Major controversies from fraud and high rates have surrounded the inmate calling industry, especially within the federal and state prisons. The Federal Communication Commission known as FCC has set new regulations that impose caps on rates for calls within and outside the state. FCC also looks forward to discouraging the payment of fees directly to the prison administrators. This strategy, however, may be a step too close to the looming financial instability within the federal prisons.

It is, therefore, for this reason that GTL decided to air out concerns stating that FCC’s legislation could be well intended, but may only work for a short term. The long-term application would hurt the same inmates the policy is meant to help. GTL feels that as much as the act seeks to lower phone rates in the correctional facilities, the move will lead to lower quality call rates for the prisoners. The current caps in place, according to,  Global Tel link will not offer the capacity for mitigation of technology, security, and commissions.

Global Tel Link is for the inception of top notch technology and reasonable phone services to the several prison facilities. The company has proved that commitment by working together with affiliates within the country to come up with sustainable prison calling solutions. Global Tel Link uses several comprehensive cost studies from facility administrators, service providers, and other third-party organizations. This is an act that promises long-term solutions regarding the financial value and ease of operation for inmates in prison facilities. In a report by PR News, the company promises intervention into these matters with FCC even in court for the best interests of prisoners and their loved ones.

Global Tel Link serves up to fifty percent of prisoners within the whole nation. The company’s headquarters is in Reston, Virginia but also runs other ten offices within the region.

Global Tel Link is one of the largest prison communications companies in the country. The company makes upwards of $500 million because of the high rates that are charged and the fees that are required when people sign up to use the service. If the prison or jail uses Global Tel, there’s no other way to talk to the inmate as it’s how the facility makes it possible to call out. IN a research by PR News, there are children who want to talk to a parent in jail, but it’s hard for families to talk when the rates are so high. When the facility is located far from the home, it’s hard to go see the inmate. Talking on the phone is simply the only way to stay in touch. Letters just aren’t the same as phone calls. Single parents, which is what those who have loved ones in prison and jails are, don’t have the funds to pay the high rates that Global Tel wants. According to, using a traditional cell phone would be less expensive than using Global Tel for a few minutes. There is an investigation to get the rates lowered, but since jails and prisons get a commission from each call that is made, there’s likely no hope of a decrease in the future.


Global Tel-Link is a company that provides service to nearly 50 percent of inmates in the nation. The headquarters are located in Reston, Virginia, and there are 10 offices located throughout the United States. The company also serves 33 state department of corrections. Additionally, this company provides service to the Federal Bureau Of Prisons.

Global Tel-Link is a trusted provider because it has solutions that not only improve communication but also improve safety in correctional facilities. This company offers video visitation, inmate communication services, facility management services, visitation scheduling and phone services. GTL is a privately-held company that serves over 1.3 million inmates and 2,400 correctional facilities. Global Tel-Link’s high costs have been scrutinized  by many people. In a report by Law360, the company has also been accused of deliberately overcharging customers.

However as AL news revealed, Global Tel-Link has stated that the prices they charge helps them provide quality service. The company has been providing quality service for over 27 years. The company continues to expand their services in order to better meet the needs of inmates and their families.

This company recognizes the benefits of quality inmates phone service. Global Tel-Link’s goal is to provide people with solutions that prepare inmates to re-enter society and reduce recidivism. For more info, check out


The Keefe Group is one of the most well known companies on the market today that is supplying correctional facilities all over the US. In the beginning, the company had a very limited number of products they could offer, with very little reach, but today they offer hundreds of different items and services for their clients to take use of. They’ve increased the number of business and distribution locations they have, which has enabled them to supply even the most remote and largest facilities out there. To ensure maximum compatibility and safety, the Keefe Group is thorough about their hiring process. They want all their employees to be a good fit with the rest of the team as well as demonstrate a high level of professionalism.

The most wanted service the Keefe Group supplies to correctional facilities is communication, as there are many inmates who just want to be able to stay in touch with the friends and family on the outside, which has been made possible with all the advancements in technology since the Keefe Group first opened for business. To ensure maximum quality in their services and products, the Keefe Group corporation is actually made up of several smaller companies that are working together to offer individual but precise services.

Starting out in Missouri, the Keefe Group has come a long way from the small business they once were in 1975. They’ve steadily increased their size in the market and as a business, and have built a reputation of reliability and professionalism over the past 4 decades.

