IC Solutions is an affiliate company of the Keefe Group. It offers inmate telephone services to correctional facilities in the United States. The services offered by the company allow inmates to keep in touch with their friends and close family members. In addition, it also offers an efficient inmate management service from when an inmate enters a correctional facility up to when they exit.
There are different options available for creating an account, leaving voice messages, purchasing phone services and real-time chatting services via video visitation. These services are designed to make life easy not only for inmates and their families, but also for the authorities operating correctional facilities.

Recently, IC Solutions (http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/state/arizona.html) partnered with Access Corrections to allow customers send photos and emails via an innovative MP3 program. The partnership will further allow consumers to deposit funds into their loved-one’s commissary account.

Main Services Offered by the Company

Automated Information Line is a service hosted Interactive Voice Response platform, which provides consumers with automated phone responses to some of the most frequently asked questions from incarcerated inmates and their loved ones. When it is integrated with the Jail Management System (JMS) it can retrieve updated information on bond amount, upcoming court appearances and release dates.

Inmate voicemail alerts prisoners of new messages and allows them to listen to the messages. The company further offers flexible calling solutions, Kiosks designed to collect cash from New Inmates, web-based and phone deposit services as well as a 24/7 customer service.

Accounts Offered by the Company

IC Solutions offers different Telephone accounts to customers including Debit Telephone Account that allows inmates to make calls to any other number, Prepaid Account that allows inmates to accept calls from cell phones, and a Collect Calling account that allows inmates to call any other facility approved number. IC Solutions continues to offer state-of-the-art products and services to meet the industry’s demands. Learn more about IC Solutions, visit Al.com and sj-r.com.


The Keefe Group is a company that wants to change the prison system in the United States. There have been a lot of calls for the prison system to be reformed in recent years. Over the long run, there are a lot of opportunities for change in the system. Many people think that inmates are treated fairly, and this can cause a lot of issues down the line. The Keefe Group invests in the technology that inmates need to make a difference in their lives. There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to help those who are in prison. With their new communications systems, the Keefe Group is ready to make an impact where it will be felt the most.
Helping Others

One of the biggest goals of the Keefe Group is to help other people who are involved in the prison system. There are many people who are struggling to stay ahead by helping those who are in the system. Communicating with the outside world is a major problem in the industry. With all of the new technology in the field, this is a great opportunity for change for the better. Investing in this area can lead to a lot of benefits down the road. If you are someone who wants to impact the world for the better, helping the Keefe Group is a great way to get started.

Future Plans

The Keefe Group (see the company vendor profile on corrections.com) wants to continue to grow at a rapid rate. They have a lot of technology in the industry that can help in a variety of ways. Anyone who wants to learn how to invest for the future should look at their example. Over time, they have done a great job of helping others in this area of their business and will do so in the future.



Being in prison can be difficult for the person who is actually there, but it can sometimes be even more difficult for the family members back at home. When one of my uncles went to prison last year, I found it way too difficult to keep in touch with them in an easy manner. Another problem I was having was that I just did not have the time or effort to go to the prison that was miles and miles away from my home. This is why the Keefe Group has been one of the best options for me and has truly transform the way that I keep in contact with my loved ones.
Now I know why a lot of people are talking about the Keefe Group because it is a great Prison Communication System that has been put in place for families and friends who have individuals in prison. What this system allows you to do is video message your loved ones so that you can keep in better contact with them instead of just talking to them over the phone. You will also find that the Keefe Group is completely secure and easy for you to use, so there is no learning curve that you need to know before making use of it.

There has never been a better communication system for the prison system out there and I continually use the Keefe Group because it allows me to keep in touch with my uncle without making those long and boring trips to the local prison where he is at. The fact that the system is also secure and easy-to-use also is a great option for anyone who might be new to this type of technology and are not sure if it is going to work for them.

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Using Keefe Group to make calls from our church to the prison up the street has been very effective for our prison ministry. I know that a lot of churches have prison ministries, but this is one that we do only with the elderly. We have some amazing elderly people in our church who do not have family to talk to. We have to get these elderly people connected with someone they can help, and it has been very effective. Visit Corrections website to view the Keefe vendor profile.
I knew that most of our elderly congregants would not want to go into the jail, and it is very hard for them to make it over there even if they wanted to. We decided to sign up for a Keefe Group account because that was a lot easier to do than just letting the ministry go altogether. I set up a couple phones in the church, and we have some of our most faithful elderly congregants coming in to make calls to inmates that they are helping.

This is the kind of ministry that sticks to life skills and encouragement, and I have talked to people who come to my church every day who feel very empowered by the help that they can give these inmates. It is like they are giving advice to family members who have not been around, and I think that a lot of these inmates will have better lives because they have worked with people in our church.

Our church has been very happy with the way that our prison ministry has worked, and it is very easy for people to make sure that they can reach the jails using Keefe Group. I signed up easily, and I got all the congregants trained on the calls quickly. Keefe Group made our prison ministry into one of the best I have seen. For additional info on Keefe, refer to the Prisoncensorship.info website.

