Using the Keefe Group for better communication is why so many prison families are finally letting go of visiting their local prison all the time. Let’s face it, it can be difficult for you to make trips to the prison on a weekly basis just to be able to see your loved one. If you’d still like this level of communication without all of the travel, you need to consider the Keefe Group. This particular company allows people to do video chats with their loved ones behind bars as well as messaging and photo exchange. Along with being one of the best companies out there, the Keefe Group has gone through a commissary merger to provide even better services to those who want and need them.


Along with the types of services that the Keefe Group offers to its customers, a lot of people who have already used the program are finding it to be incredibly beneficial in a variety of ways and are reviewing the program for others to see. You will find that the vast majority of these reviews state how convenient the Keefe Group has been for them, allowing them to still have contact with a relative without always making a trip to the prison every weekend. Plus, a lot of other reviews state how inexpensive this particular program has been for them, so it’s definitely worth taking a look into if you want a company you can trust and that is going to provide the variety of details that you need.


There are tons of positive reviews on the Keefe Group, and this is why thousands of people have made use of the company since it was launched many years ago. Before you go on to use a different company, you need to take a look at the range of different reviews that have been written by customers of the Keefe Group and see why this is a service that you might want to make use of for yourself and how it is going to work well for you and all of your own personal needs.


Some of you that are reading this article might think I’m giving out praise to IC Solutions. As a matter of fact, it is the exact opposite. They will stand the test of time because people will never, ever forget them and what they have done to the people out there. They have caused a world of hurt and a world of pain to a lot of people. That does not erase itself or go away. It leaves behind bad memories and a bad taste in people’s mouths. Even after someone leaves prison, they will never, ever forget what IC Solutions put them through and how they made them feel while they were behind bars.


As everyone knows, prison is not some paradise. At the end of the day, it is not supposed to be a paradise. It is prison for a reason. It means someone has done something wrong and because they have done something wrong, they are behind bars, which is where they will stay until they get their act together. It is hard to say how long that will be or how long it will last. It could be for a short period of time, or it could be even longer. Everyone is different and every case is different.


While they are in prison, they are counting on IC Solutions to do the right thing and allow them the chance to have a phone call with a friend or a family member. It is important for their growth and for their personal well being. IC Solutions, holding all of the power in their hands, is hindering the phone call in an effort to milk more money out of their friends and family. They really enjoy having someone in a helpless state. What does that tell you about this company and how they think?


IC Solutions represents the worst that society has to offer, and that is never, ever a good thing. Where did they go wrong? Were they ever right in the first place? This company has been inflicting serious harm to people for an extended period of time, going all the way back to 2012. I’m not impressed they have been able to stay around for six years and get away with this. It does not make me happy and it does put a smile on my face. It makes me sick and it makes me want to vomit. Everyone knows how life is supposed to work. The good guys are supposed to win and the bad guys are supposed to lose. This is the opposite of that.


They can change IC Solutions, but at this point, does it even matter? Will it make a difference? What’s done is done at this point, and they have already allowed people to get their hopes up and then dash them. Inmates have waited for IC Solutions to allow them to speak to a family member or a friend. IC Solutions has not done that. They have collected the money of their friends and family, but they have not connected the phone call.


Instead, they want people to keep calling and keep paying. They don’t want an inmate to get out of jail. In their eyes, that is losing a customer. The last thing they want to do is lose a dime. They are all just moneymakers for them, and they are not looked at as human beings, whatsoever. They have really taken it to the extreme, and the fact they have been making money for six years and possibly even more using illegal methods does not sit right with me or anyone else out there.


There are a lot of things in life that people do not enjoy doing, but they need to do them. If they don’t do them, they will find themselves in the same spot they were in prior to it. IC Solutions is a company that I would imagine is not a lot of fun to deal with if you are a customer or an inmate. I have never used them, so I can only go off what I’ve read online about them. After all, people would not be going through all of this trouble if they were happy and they were the kind of company that made things run smoothly for the customers. They would be having the phone call with the inmate, and they would be satisfied they received what they paid for in the first place.


