I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Global Tel-Link for several months. At first, I thought that it was a good company to deal with as it was the one that the prison system used. However, after my spouse and I talked for about a week or two, we found out from PR News that the rates are extremely high and that the customer service is horrible. There is a fee that you have to pay when you activate the account. One of the fortunate things is that you can activate online. When we talk to each other, if GTL suspects that there is any kind of disturbance on the line, the call is disconnected.

Even if it’s only two minutes into the call, you don’t get your money back. The fee for the entire call is taken off of the account. This is what makes it so hard to talk to the people you love who are locked away. There is a minimal amount of money that is in the house since one income is gone, making it hard enough to pay bills. Prisontalk.com says that when you throw in the fact that phone calls are about $7 each, it makes it almost impossible to talk to someone in prison. Read more about the company on globaltellinkreviews.com.


If you are in need of a reliable and affordable phone service or other communications system, it is imperative to do your home work before you choose a company. When it comes to choosing a company that renders reliable inmates communications service, look no further than IC Solutions.

Inmates and their loved ones would like to communicate and they want an efficient way to do so. IC Solutions provides them with a great system and budget-friendly service.

IC Solutions is a highly reputable firm providing telephone services, video visitation systems and other essential services to the corrections industry. The organization has been around for years and comes highly recommended because of their superior services. An article in The State Journal-Register explained that IC Solutions was installing a new audio/video system for a certain prison.

There are many different firms offering inmates communications service but none can match the level of service and affordable prices offered by IC Solutions. It is also vital to keep in mind that IC Solutions has some of the most dedicated customer service agents, so if you ever experience issues with any of their features or services you can get prompt resolution.

I have actually experienced exceptional service from this firm and I urge my friends and other individuals I know, to check them out. At one time, I encountered a problem with making use of the prepaid card account and these professionals took the time to explain everything to me, and then walked me through the entire process. My experience with the service, including account setup, at IC Solutions has been great.

By listening closely to their customers and clients and providing exactly what they need and request, IC Solutions continues to lead the way in inmates communications services and features. To learn more about IC Solutions and the many different services they offer, call their experienced representatives.


Securus Technologies is a leading company when it comes to technology in corrections facilities. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas Texas, and they work with more than 3,450 corrections agencies and more than 1 million inmates in America. Securus Technologies is a company that is dedicated to providing these facilities with all the technology that they need to maintain a safe and orderly establishment.


PRNewswire recently published an article about Securus Technologies, because between August and October of 2016, the US states patent office has given Securus Technologies five new patents, and they have been granted 36 patents in the last three years. The total patent portfolio for Securus Technologies is almost 250, and they have the largest amount of patents in the all of the inmate communication industry.


Securus Technologies has been able to get their patents in the following areas: inbound calls in to controlled environments, advertisement in controlled environments, tablet computing devices, location-based services, infrared monitoring and recording of images, and exclusion engines for communications.


Securus Technologies is dedicated to giving their customers the most state-of-the-art innovative technology possible. For that reason, they have over 200 software developers and more than 100 service technicians that are constantly looking for new ideas. These ideas are quickly changed into patents, and these ideas are soon used in the correctional facilities that they serve. Securus Technologies has a large patent portfolio because they deal with telecommunications, video calling, fire detection, and call platform architecture. They work with billing inmate Monitoring, voice biometrics, and much more. Securus Technologies is a truly a diverse company that is able to give their clients the technology that they need and want.


IC Solutions is a communication company founded in 2002. For more than ten years it has been in the forefront in offering communication solutions to inmates and their friends and families. It has provided communication services to more than 150 correction facilities in the U.S. IC Solutions has its headquarters are in San Antonio, TX. The company was acquired by Centric Group, LLC in November 2010. Its services range from video visitation to real time chatting to voicemail messages.


Their calling rates and options are affordable and tailor-made to fit different people at different times. The customer service is reliable and operates 24/7. IC Solutions is committed to assisting clients in answering their questions, accounts set up and billing issues. Their inmate voicemail service is one of a kind. IC Solutions alerts the prisoners when they receive new voicemails then the inmate can listen to the mail whenever they get time.


IC Solutions communication account

IC Solutions offers different accounts to their clients. Each account is tagged with a unique future to make attractive. Below are some of the accounts options.

  • Prepaid Account is a service that allows one to accept calls from inmates even when they are using cell phones. It has the capability of being used even after the spending limit has been exceeded. With this account the local telephone companies do not take part in billing.
  • Debit Telephone Account allows inmates to make calls to any number. All they require is a complete payment and purchase of the account.
  • Collect Calling is billed monthly. It allows inmates to make calls to any facility telephone number that is approved. Any individual who accepts calls from the inmate is billed by their local telephone service provider at the end of the month. Visit http://jailphoneservices.com/ic-solutions/ for more details on account registration.