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While it is the inmates that have done wrong, it seems as though it is the families and loved one’s of those incarcerated that are being punished. By phone calls!
One of the leading companies that manage prison phone communication systems, Global Tel-Link have been gauging friends, families and loved one’s to make and receive phone calls from those behind bars. Global Tel-Link makes over five hundred million dollars per year by charging high rates to call inmates.

If you thought your phone service was high, how would you feel if you were charged $17 for a mere 15 minutes? The costs of using Global Tel-Link don’t stop at the per minute calling though, not only do they charge outrageous rates per minute, but they conveniently charge a service charge of $6.95 after every deposit you make. See, http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/global-tellink-expresses-grave-concern-with-proposed-fcc-decision-on-inmate-calling-services-300164830.html.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are fighting on your behalf to cap these outrageous rates and have created a petition so you can fight back. Watch this video Prison Profiteers: Global Tel-Link for more information. There are links in the video description that lead to the petition.

These high rates have caused an uproar within the community and according to Bloomberg vulnerable loved one’s are sick and tired of being taken advantage of. It’s time to change this monopoly and profiteering from inmate phone calls and the people have finally had enough. Read reviews made by mythreecents.com about GTL.


A relevant topic is the topic of prison communication which is an industry that has been monopolized by communication companies such as Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link. These companies have offered innovative and up to date technological services for monitoring as well as for communication. Despite the innovative services, these companies have been accused of monopolizing the industry through the act of price gouging which is the act of charging a higher price than what the demand is priced at. In recent news, Mrs. Kofalt has been considered a victim to price gouging at she has complained about the expensive charges that have been set for communicating with her husband who has been convicted of shoplifting. Though her husband is guilty, Mrs. Kofalt feels as though she is being punished with the high prices that are charged for communicating with her husband on a weekly basis. On average, Mrs. Kofalt pays around $60 per week for an hour phone call that she believes is her right to have at a cheaper rate.

Global Tel Link and Securus Technologies are major players within the prison communication industry. Securus Technologies offers expert services to over 1.2 million inmates across North America. Though the services offer innovative communication options to loved ones, the prices have been accused of being high and of also being a major expense for loved ones to make. With all the major expenses paid towards prison communication, Global Technologies has been accused of being the worst culprit. Global Tel Link has been accused of adding additional seconds to any phone call that is made with the services offered which has increased the rate that customers have had to pay significantly. With this in mind, customers of these private industries are now looking for better and more affordable options to communicate with loved ones who have been sentenced to prison.

Lattice Incorporated, one of the leading companies dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the prison communication industry, enters into an agreement with Effingham County, in Georgia. According to the terms of the agreement, the company will install multiple communication system in various correctional facilities in the area. As a first step, the Effingham Board of Commissioners, has signed to install Nexus Inmate Communication System at the prison in Springfield.

For Lattice Incorporated, the installation of Nexus Inmate Communication system is an important step for entering the highly lucrative market in Georgia. The agreement is also important because recent laws passed by F.C.C. will likely reduce profit margins of several prisons that rely on high commissions from private companies to manage their facilities. By partnering with Lattice and offering Nexus, the prison facilities will surely save revenues due to the cost-efficient and reliable system offered by Lattice.

Paul Burgess, CEO of Lattice, claimed that the highly innovative Nexus system will not only help the prison facility generate additional recurring revenue stream, but it will also reduce administrative costs. In addition, his company will also benefit from the deal as Georgia represents an important State in the corporate growth strategy. Hopefully, the partnership will evolve into a useful contract that will also encourage other Prison Boards in Georgia to take notice.

Securus Technologies has launched the sPhone. This is in response to the need by most correctional facilities to upgrade their telecommunication systems. It was launched last made last month and reported on PRNewswire.
The launch of the newest inmate hardware came as a surprise to many people. Securus Technologies is known for providing software solutions. This new area of business will see the company expand its sources of revenue and its client base. With the aging inmate phones, many correctional facilities are expected to purchase the sPhone.
Securus Technologies has praised the new hardware as the product needed by correctional facilities. This is because it is easy to install and can use telephone terminals available in prisons. Consequently, the upgrades will be made with minimal interruptions to prisons activities across the United States.
Over the years, many correctional facilities have been satisfied by the services offered by Securus Technologies. These services have resulted in the transformation of the correctional facilities through provision of new methods of communication, new investigative solutions and modern jail operational processes. Securus’s services have guaranteed the security of prison staff, inmates, and the public.
Unlike other working environments, security guards must escort technicians working inside a prison. With thousands of feet of telephone power cables in some correctional facilities, it will take months to replace the old copper terminals with new AC powered terminals. This will leave the correctional facilities with inadequate staff to cater for their inmates. However, the sPhone has solved this problem. The phone is designed to use the existing copper lines, meaning that the installations will made extremely fast.
During its launch, Russell Roberts, Securus’ Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, said that the phone runs on ConnectUs. The software, developed by Securus, will enable the phone to offer all the current telecommunication services and add more when the need arises. The software will also enable inmates to enjoy self-help and educational applications. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as provided in the following link http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-technologies-launches-revolutionary-sphone-inmate-terminal-300303355.html