Whether its clothes, hygiene products, music, food, communication, or even a haircut, the Keefe Group is always on the ready to provide the goods and services their clients need. With services like same day shipping, free shipping, and disaster relief on products, the Keefe Group is on track to maintain their top market position for a long time.



I always love to read with my meals. In general I’ve long maintained that the best side for any meal is emotional engagement. Catching up with the news is often the best way to really appreciate one’s meal and one’s life. But I recently chanced on an article which made me see this idea in a whole new light. An irate prisoner was addressing the nature of his own emotional connection to food. Or, rather, to the people within the prison who supply many of those edibles. It was pretty clear that a lot of his meals were being served up with a side of anger. But the more I looked into that distributer, the Keefe Group, the more understandable it became. I felt a lot of second hand anger on behalf of everyone dealing with them. Especially since in some ways that includes every taxpayer.

The problem with the Keefe Group begins with the nature of their target market. They’re selling to prisoners, which in and of itself shouldn’t be an issue. But prisoners are also people with two important traits. They can’t leave the premises to find better prices. And a lot of them depend on taxpayer funded prison jobs for an income that’s quite a bit less than minimum wage. They’d have trouble affording cheap food on the outside of the prison at the price that I’d be paying for them.

However, the Keefe Group ensures that they never have the chance. The Keefe Group buys cheap products at even lower than normal prices. They then sell them to prisoners with a huge markup. The prisoners are set on a normal meal routine which involves very bland food designed to avoid hitting any common allergies. The Keefe Group offers up food that has actual taste. It’s little wonder that most prisoners buy items from them. I’ve lived on hospital food before and it had me craving foods that I’d never have even considered palatable before. And prison food is even more bland than hospital food.

The big problem is that the Keefe Group raises prices so high that prisoners can easily be left destitute. Even worse according to, a large amount of people in prison wound up there due to substance abuse issues. They’re not exactly in a fit state to say no to the temptation of replacing a chemical addiction with a gastronomical one. Anyone who’s given up smoking can attest to how easy that can be even in ideal circumstances. It’s clear that additional actions or regulations need to be put in place to stop the Keefe Group from operating in such an ethically dubious manner.

Many people pay attention to what happens inside of America’s prisons. For example, many people are aware of guards being excessively brutal in prisons. People are also aware of guards using solitary confinement when it is unwarranted. These are important issues for the public to think about. However, the public should also be aware of something else that happens in prisons across America. Do you know what it is? It’s the high costs associated with people calling their loved ones in prions.

Global Tel-Link is a company that brings about these high costs. For example from Law360, did you know that Global Tel-Link charges $1.22 a minute to people wishing to speak to a prisoner over the phone? The company also has a host of crazy fees. Customers need to pay a fee to open an account, to close an account, to request a refund, and more. Global Tel-Link can get away with all of this because the company faces almost no competition at all. Thanks to exclusive contracts with prisons, Global Tel-Link doesn’t need to worry about another company coming along with a better deal. All of this means a handful of executives become wealthy at the expense of prisoners and their families.

It doesn’t have to be this way. According to, people across the country are beginning to realize this is an unfair business arrangement. People shouldn’t be able to make a profit off of prisoners and the needs of their families. No mother should have to decided between paying the rent or forking over a ton of money just so her children can speak over the phone to their father. Help spread the word about Global Tel-Link. Together, we can fix this particular problem found inside of America’s prisons. Afterwards, we will be in a better position to fix even more problems.

The United States Prison population is the highest in the world, climbing well past 2 million in 2014. There are several reasons why this is a fact, but it really boils down to the bottom line of money.

When you go to the store and buy a Ramon noodle soup, you can get it for really cheap. But if you buy it off of a prison commissary you are going to pay over a dollar. This up-charge is very common in no-bid businesses that flood the prison system. Most notable is the Keefe Group, which makes millions of dollars off prison contracts, adding weight to the common saying “prisoners equal money”.

A lot of these corrupt business operators have been caught for their crimes, most notable in Florida where two Gainesville men were caught giving kickbacks to high level prison officers, learning first hand that crime didn’t pay in the long run for them. Read full article on

There is something to be said about this sort of corruption. Just because people are incarcerated and made mistakes doesn’t mean it is okay to make them victims. Taking advantage of their families by forcing them to pay outrageous prices for your own personal gain is criminal. It is preying on those weaker than you.