It is very difficult to know your loved one o family member is in prison and have no clue how they are doing. IC Solutions has been in a position to change all that since it is a leading communication company that enables you to freely communicate with any inmate. In this way, you can keep in touch with them and find out more on their progress without having to travel. You are in a position to create an account with them and enjoy their services. It is very important for you to ensure you frequently communicate with the inmate since it gives them peace of mind knowing someone cares about them.

IC Solutions Services

IC Solution has many different services that you can easily enjoy. In case you have any general questions regarding any inmate you will be connected to an Automated Line where you will receive all the answers you need. You are also allowed to leave voice messages to any inmate in case you do not each them and they can listen to it later. Their calling options are also flexible and you can connect with the inmate any time of the day. To ensure money from new inmates is collected safely, there are IC Solutions kiosks located in correction facilities.


With IC Solutions (http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/state/arizona.html) by your side, you will be in a position to experience the best communication services to your loved one. This will also help you keep in touch with them at all times and even know when there are any upcoming celebrations. IC helps you keep and remain in touch with the inmates no matter where you are by offering you affordable calling options. There is also video visitation where the inmate will be in a position to talk with the visitor via video screen from their cell blocks and hence create a safer environment for the inmates, officers and visitors. Read more about this company and their services on the State journal Register website.


IC Solutions is a business that thrives on benefiting prison inmates. It offers the benefit of reaching to family and friends to schedule visitation, booking, or to simply have a conversation with anyone outside of prison. IC Solutions is more than a business, it is an inmate-friendly service that seeks to reach out those in prison with its many affordable services.

As detailed on the website: http://jailphoneservices.com/ic-solutions/, one of the services provided from IC Solutions, “Automated Informational Line, Inmate Voice Calls, Flexible Calling Options, as well as many others services. With IC Solutions, the calling rates are inexpensive. One website: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/IC-Solutions/internet/IC-Solutions-inmate-calling-solutions-A-Necessary-evil-Internet-833195 addresses the affordability for inmates looking for a phone service. Although the website does mention the services imperfections, like any calling service, they do point out that, based on your area code, that IC Solutions offers only .85 cents per call in some areas.

The affordability of IC Solutions is noted when taking a look at how the state of Alabama charges for inmate phone services. Families and friends have taken to the internet to voice their concern over sky-high phone charging prices. One of the ways that IC Solutions has countered these high prices, is with video calls. IC Solutions allows inmates the opportunity the see a close family or friend in prison from a video monitor over long distances and in private, according to the Rip Off Report website. This closes the gap on having to pay for expensive phone charges with an inexpensive alternative.

Overall, IC Solutions shows its effectiveness with inexpensive phone costs and alternative ways of communication for families and friends to contact loved ones in prison. They are a business that thrives on finding ways for cost efficient communication. It is business that is devoted to helping inmates.


Introduction: What makes IC Solutions’ product The Investigator Pro™ so special?

The Investigator Pro™ is totally unique. It is nearly unrivaled or perhaps, truly unrivaled, in way of a voice verification product within the marketplace. And what is more, it is offered, by way of IC Solutions, to the Correctional Institution’s marketplace. The article which follows provides information with regard to the high-tech product referred to as The Investigator Pro™ and offered by way of IC Solutions:

The Investigator Pro™ is an exceptional voice verification solution. It is being offered to the correctional institution marketplace, since it provides its user with technology associated with the U.S. Department of Defense, in way of its own voice security and voice detection applications.

The Investigator Pro™, comes with a suite of modules, relative to voice analytic software. It is created in order to assist the correctional facility administrator, in properly managing the phone system of the correctional institution’s population; and in a manner that is highly secure.

The product is the only voice verification system which continually provides an analysis of the call recording. It allows its user to seek out and identify the voices of various members of the correctional institution’s population; at any point, within the relative recording of the phone call.

The correctional institution administrator may ask: So what is different about this call recording investigative solution?

The question is relative and the answer is: other correctional facility phone businesses have noted IC Solutions’ success in making use of The Investigator Pro™ together with that of its centralized reporting system referred to as the ENFORCER®. There is one essential difference, between IC Solutions and the competition, and that is: Expertise. IC Solutions (http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/state/arizona.html) has experience with regard to its trademarked products. IC Solutions has integrated, successfully, The Investigator Pro™, with its proprietary centralized reporting system, referred to as the ENFORCER®.

The voice bio-metrics product, referred to as Investigator Pro™, coupled with the centralized reporting system, known industry-wide, as the ENFORCER®, provides a call platform to thirty-nine correctional facilities, which IC Solutions, serves. There are twenty-six unique clients associated with the thirty-nine correctional institutions. IC Solutions is the primary contractor for each of the twenty-six clients.

IC Solutions, additionally, has been helpful, to its client base, in way of enrolling, literally, thousands of voices, of its clients’ correctional facility populace. IC Solutions, too, has provided training to jailhouse investigators.

