a company, you know something is fishy and something is amuck. This does not happen by accident. It is not one or two angry people. It is a whole host of angry people.


When dealing with a company like IC Solutions, it is important for the customer to keep their eyes and ears open at all times. They never know when the company will strike and when they will do something that can really do some serious damage to their bank accounts in addition to the mental health of the inmates. They are a jail phone services provider and they work as a way for inmates to chat with those closest to them while they are in prison. The goal is for them to come out of prison and be a better person after all is said and done. However, IC Solutions is putting up roadblock after roadblock when it comes to that process.

People are very unhappy with the way they conduct themselves and the way they do business. As the old expression goes, they might have been born at night, but they were not born last night. IC Solutions loves to pull the wool over the eyes of its customers and the inmates. They are notorious for poor customer service,, and this is just one of many things that customers are unhappy with when it comes to IC Solutions. The laundry list is long.

That is why when dealing with them, it is important to have a lawyer handy and be ready for anything that IC might throw at you if you are the person that has to pay for the phone call to the inmate. They have been known to double charge people, have dropped calls, and not exactly act in a way that is becoming of a major company. They make no apologies for what it, either. In fact, their method seems to be silence. That seems to be their way of dealing with the unhappiness of customers all together.