As the customers have pointed out, they are losing money and they are not receiving the phone call. That is why a website like Pissed Consumer is great for people out there. It allows them to have a voice. They don’t need to be silent anymore, and they don’t need to feel like no one is listening. Someone is listening, and chances are they have gone through the same thing you are going through at the moment. It can be a great support system, and it can also force IC Solutions to act and do something right away.


Even though IC Solutions is not doing that right now, it is important to keep speaking your mind, even if it’s exhausting, uncomfortable, and stressful. A lot of people don’t like to do things like this. They prefer to avoid conflict and having to deal with uncomfortable situations. In this case, they have no choice but to say their piece.


During the Keefe Group’s beginning stages of business it took an extremely wild bull by the horns and revolutionized the market forever.


There was a time in the correctional market history when items were packaged using glass and metal material. This was a very, very dark time in prison systems as injury and death rates were an extreme issue, inmates were having a party making weapons out of such materials and using them to their advantage. Something had to be done and something had to be done fast or many other inmates weren’t gonna make it back home to see their families ever again.


The Keefe Group knew something had to be done about the injury and death rate of prisons at the time and as the phenomenal company that they were and have exhibited in previous years, they found a solution, very simple, but extremely effective. Seafood was very popular in prison systems amongst inmates at the time, so, instead of glass and metal packaged seafood, the Keefe Group packaged their seafood in plastic. When inmates got a hold of these new packages it was a relief for not only the prison professionals, but many of the inmates as well, because now there’s one less method of injuring or killing a fellow inmate. The injury and death rate would decrease substantially and so other players would follow suit and as a result more plastic packaging cases were in effect across the world.


Today, the Keefe Group is a leader in the correctional market, taking its “bulls by the horn” experience and building from it to eventually corner the market. The Keefe Group is now a $1 billion a year in sales type of company and is in contract with over 800 privately and publicly owned prisons. Their successes today are so plentiful that when you witness the Keefe Group, whether through reading about them or physically visiting a prison system and getting a glimpse of the number of solutions within facilities, it’s like witnessing their work after slipping on a pair of rose-colored glasses. Such a well received company.


Visit the Keefe Group website today for a look at what they’ve built over the years.

There needs to be an inmate company that does the right thing by people. Notice how I’m using the word “need.” It is no secret that prisons are overpopulated and people are entering there at an alarming rate each and every day for a variety of reasons. In most cases, they are not all bad people. They have messed up; screwed up, and just went down the wrong path in life. Instead of doing the right thing, they did the wrong thing. Life always gives you two doors to open, and it is up to the individual to open the right door and follow the right path.


Just because they messed up once, it should not be their signature and it should not be how people view them and how the world looks at them. They need help, and they need to speak on the telephone with people that love them and want to support them emotionally during this trying time: When someone is younger like in this case, they really need all of the help they can get and they want to be able to talk to their parents. They can give them the guidance they need.


Instead, the parents are losing a lot of money, and the inmates are struggling and suffering behind bars. It is bad news, and it needs to change as soon as possible. The fact it has gone on this long is bad enough. It is not good for anyone involved except that evil and nasty IC Solutions. They are the ones in charge of the phone calls and they are the ones that are not allowing them to happen for whatever sick reason: money, greed, or evil. They are the ones that really need to take a long hard look at their actions.


I can only speak from experience, but if people were saying the kinds of things about me that people are saying online about IC Solutions, I would be embarrassed to say that is my company. I would go into hiding as a matter of fact. After I got out of hiding, I would try to fix it as soon as possible. However, I’m the kind of person with a heart, and people with hearts do not work at IC Solutions. I would imagine when they give you your company badge; they take your heart with it. This might sound extreme, but it is to properly paint an image of IC Solutions, which can also be read about here: This is not a company that feels any shame, though.

Since they are only interested in money, though, I imagine they keep putting on their blinders and moving forward.


This is even after there are 73 reviews online that average out to 1.4 overall, which is a horrible rating for a company. Again, I’m putting myself in the shoes of the CEO of this company. First of all, I would know what was going on with my company before it got to this point. There does not seem to be any semblance of compassion or human decency within this company at all. If they had that, they would not be having the issues they are having right now as a company.


They don’t care about the issues, though, because the money keeps coming in for them. At the end of the day, that is the truly the only thing that matters to them. They don’t care about anything else as a company. It is all about making money, and they will do whatever takes and I do mean whatever it takes to get that money.