There needs to be accountability for companies like The Keefe Group and their associates. If there was not so much money to be made, perhaps the focus in prison would not be about making a bottom line, but more begin to focus on keeping people out of prison, reforming their misplaced actions so they can begin their lives anew. Keefe is robbing these people and their families of hard earned money during their times of sorrow. View the company profile at



The Keefe Group has made a name for themselves in the prison industry. They want to make sure that they are doing their best and this often means that they are giving the prisoners the levels of communication that they need to be able to succeed. the Keefe Group has worked hard for this and it has truly paid off for the people who they help out.

When it comes to communication, there are many things that the Keefe Group does. They were one of the first companies to offer their clients the email method of communication in prisons. They wanted to make sure that inmates didn’t have just calling or simply sending mail to be able to talk to the people who they loved. They wanted to provide something that was friendly to the 21st century so that they could do different things with the programs that they had.

The kiosks that were provided by the Keefe Group were some of the most comprehensive machines that prisons had ever seen. They are something that allowed the inmates to make calls, to send emails and even send messages to the prison authorities. The kiosks are a great way for prisoners to be able to communicate and this gives them a chance to do different things while they are in prison. It also allows them the chance to order specialty products that they can take advantage of while they are in prison and without many of the things that are normal necessities for people.

Since the Keefe Group has worked so hard, they have been able to go national with their business. They started out small with local prisons only. Word got around about how easy it was for the prisons to be able to use them and this allowed the Keefe Group to be able to increase their reach. They wanted to make sure that every prison in the United States had access to their kiosks so that they were able to help prisoners. It was an important mission that they had for their business from the time they first started. Read more about the Keefe Group on


I have been going through an emotional roller coaster lately regarding the scandal that Global Tel-Link’s in. I worked for the company a few years ago, but I was not aware of anything. I was a low-level girl, meaning I did not deal with details. What can I say other than it was just another job for me, but this PR News reported scandal is really getting to me.

What are the Accusations?

The company is being accused of padding bills. What do I mean by padding? I mean that Global Tel-Link has been adding minutes and fees to thousands of unsuspecting victims of this fraud. I knew that the rates were high, but I did not know anything about these extra fees and minutes.

Who is Accusing the Company?

The company is being accused by a number of different parties including For one, people who paid attention to their bills saw the extra fees and minutes. These poor folks contacted the FCC and other government officials, but nothing happened.

The FCC did get involved eventually, but it took the agency a while to say anything. The investigations are ongoing. Thankfully, the agency put a cap on the amount that companies like GTL could charge people.

Why is This Hard for Me?

I am having trouble with all this because I believe that Global Tel-Link did wrong and is refusing to accept it. It makes me feel ashamed to have worked for the company, especially because it seems that the company wants to bury this whole thing. The people in charge should take some responsibility for their wrongdoings.

The other feeling I am experiencing is sadness. I know that most of the inmates’ families do not have much, and they had to pay that much money. I do not want to be associated with this company, and I am glad I do not work there anymore.


The Keefe Group is one of the leading inmate communication systems. They have many different options that inmates can use to communicate with their loved ones while they are incarcerated and this has allowed them to continue to be one of the biggest companies within their industry and within the different ways that jail communications work.

There are many ways in which The Keefe Group has been able to provide their clients with the services that they need. They help to operate the telephones that are in the majority of prisons and they have been able to use those to their advantage. They know that the inmates need to be able to talk to their loved ones and they want to make sure that all of their clients are treated with priority even if they are serving people who have done crimes and who are in prison for that. reveals that when it comes to the inmates that they serve, the Keefe Group knows that they need to keep up certain levels of communication with their families. This is the key to helping rehabilitation and to preventing recidivism. This also allows them to be able to provide their services to people who need to talk to their loved ones. When it comes to communication, the Keefe Group knows that inmates are the ones who will be able to benefit most from being able to talk to their families and from being able to communicate with people who are on the outside. They want them to be as happy as possible while they are in prison.

It is also important that the Keefe Group work with jail officials. They want to make sure that they are on good terms with jail officials because they know that they will be able to do different things if they are on good terms with them. They want all of their clients to be happy and this means that they need to make sure that the leaders of jail organizations are happy. They have worked hard to be successful with many different jails across the United States.