The clientele of IC Solutions is pleased with the voice bio-metric solution, provided to it in the form of The Investigator Pro™ and seamlessly integrated with the centralized reporting system of the ENFORCER®. The customer base of IC Solutions has been happy with the calling platform for eight years—running.

IC Solutions has proven, historically, that its Investigator Pro™ phone bio-metrics system works well with its centralized, reporting system termed the ENFORCER®. The calling platform is industrial strength in that it provides the client, of IC Solutions, with a favorable range of investigative and security tools, which are highly sophisticated. The integration, in way of call records and recordings, results in a system, unrivaled, within the correctional institution marketplace.

The reader interested in finding out more about IC Solutions and its practical highly-refined correctional facility products is encouraged to access the company’s site which follows: https://www.icsolutions.com/. Read more about the company on the State Journal Register.


The Keefe Group works with people who are in different positions in prisons. They work with the prisoners who are incarcerated, the people who come to visit their loved ones who are in jail, and with the people who work for the prisons. They have worked very hard to maintain the relationships that they have with prisons.

When it comes to prisoners, there are many ways in which the Keefe Group helps them. The Keefe Group provides commissary and canteen items for prisoners. They have a deal with the prisons to charge the inmates a certain amount for the items that are seen as luxuries in prison. This has led to controversy because some of the prices that they have set for their items are high. Prisoners brought it up to administration and changed the way that the Keefe Group charged them for things even though it is still a relatively high price.

Since the Keefe Group has many different options and contacts in different industries, they also work with the vending industry to ensure that they have everything that they need for prisons. This means that they provide the people who are visiting the prison with the information that they need to be able to get what they want. They give them vending services that include candy, snacks and even drinks. They can enjoy these items while they are waiting to see their loved ones who are incarcerated or they can purchase them to share while they are visiting their loved ones.

The Keefe Group doesn’t want to leave anyone out. They provide services to people who work for the prisons. Not only do they have these options for the basic correctional officers but they also have things for administrators of the prisons. CDISpatch explains this means that they have something for everyone in the prison. While the Keefe Group could be considered just another prison industry business, they are different because of everything that they have to offer the prison and that they serve everyone who is a part of the way that prison life works. They are a multi functional company.

The United States Justice System is a mess. Millions of people are behind bars in states across the country, and the system isn’t equipped to handle those numbers. There is a bed shortage, and there are human rights violations when it comes to using inmates to produce merchandise for sale. But there are other issues as well. People are incarcerated for violations that don’t deserve prison time. Many inmates should be in counseling programs or addiction facilities, not state and federal prison. There are companies that try to make life behind bars bearable for inmates. One of those companies is the Keefe Group. The Keefe Group provides several services and products that give inmates a chance to feel connected with normal life while they serve time behind bars.

The Keefe Group according to their Corrections.com vendor profile is actually six companies that focus on specific inmate needs. IC Solutions is one of those companies. IC Solutions provides communication services that are up-to-date and easy to use. One of those services is called video visitation and another is local calling. IC Solutions provides a local number, and an inmate can call that number and be connected to a work, home or the cell phone of a loved one. Video visitation gives families a chance to visit using a FaceTime type experience. Families like it because they can visit often, and they don’t have to wait in long lines at the prison. Video Visitation also reduces the travel time that many families are burdened with. Other Keefe Group companies have contracts with prisons to sell prepaid debit cards and MP3 players.

There are Keefe Group companies that have contracts to sell food items and personal hygiene products as well as tobacco and other items that don’t conflict with prison rules. Overall the Keefe Group does an excellent job keeping inmates in touch with their families. The products offered to inmates give them a taste of what they are missing on the outside.

To learn more, check out http://www.cdispatch.com/news/article.asp?aid=39055.

It is always important to know how your loved one is doing while in jail. The best way to do this is by keeping in touch with them either through visitations or calling the. IC Solutions is a company that enables you and your love one to communicate any time of the day by providing communication services to correctional facilities. The best way for you to ensure you save money while making phone calls to inmates is by creating an account with them. You can easily purchase phone services, chain in real time using video visitation and also leave voice messages for the inmate.

IC Solutions Services

They offer different services to inmates and to you as well. In case you have any question, their Automated Information Line will give you all the answers you need. You can also find out more on the inmate such as their release date, upcoming court appearance as well as bond amount. There is also the inmate voice mail which alerts the inmate in case they have messages. The inmate will be in a position to listen to it when they are able to access the phone. With IC Solutions, you will be in a position to experience flexible calling options so you can always remain connected to your loved one. There are IC kiosks located in correctional facilities to collect any money from inmates in a secure manner. See, http://jailphoneservices.com/ic-solutions/.


IC Solutions is now coming up with new methods of visitation where the inmate and the visitor chat through video visitation. This will ensure there is order during the phone call and that only a few inmates will be able to access the machine at a time. You can create an account with IC Solutions and be able to save money unlike having to call the inmate using credits. Read more about the company on ripoffreport.com.