Naturally, inmate’s rights are curtailed when they are locked up. That does not mean prisoners should not enjoy human rights. Even the harshest convicts have fundamental rights. This is by virtue of being human. According to the American constitution, basic human rights for inmates involve freedom of communication and the right to access educative learning platforms. To foster that, organizations have come forward with the objective of supporting inmates in many capacities. For example, Keefe Group has been working with inmates and their administrators to ensure that food, personal items, and entertainment are supplied to correctional facilities.


The Foundation

Keefe Group was established in 1975. The organization penetrated the industry by supplying coffee in plastic bags. Inmates were impressed by the first supply. Consequently, Keefe Group received enormous local purchasing orders. That marked the onset of booming business for correctional facilities and Keefe Group. Until now, the group has served millions of clients in America.


The Affiliates


One aspect that Keefe Group capitalized on is its affiliates. The company uses these branches to serve clients. The six affiliates are involved in reaching out to different inmates from different geographical locations. One of the affiliates is ICSolutions. As the name suggests, ICSolutions provides communication gadgets and affordable call rates to inmates. It also offers them a chance to enjoy video visitation from family and friends. These are additional advantages that Keefe Group has over other companies that provide corrections services.


Keefe’s mission


Keefe Group is a pioneer in the generation of modern products and services. The company also specializes in packaging and transportation. For Keefe Group, a lot is at stake hence its commitment to provide inmates with unique, safe and secure requirements.


Customer Service

Keefe Group values customer care. That explains why it has a strong team to design competent customer care portfolios. Additionally, the company uses advanced technology to invent communication gadgets. Keefe prides itself on being a leading supplier of communication portfolios as well. In the event of substandard supplies made to inmates, Keefe Group will replace the products immediately. The company continues to garner stellar reputation through its commitment to deliver high-quality products and services.


IC Solutions has proven they will keep the pain coming for the customers all of the time. They don’t stop to let the pain heal or even settle in, as a matter of fact. They will keep it coming fast and it will be relentless. It’s truly sad a company like this exists out there and it is able to make a profit. Meanwhile, other people out there are suffering and these are people that do not deserve to suffer, at all. They are just people that know an inmate and love an inmate. They didn’t do anything wrong in this situation. They just want to talk to them, be there for them, and help them out in any way they can.


It is something that IC Solutions does not know anything about as a company. They don’t know anything about it because they don’t have any sympathy for other people. If they had sympathy, they would not behave in the fashion they are behaving. They would change up the plan and they would fix what is wrong with them. They would be fair to the customers and they would give them a good deal instead of ripping them off because they can.


They are the schoolyard bully that is the biggest and the meanest. Because they are the biggest and the meanest, they don’t have any fear inside of them. They feel liberated by this freedom. They know they control the fate of the phone call from inmate to customer, which is usually a family member. They have gone crazy with power, and no one has seemed to stop them just yet. I’m hoping there comes a time where someone lays the hammer down and gives them what is coming to them, which is jail in my eyes.


IC Solutions is the company that is leaving customers with a lot more questions than answers. It is a very shady and underhanded way to run a company and I’m frankly amazed they have been able to get away with it for so long. If you ask me and other people out there, they would like to see the company be put behind bars and they would like to see a better company out there. It is really not that hard to be a better company than IC Solutions. It just takes someone with a good business sense and a sense of knowing how to treat people.


From my perspective, I’ve never needed IC Solutions and I don’t see a situation in the future where I will need IC Solutions, quite frankly. This is not to judge anyone that is using IC Solutions or has used them. I don’t judge prisoners unless they are totally and completely out of line and have done something that is unthinkable and cruel. Again, there is really no excuse for anyone to be in prison, but there are different degrees and different layers to prison, which I think gets lost in the shuffle a lot of times with people. They just like to paint them with a simple brush.


This is a story that is worth your time. It involves a parent and their son they wish to speak to that is in jail. The son is quite young and it is clear he needs help in the form of a phone call. This phone call could really help him and really put him on the straight and narrow after his mistake. However, IC Solutions needs to step up and make the phone call happen in order for any change to happen at all.